Saturday 1 July (2006)

I’m packing up to move out, but being a sad internet person I find myself watching the Eon8 countdown timer as it enters its final minute… what will I see?! Death? Coca-Cola? Tom Cruise? 38 seconds to go…


Yeah, that’s right. Because the page refreshed itself with nine gajmillion people on it, it went down ¬

So Eon8: a great piece of advertising, or just a great big fat joke? Either way, it’s a hell of an anti-climax. Unless – the reason the site is down is because they finally did it… Nooo! You crazy bastards… God damn you! God damn you all to hell!


3 Responses to “Eon8”

  1. Social experiment. :~

  2. stan Says:

    Hee. So many people on YTMND thought this was the end of the world or something… like, if World War 3 was about to start, some joker in the government would go “hey, here’s an idea…”

    Still, I guess it caught me up too – mainly because I usually only find out about these internet fads about five minutes too late. Though I guess the two monkos in that link I just pasted were the only ones crazy enough to phone up CNN ¬

  3. Sarah Says:

    EON8 scares me. 😦

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