Why is being healthy expensive?

Saturday 22 April (2006)

Yeah, so I used to be this kind of fat guy who watched a lot of DVD's and ate a lot of pizza, and kind of went to Burger King and KFC quite a bit and things, but now I do things like playing badminton and going swimming and eating salad sandwiches on granary bread and buying semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat, and it's all great and stuff.

It seems to have improved my karma a bit too – firstly, Securicor paid me literally £600 too much for the Gold Cup work I did for them, then I found out I had won a £600 bonus from my old job at the MOD because I was so damn good at it. And this is all very helpful, because for some reason I've spent £90 in two days and I haven't really bought anything or left the flat much. I don't get it.


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