The Mint on ITV Play

Friday 28 July (2006)

Since I’ve been staying up late most nights melting in the heat and playing worms (and by that I mean idling on IRC cursing various people) I’ve come to notice this program that occupies ITVs schedule from midnight until 4am – The Mint. It infuriates me on many, many levels.

The premise of the show is this: a seemingly simple puzzle is displayed on screen. There is a phone number on the screen, and a down-on-their luck broadcaster who has to stay up all hours of the night saying things like ‘Call in now! Remember to turn the volume down on your TV!’ and other banalities. The call costs 60p, a flat charge, so you think ‘hey, I’m not going to lose any money really!’ and phone in. So why does it annoy me?

Firstly, because the puzzles are ludicrous. The most common one I’ve seen is a game where a word is displayed, like ‘eye’ or ‘super’ or ‘water’ and you have to phone in and suggest a word which goes with it, like watertight or watercress or supersonic. So, is it just me, or does this equate to guessing a random word from the dictionary? I mean sure, you think ‘how many possible words can there be?’ but after watching the fucking thing for four solid hours you realise there are hundreds of possibilities. If an hour or so goes by with no winners, they’ll insult your intelligence by giving you a clue (‘also a kind of mozzarella, _____ Bill, a cowboy’ – the answer was water buffalo) and then the presenters will stand around going ‘Why is no-one phoning in? This is so easy!’ which is a complete scam. Of course people are phoning in! Who wouldn’t? You can win £10,000 ($50,000) for saying a word that is blatantly obvious. Why is no-one actually getting through? Because the show isn’t letting them! They’re sitting around on hold for ten minutes whilst more and more people say to themselves ‘Jesus, it’s still up there… I have to phone in, I’m guaranteed to win!’ and give 60p over to the production company.

And when they’re not raping you with guessing games, or forcing you to wait ten minutes to get through to the show (where, incidentally, you go straight through to the presenter which disarms the majority of people) they get you with the puzzles. I saw one that went like this the other day:

Nineteen minus five
4 + 3 x 2
6 – 5

I mean what the fuck?? This requires some higher kind of logic. Or a set of rules. ‘Nineteen minus five’ is worded instead of numerated – why? ‘4 + 3 x 2’ is just plain wrong – I mean, is it ‘(4 + 3) x 2’ or is it ‘4 + (3 x 2)’? (In case you can’t figure it out, the former would yield 14 and the latter would yield 10.) ‘6 – 5’ is simple enough (I assume, anyway) but when you’ve figured it out, then what? I mean for God’s sake, do I add each result together? Multiply? Fucking integrate?? It’s a con.

The worst part about this is that it’s bad TV – it’s cheap TV, and it has no entertainment value. It’s about making money out of you, the audience, the viewing public. How do I know this? Because it’s the only show on ITV that doesn’t have an ad break. The only reason for this would be because they’re making more money from the phonecalls than they are from the ad revenue. This is just wrong, and horrible to boot. People have enough shit in their lives without having to get robbed by the TV. Channel 4 will give us premium, expensive drama like Lost because they pay for it through advertising. The BBC use the television license, and rewards viewers with the best quality broadcasting in the world. ITV… host a faux-gameshow which is a thinly veiled scam on the scale of a bloody pyramid scheme. And if they can give away up to £110,000 a night (the totalled value of the prizes for guessing words which follow ‘water’ tonight, which is the highest prize day (Big Money Thursday) and £40,000 of that is a ‘top prize’ which I’ve never seen won) then think about how much money they’re making themselves.

Other shows do this kind of thing – where you have to phone in to win a cash prize, and the show takes the money from all the calls put together and gives it out as the prize – but that’s fine. Why? Because I’d guess the majority of the money goes into the prize itself, and regardless of that, you’ve probably watched an exciting and suspenseful show. You’ve got your money’s worth.

I know this is from ITV Play, which is an entire channel dedicated to this kind of shit (I won’t get into it) which is a product of the digital TV revolution, and it just makes me think… wasn’t it better before? Companies weren’t spreading their budget over twelve channels, and producing piss-poor television, were they? I mean, Sky is one thing – you have to pay for it, but they have all the money to buy the syndication rights for most American shows before the terrestrial channels, so you do get quality programmes (albeit with a shitload of adverts, in keeping with the Americana) but digital has opened the floodgates for a whole load of shit. The only advantage I could ever see to more TV channels is the oppourtunity to repeat some classics from the vault which couldn’t find their way into normal schedules due to the quantity of good new stuff. To get repeated on terrestrial you have to be in the Only Fools and Horses or Fawlty Towers league, which is rare – so with dedicated channels you get to watch the less fondly remembered, but great, TV shows like Red Dwarf and The Fast Show.

