Salvia 2: entering the dimension of colour

Saturday 13 May (2006)

My, Salvia, she certainly is a powerful spirit. My excitement fuelled by the first successful experiment, I decided to give it another try – alone, this time, with a much higher dose. I was at the same time prepared and unprepared for the amazing journey I was about to go on.

I'm reasonably familiar with psychedelics – I've looked up at the sky and seen it radiant pink, I've watched flowers on a bathroom tile blowing in the acid breeze, and I've watched my pillow dissolve into beautiful mathematical fractals, but never, ever out of all these experiences have I actually forgotten where I am, or what drug I'm on. Essentially, I've never left this world behind, I've just altered it slightly for a while. This second Salvia experience was something different. I smoked a reasonably large hit in the bathroom (no smoke detectors; extractor fan on) amounting to about 3 grams of pure leaf. Retreating quickly to my bedroom, when I could hold the smoke in no longer I blew it out the window and lay on the bed.

The Salvia gravity was back and energy was flowing along both of my arms. Instinctively I closed my eyes and then, I left this dimension.

I was in a sea of colour, flowing all around me. How did I get here?

I looked around in confusion, and realised that I was disembodied – no arms, no legs, no body – I was pure consciousness. I'll admit, this was pretty fucking disorientating, but then I let go. It didn't matter how or why I was here, because there was nothing I could do about it anyway, so I joined the swarm of colour. Together we flew along, I and the collective consciousness of mankind, and we were red, and we were yellow, and we were green and everyone was moving and flowing and, to be honest, I didn't mind not knowing how or why I got here – I liked it.

Of course, several minutes passed, and I had been thinking. This wasn't right – I was a person, not a metaphysical entity. I wasn't supposed to be here, and I couldn't remember how I had arrived, and without that I was screwed because it meant I couldn't leave either. I dug into my mind and tried to remember the last thing I had done before I got here – and the answer came to me: I had closed my eyes. Eyes! I remember eyes. Open my eyes! And then, as quickly as it began, it was over. I was lying on my bed, in my room, coming down from a Salvia trip.

Disorientation and confusion prevailed for another five minutes, but twenty minutes after I had first smoked it I was completely back to normal. Salvia, she is powerful. LSD, as much as I love it, cannot catapult you so far out of this dimension as Salvia can. Well actually that's not true, but LSD is rare and precious and very expensive, and it lasts for ten hours. Salvia is legal and cheap and drops you back into reality half an hour after take off.

Really, it can't be compared to any other drug that I know of. It looks like it's going to be one hell of a tool.


2 Responses to “Salvia 2: entering the dimension of colour”

  1. nick Says:

    Aye, salvia is powerful

  2. Charles Says:

    I have not tried salvia but the effects sound very similar to ketamine, which is also described as a “dissociative” drug. I wonder why some people react rapturously and others hate it.

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