The Reflection of the Heavens Part 3

Friday 24 March (2006)

The final poem in my Reflection of the Heavens collection, and my favourite. I had an idea that made me think, and I translated it to this poem – basically, if the Earth was one day destroyed by a catastrophic meteor collision, could the resultant debris comprising of the remains of Earth one day collide in turn with another world? If so, how would it be – a pretty Shooting Star or a devastating meteor?

The Shooting Star

Fiery birth and fiery death
And an eternity between
The Thunderchild is on his way
What kind of life is this?
When one day all that’s left of man
Is a thousand floating rocks
In the infinite
Will we too suffer this fate?

Streaking across the night sky
Your death is beautiful
I see your carcass in a sacrifice
You die so that we don’t have to
A sad irony

Your cousin is malevolent
And watches with disdain
He leaves a terror in our hearts
Which no potion can allay
For when he comes to see us –
And be sure, he will –
Fiery death once again
But us and not for him

So when he comes and smashes us
And all is lost forever
What will become of mine Earth
And its poison shards of history –
Burning sacrifice high in the sky,
Or furious vengeance as they die?


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