Salvia 3: I’m not ready to come with you (yet)

Monday 29 May (2006)

Fuck, this stuff. I want some more. A few days ago I tried it again and had perhaps the most acid-like trip yet, and also the most disorientating. It started with Sally deciding that she wanted to see what the fuss was all about. She kind of wasted her opportunity through a bong-malfunction, but wanted to stay with me whilst I did it – and thank you, Sally, for being a good sitter.

I went through the motions and lay down on the bed. All very familiar until the thoughts that were floating around my head ("I wonder what will happen this time" / "I hope this is fun") started bounding forwards, literally bouncing away from me leaving a tubular trail in front of my eyes. "Oh shit," I think I thought. All of these random thoughts and questions were flowing out of my head into the middle distance; ahead of me yet with an untangible sense of going towards the left that I can't properly describe.

I was paralysed, pretty much, and was far too blitzed to say anything to Sally. I kind of stuck my hand out towards her, sat on a chair besides the bed, and she took it without wrenching me into limbo by asking questions. She was sat to the right of the bed, and with the prevailing sense of the Salvia going to the left of me, acted as a sort of anchor – she kept me firmly on the border of this world and the spiritual world.

As I realised that she wasn't overly worried about me, and that I didn't need to worry about that myself, I could concentrate on the thoughts that were (literally) in front of me. But, the thoughts suddenly weren't my own any more. It was Salvia, and she was talking to me. "Come with us," was all I could hear. (Sally thought it was weird that it was an "us" and not a "me", perhaps it was because there were so many 'tubes' of thought bounding away from me.)

And for the first time, I didn't want to go. "Let me stay," I begged. "I'll come with you next time, I promise – I'm just not ready." I swore to her that I wanted her guidance, but not today. And so, with a lingering sense of 'next time' floating in the air, she gently let go and put me back on my bed.

Argh! Afterwards I was kind of embarassed at my own cowardice. But I wouldn't want to enter Salvia Space with anything other than honourable intentions, either. We've got a date… and next time, I'm going for it.

(I still find it so hard to believe that a threshold dose of Salvia can make you laugh your ass off and a little bit more than that can blow your mind. It's almost like a trap – you taste a little, and think it's all okay, but then you take a bit bite and suddenly realise you've bitten off more than you can chew. It's a good natural deterrent for thrill-seeking junkies, but it's also a good way for Salvia to find itself as a controlled substance. Mark my words, if my children want to smoke Salvia they'll not be paying for it with a credit card, and they won't get a receipt.)


5 Responses to “Salvia 3: I’m not ready to come with you (yet)”

  1. It is an amazing plant indeed. Great salvia experience write up. Hope there are more to come.

  2. Synchronium Says:

    Awesome. You can gladly submit that @

    I’m sure everyone there would like to read it. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. Salvia is so uniquely like any other drug I’ve come across.

  4. unlike! yikes I meant unlike, whoops.

  5. cool that sounds like some trippy stuff.

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