Surprisingly good music

Saturday 27 May (2006)

As my profile proves, Tor Linløkken is 25th on my 'Top Artists – Overall' list, coming in higher than the Rolling Stones, Nirvana and REM. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that I only actually have 4 tracks by him. But who is he?

The quick answer is; I'm not sure. I downloaded The Longest Journey Soundtrack (here) ages ago because I enjoyed the game so much, but after listening to it a few times I forgot about it. Then one day a while back, it found its way onto a playlist I was listening to and I was treated to twenty minutes of amazing music at the end – from the four tracks that the eponymous Mr. Linløkken contributed to the score (the rest being by Bjørn Arve Lagim.)

You can download the four tracks I'm talking about here:


I recommend that you listen to them in that order, too. So what kind of music is this?

Very, very mellow. It's almost like meditation music; I find myself listening to this when I have an assignment to do more than classical music, which is the traditional ambience students choose. It's such calm and relaxing music, I fail to see how anyone could dislike it. Sure, you might not select it on the jukebox in the pub, but I don't understand how it could actually offend anyone. I love it, and you should download it now.

If you're interested in Tor Linkløkken's music, he has a website. There are two CDs on there, Exploring The Water Element and Touch – I've not heard either of them, but one day when I have some money I'll probably buy them.


One Response to “Surprisingly good music”

  1. sallymae Says:

    I had a listen, and this is the sort of stuff my brother used to make all the time, most of it just as sophisticated as this Tor guy. I’ll have to try and get some off him for you.

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