The Reflection of the Heavens

Sunday 19 March (2006)

For a recent assignment I wrote three poems collectively called The Reflection Of The Heavens. The poems aren’t particularly good, but I’m still learning so critique away. Read the first one below (The Sun) and parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly.

The Sun

Mother of creation, my sol
Sitting high upon your starry seat
Gazing down in faux benevolence
How I admire your fiendish feat
From you a gift of light and warmth
And for it you ask nothing in return
Fools would trust in odds like those
All Life and Death upon your burn

You look like a God to me
And what else could you be?

If you are, you are vengeful
And should be feared by man
Yet you bask in our adoration
Smiling at your terrible plan
You sit in the centre of it all
Watching us all go round and by
But who will you be central to
When you force us all to die?

Impressive apathy, my old friend
If that’s how you would have it end


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