Baldly going where all men* must sadly go

Wednesday 14 June (2006)

I've had long hair for quite some time now, and I liked it and it served its purpose well. I went to see metal bands and was confidently flinging filthy head-sweat out like a fucking Viking, and I loved it. But now it's summer, and I sadly get very hot all the time. Yada yada yada, I have short hair again. And what did I discover when I saw my shiny head before me?

Fucking receding fucking hairline.

Look at these two random pictures I found on the internet and compare to the bottom picture, which is fucking me.

I don't know who this is some random baldos whoever this is, he surely isn't an expatriate scandinavian


bald at 21

It's just a matter of time.

* Not all men go bald. Bastards.


2 Responses to “Baldly going where all men* must sadly go”

  1. Remi Says:

    Dude, sorry, but my hairline has been the same for eons. No baldness here. ¬

  2. stan Says:

    Ho ho, a little joke! You clearly aren’t bald.

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