World Cup 4: Argentinians are bastards

Saturday 1 July (2006)

I’m not going to procrastinate or sulk about England’s completely unfair exit to Portugal today. All I’m going to say is this: Argentinian referees should not be allowed to officiate England matches. I mean Jeez, it couldn’t have been much worse if the guy had been German, the cheating bastard. Boo!


6 Responses to “World Cup 4: Argentinians are bastards”

  1. Remi Says:

    At least he didn’t handball a goal for Portugal. (Or worse, run down 3/4 of the field, dribling all the English players to their asses, and score — that one often seems to be conveniently forgotten by the English press. ;-*)

  2. stan Says:

    It’s actually not forgotten very often… that’s how we live with it.

    “Yeah sure, so he cheated and it was unfair, but he was clearly the greatest player of all time, as exemplified mere minutes later when he decimated our defence, indeed dribbling past Terry Butcher twice in the same run. The man was touched.”

    A good goal is a good goal… and the best goal of all time is the best goal of all time, and sometimes you just have to accept the fact that it was inevitable and applaud. (It also provides an opportunity to bring up this goal too.)

    (This is all easy to say now, twenty years later, but I’m glad I didn’t see the match at the time.)

  3. scabbzo Says:

    Boo penalities. We should have an independent panel of judges instead, deciding that England should go through. Yes.

    At least Portugal went out last night. They wouldn’t stop diving then either.

  4. stan Says:

    It was ridiculous last night, Ronaldo should get fined or something.

  5. Dave Says:

    Yeh, was pretty rediculous. That was a beauty from Owen in 98 mind, remember it well. Im just gald We aint Gettin “Big Phil” seems like a right smeg head 2 me, althought i did find one of his training videos which might explain the portuguses tactics.

  6. Carla Says:

    cry babies cry buahhh buahhh

    give me a fucking break!

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