Thursday 6 April (2006)

Alright, that's it. Assignments are mostly done and it's Easter, so the hell with it all, I'm off. The site will be dormant until about the 20th, because I'm gallivanting all over the place:

7th AprilThe Mighty Boosh Live in Birmingham for Sally's 20th. Simon you better remember to meet us at the station!

8th – 12th April – Taunton with Sally to stay at her parents house. I will get drunk in The Bell as often as possible without looking like a reprobate in front of the in-laws. Hurrah!

13th April – Cheltenham again, for a night.

14th April – Preston! Free food and lodgings.

15th AprilJillys Rockworld, Manchester. We'll have to stay all night because JT has been thrown out of Wright-Robinson and there's nowhere to sleep.

16th – 19th April – Back to Preston for a night out on the 16th (oh God, I've only done a saturday bender after a Jillys all-nighter once before and it damn near killed me) then resting until the 18th, when it's rock night in Hush! Will, if you've changed things around in that damn place I'll kill you and demand free drinks. Tom, Donkey, Kal, D, everyone else – if you're in Preston, come out!

And if I have enough money to get home after this, I'll update again 😀


2 Responses to “Travels”

  1. sallymae Says:

    Roll on holiday hi-jinks 😉 x

  2. Donkey Says:

    Ill be about chief, just finished my last day working for the cash machine fow a while :)))) Will you have time to slip in a cheeky pleasure beach session?

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