Entheogens follow-up: DMT

Tuesday 28 March (2006)

I was just browsing the news this afternoon when I came across this. It's an interview with Dr. Rick Strassman who performed some interesting studies with DMT a few years ago which led to this book. The thing that really caught my attention was the fact that Strassman talks about a curious similarity between the reports of people he administered the drug to – chiefly, that they claim to have contacted 'other beings'. (The report actually uses the word 'alien' but I don't like that concept – at least if we take alien to mean extra-terrestrial.) He also talks about parallel dimensions and things, and all in all it sounds a bit similar to what I was banging on about here.

The same similarity in experiences also occurs with Salvia Divinorium, and being as that's legal it's a lot easier to get hold of (in truth, DMT is effectively legal, you just need to buy this and this, but then there's a lengthy preparation and all in, it's an expensive day in the kitchen.) So in conclusion: worthy of further study! But not without checking out all the pros and cons of DMT first, obviously. Aya has been on my list of things to try for a while, and in fact Ross has had good experiences with it, so I might take the plunge this summer. Ross is also a good person to talk to if you're interested in all this stuff but don't like the idea of 'drugs' – he switched me on to Melatonin (a hormone you can buy in health shops) which leads to some very clear dream states, especially when mixed with Vitamin B6 and Valerian Root (which you can also buy in health shops.) Needless to say lucid dreaming has the potential to be at least as fun and insightful as tripping is.


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