The Sunday Review: The Lightning Seeds

Sunday 18 June (2006)

ian broudie wails

I was kind of pissed when I found out that Orson were headlining the University of Gloucestershire's Summer Ball 2006. A bunch of old Hollywood wannabe rockers? I don't think so. My suspicions about them were confirmed when they cancelled the gig to support Robbie Williams on some tour – and then, in a move of incredible skill, the student union only went and booked The Lightning Seeds to replace them.

When I was a young Northern scalliwag, The Lightning Seeds were one of my favourite bands – they were indie, but also pop – rock, but psychedelic at the same time. They kind of faded into obscurity after the initial success of Three Lions (still the greatest football song ever recorded) and I forgot about them, and as it happens they'd actually disbanded. They only reformed this summer, and one of their first gigs was at our Summer Ball, held at the Cheltenham Racecourse.

I was actually a bit drunk when I first saw the band – I had been distracted by a rather good little Jazz band in one of the many bars on site, when I went outside to cool down and heard Broudie's dulcet tones. I quickly grabbed some of my friends and forced them out into the centre of the arena. Well, the band were on great form – they played some classics and they sounded like they did back in the day, which is a good thing. The problem is, all the fucking morons at my University ruined the gig by singing the chorus to Three Lions every time the band finished a song.

I mean Jeez! They were never The Beatles, but they're famous for more than that one song! I love Three Lions but it's not my favourite Lightning Seeds song, and I suspect it isn't Broudie's either. If I were in the band I would have been really pissed off at all these idiots screaming for that one anthem like we were some one-hit-wonder band. Oh well, maybe it's me.

Anyway, they persisted and we were treated to some great music. They saved my favourite (and probably their most famous) songs till the end – Lucky You and Pure. I was having the time of my life, and then when it was all over they announced they were doing a 'football anthem.' Everyone went wild, but I was suspicious – they hadn't played Life of Riley yet, had they? And sure enough, that was their penultimate song, and what a fantastic one it was.

And yes, when all was said and done, when they came on for the encore to sing Three Lions, I was dancing along with everyone else.

A great gig – check out The Lightning Seeds whilst you can, they're touring parts of the UK this year.


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