Blotter acid

Thursday 25 May (2006)

Say what you will about LSD, but blotter acid is fucking cool. I’m not talking about the drug itself here, but the paper it’s delivered on.

I mean, blotters work on many levels – they’re so small (four blotters in a square is about the size of a postage stamp) that they can only hold a small amount of any chemical. Although this sounds bad if you’re thinking ‘the more acid the better’ it’s actually not, because LSD-25 is one of the most potent chemicals known to man. The advantage of course is that you can’t really get given bunk acid – oh the blotters might be weak or even just blank, but if some charlatan decides to cut the stuff with something like Strychnine (ho ho) then you won’t die, because the paper cannot physically absorb enough of the poison to kill you! Hooray. This also applies to selling other psychoactive drugs in the guise of LSD – you couldn’t soak a sheet of blotters in PCP, say, and get a trip from eating one. What this amounts to is that LSD is just about the safest drug you can try, because you’ll either get ripped off and no effects at all or you’ll get the real deal and have some fun. (It’s also less poisonous than vitamin-C :D)

But anyway! This isn’t what I wanted to talk about. The really cool thing about blotters are the designs that are printed on them. Some real pop-culture icons have been depicted on sheets, from Tintin to Beavis and Butthead, and I’ve always considered it some kind of unoffical badge of honour if something is deemed worthy enough to be the last thing people see before they start tripping. Because my body clock is messed up from staying up all night writing assignments, I couldn’t sleep tonight and made some images of blotter art that I would print, if I were a badass drug dealer. See below!

(I’ve made these images as they might appear in one of those books with comilations of blotter art in; with a location of purchase and a brief description. Like I said, it’s been a long night…) 

monkey island blotter acid

The perennial Monkey Island. The soundtrack was composed on LSD, they made it in (near) San Francisco, what more proof do you need?

the mighty boosh blotter acid

The Mighty Boosh. These guys are 21st Century counter-culture icons already (at least in the UK) and their tripped out comedy is perfect for blotter art. To show the difference between different kinds of blotters, this one is a sheet of individual images (ie, each blotter has a separate image) whereas the Monkey Island one only makes sense when you have a lot of the blotters.

That’s it for now, but I might make some more of these, it’s kind of fun. If I do I’ll make a separate page for them all (like the about/music pages at the top left of the site) so if you have any suggestions comment below. And if you’re interested in blotter art, check out these sites – perhaps you’ll find that people used to trip out on your favourite TV show or something:

Erowid’s LSD images 




4 Responses to “Blotter acid”

  1. sallymae Says:

    Didn't know the Monkey Island tune was composed on LSD. I like the Boosh one 🙂
    Can I have one with Janis Joplin on?
    Or this one would be cool.

  2. […] you and I and you ad infinitum. (No feathers plucked, no inky quills, no hot red wax, no smears or blotters [I will miss your perfumed paper, tho!], so painless and pristine, So Very […]

  3. drake Says:

    have you ever herd of datura extract on blotters datura acid ? reply if you have!

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