Google: how? Explain please

Thursday 13 April (2006)

So I'm back in Cheltenham for the night (The Mighty Boosh Live was genius, by the way – catch it while you can) and suffering from insomnia so I decided to check what kind of search engine terms have been bringing people to my crappy site. Here are some from the past week:

The Mighty Boosh Reviews
mighty boosh watch online
mighty boosh improvised
julian barratt
mighty boosh episode
howard t.j moon
little miss sunshine
the mighty boosh show reviews
mighty boosh review

So, what the hell? I thought "hmmm, I can't imagine my site being anywhere near the top of Google's ranking for any of those queries" and decided to test it out. I was on page two for the 'howard t.j moon' one and that was about it. I got to about page twenty of the 'little miss sunshine' results before I gave up. So my point is this: how have people found me with these results? Internet people, explain to me.

Unless there are people who go through hundreds of thousands of search results, I am baffled. In fact, either way, I'm baffled. Help me.


4 Responses to “Google: how? Explain please”

  1. Tom Says:

    there are those people who go through endless pages of search results just to find one good result, and it always brings me here, damn!! but am also suffering from insomnia

  2. Psymen :-D Says:

    Well there, you see … You said there was a link to your new blog from your old one, but Ill be darned if I could find the damn thing lol. But anyway, Donkey came to my rescue (otherwise Id be lost in cyberspace!) The Mighty Boosh was indeed amazing!

    Game of guess the dictator anyone? lmao

  3. Donkey Says:

    Im game if stanlick is….
    here is your 1st clue:

    “By age eight, he was banned from his mother’s church for pinching people at the pews and throwing stones at them outside after church. He was sent to boarding school later that year and at age 11 he was expelled from school for stabbing a fellow student in the hand and throwing an ink pot at a teacher”

  4. stan Says:

    Hmmmm…. sounds like it could be Castro, but Simon reckons it’s Abraham Lincoln – I’ll go with Mussolini?

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