Here we go again

Sunday 19 March (2006)

I’ve made a new site for several reasons. The last two years have seen a great improvement in DIY-website-for-idiots technology, and when thrik made his new site using wordpress I realised just how much of an improvement it has been. WordPress was very complicated for little monkeymen like me back when I was making my first site so I went for blogger, which was not only free but also well supported. Of course, I was a lazy bastard, and the site looked horrible, yada yada yada, and now it languishes in some strange kind of temporal zone that only exists online, where old things that should no longer be survive because no-one actually clicks the little button that says ‘delete.’ It failed because I didn’t really have a theme, and I was writing about things which were only of interest to some of my friends, most of whom couldn’t actually figure out how to read it.

And now, things have changed. Again. I’m here at University and I’m studying English – all kinds of English; the technical aspects of the language, literature, and writing. So it goes that I have written quite a lot of things, ingested several others, and generally produced quite a lot of gibberish. So as I crawl around on the ground trying to find the line and desperately wondering which side of it I am on, I invite you to join me, and together maybe we’ll crack it.

By the way; the idea is that other people will write on this too – but I don’t know who yet. Like most else I attempt it will probably fail miserably, but if not you can expect a better design too. Yay.


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