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Entheogens follow-up: DMT

Tuesday 28 March (2006)

I was just browsing the news this afternoon when I came across this. It's an interview with Dr. Rick Strassman who performed some interesting studies with DMT a few years ago which led to this book. The thing that really caught my attention was the fact that Strassman talks about a curious similarity between the reports of people he administered the drug to – chiefly, that they claim to have contacted 'other beings'. (The report actually uses the word 'alien' but I don't like that concept – at least if we take alien to mean extra-terrestrial.) He also talks about parallel dimensions and things, and all in all it sounds a bit similar to what I was banging on about here.

The same similarity in experiences also occurs with Salvia Divinorium, and being as that's legal it's a lot easier to get hold of (in truth, DMT is effectively legal, you just need to buy this and this, but then there's a lengthy preparation and all in, it's an expensive day in the kitchen.) So in conclusion: worthy of further study! But not without checking out all the pros and cons of DMT first, obviously. Aya has been on my list of things to try for a while, and in fact Ross has had good experiences with it, so I might take the plunge this summer. Ross is also a good person to talk to if you're interested in all this stuff but don't like the idea of 'drugs' – he switched me on to Melatonin (a hormone you can buy in health shops) which leads to some very clear dream states, especially when mixed with Vitamin B6 and Valerian Root (which you can also buy in health shops.) Needless to say lucid dreaming has the potential to be at least as fun and insightful as tripping is.


The Sunday Review: The Mighty Boosh

Sunday 26 March (2006)

the mighty boosh is comedy genius

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The Reflection of the Heavens Part 3

Friday 24 March (2006)

The final poem in my Reflection of the Heavens collection, and my favourite. I had an idea that made me think, and I translated it to this poem – basically, if the Earth was one day destroyed by a catastrophic meteor collision, could the resultant debris comprising of the remains of Earth one day collide in turn with another world? If so, how would it be – a pretty Shooting Star or a devastating meteor?

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Little Miss Sunshine

Thursday 23 March (2006)

I don’t often watch a trailer for a movie that I’m not already anticipating and think “Wow! I can’t wait”, but sometimes it happens. The movie is Little Miss Sunshine, and the trailer is here. I predict good things from this one.


Thursday 23 March (2006)

I use entheogens. I like them. It’s very easy (especially if you’re small minded) to label this as simply ‘drug taking’ but it’s not. There’s a whole world of difference between psychedelics and quick-fix party drugs like cocaine, but anti-drug propaganda tends to take the approach of demonising all drugs under the same breath to the extent that the very word ‘drugs’ conjours an entire menagerie of images and associations, and none of them positive. The so-called ‘war on drugs’ is a perfect example of these scare-tactics – an invisible war with an invisible battleground, ridiculous penalties for victimless crimes.

Of course, I’m not saying ‘drugs’ are good. And only a fool would claim that there aren’t victims from drug-taking; that thousands of lives haven’t been ruined. But that isn’t what this is about – it’s about entheogens. My point is merely that ‘drugs’ aren’t all the same – if you want to put substances like heroin and LSD into the same bracket, then that bracket has to include things like paracetamol as well. Most illegal drugs are illegal for very good reasons. Some are not. If you’re interested, read on as I explain why as a (reasonably) intelligent, responsible – and most importantly – consenting adult, I think that to the legitimate psychonaut, entheogens represent the first steps on the path towards spiritual enlightenment.

(Warning – very long post)

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The Reflection of the Heavens Part 2

Tuesday 21 March (2006)

This is the second of three poems from my Reflection Of The Heavens set, titled The Moon. It’s probably the weakest of the three due to some horrible forced rhymes, but tell me what you think.

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The Sunday Review: The Story Of Skip Bifferty

Sunday 19 March (2006)

skip bifferty also recorded as heavy jelly

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The Reflection of the Heavens

Sunday 19 March (2006)

For a recent assignment I wrote three poems collectively called The Reflection Of The Heavens. The poems aren’t particularly good, but I’m still learning so critique away. Read the first one below (The Sun) and parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly.

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Here we go again

Sunday 19 March (2006)

I’ve made a new site for several reasons. The last two years have seen a great improvement in DIY-website-for-idiots technology, and when thrik made his new site using wordpress I realised just how much of an improvement it has been. WordPress was very complicated for little monkeymen like me back when I was making my first site so I went for blogger, which was not only free but also well supported. Of course, I was a lazy bastard, and the site looked horrible, yada yada yada, and now it languishes in some strange kind of temporal zone that only exists online, where old things that should no longer be survive because no-one actually clicks the little button that says ‘delete.’ It failed because I didn’t really have a theme, and I was writing about things which were only of interest to some of my friends, most of whom couldn’t actually figure out how to read it.

And now, things have changed. Again. I’m here at University and I’m studying English – all kinds of English; the technical aspects of the language, literature, and writing. So it goes that I have written quite a lot of things, ingested several others, and generally produced quite a lot of gibberish. So as I crawl around on the ground trying to find the line and desperately wondering which side of it I am on, I invite you to join me, and together maybe we’ll crack it.

By the way; the idea is that other people will write on this too – but I don’t know who yet. Like most else I attempt it will probably fail miserably, but if not you can expect a better design too. Yay.