And really, with DVDs, we don’t even need those channels anymore either. So, digital TV, please go away – or at the very least, someone take the money from ITV Play and put it into reducing the BBC TV license fee. Shit! It could probably pay for it outright.


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  1. Hahaha, I’ve seen this and it does indeed infuriate me to no end. The presenters themselves are annoying beyond all reckoning too.

  2. Sally Says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I fell for their devious scam too. I was trying to find some TV to send me to sleep but they kept thrusting that money in my face! For a poor student like me the idea of a quick and easy lump cash sum was too hard to resist.
    Yes, they really are bastards. And the presenters all need a good slap.

  3. stan Says:

    You actually phoned in? Ho ho, at least you don’t have to pay the bill eh 😉

  4. bgbennyboy Says:

    I agree with every word of that rant. It really is a huge scam and crap tv..and its spreading. I first saw a mint-syle show on a digital channel a while ago, and now they’re everywhere. ITV has one, 5 has one and god knows how many different digital ones there are now. Just how much money must they be making for them all to coexist?

  5. Huzbo Says:

    This is all very true. Digital TV is shit. It may be good for repeats – but still not as good as it could be, with most digital channels repeating the same old dross over and over – but for day-to-day TV, there is really no point. There was never enough ‘new’ TV to go around when it was just BBC1 and BBC2, for instance, never mind if you add BBC3 and BBC4. What do we get now? New things shown on BBC3 and BBC4, then shown on BBC1 or BBC2 a few weeks later if they’re any good.

    Result? Nobody bothers watching BBC3 and BBC4, because if that’s the only place you can watch the programme… chances are it’s shit.

    As for ITV, I think it’s a lost cause now. It’s so downmarket you can get a rash just from watching it. It was a sad day when they realised that you can make more money from fleecing chavs – rather than actually making programmes that people will like.

    No offence to anyone who did get conned by ITV Play though, even my dad was addicted to one of those quiz channels for a while. 😦

  6. Huzbo Says:

    Ah piss off, I forgot about Akismet. You’d think it would take the LENGTH of the comment into account.

    Short version: I agree, ITV Play is shit and the person who invented it should be shot.

  7. stan Says:

    Hee, it’s that bloody email address man – sounds totally spammo. I was going to say though, BBC3 and BBC4 seem to have some good things, and the BBC are holding off putting them on terrestrial so that more people have to upgrade. When I saw The Mighty Boosh Live they complained about their erratic scheduling robbing them of fans – I only found out about the show through a friend.

  8. David T Says:

    Wise words. I’m bored, too hot to sleep and kind of get hypnotised by the show. The number one was driving me crazy too, still don’t know the answer. What annoys me is it swamping the channels with banality. Where’s Magnum PI gone, or dodgy 60s sitcom, a cult movie. Late nite TV is now just a daft bint waffling about nothing to me, and I can get that when my girlfriend wakes up =)

  9. Never mind the crap whats the feckin answer

  10. Seb Says:

    “Nineteen minus five
    6 + 3 x 2
    10 + 6”

    I saw one like this the other day. Multiplications and divisions always take precedence but I bet they remake up the rules of math to suit their needs.

  11. ITV Says:

    what a loser! why spend all your time writing about it, if it pisses you off that much – turn it off!
    I happen to know someone who works on the show – the calls are picked at random by a computer, the caller gets through when the computer allows them at random intervals.
    No shit its about making money out of us, what isn’t these days?!
    They don’t make up the rules, they just use a cryptic method of coming up with the answer. It isn’t a scam, theres a little thing called OFCOM which investigate these kind of shows, and have a very strict criteria of the answers – a majority of the audience MUST be able to work them out, so it is ‘do-able’.
    My suggestion to you is to get a life and maybe some anger management, if a TV show ‘infuriates’ you, then you’ve got issues mate.
    I’m sorry you can’t handle the future of television, you should get used to it though; soon everything will be interactive “call to select the ending of coronation street” is in the pipeline.
    sweet dreams.

  12. stan Says:

    OFCOM are the people who closed down loads of these companies not so long ago – I know all about them. Like, they found in a lot of cases the phone was just left ringing for up to half an hour at a time, whilst the presenters pretended no-one was calling.

    The program infuriates me, and others like me (see the comments) but I don’t let it bother my daily life (although, as you are aware, I clearly don’t seem to have one). I don’t go around fuming about this, but on the occasions where I run out of lap dancers and cocaine and I actually have to watch TV I’d rather see a dodgy old Hammer Horror than a thinly disguised con.

  13. Hahaha. The day The Mint becomes the future of television is the day I grow a cock out of my knee.

    There’s a reason it’s given the shit late night slot. I’ll let you speculate the reason for that, “ITV”. ;))

    BTW, are any of the male presenters not flamboyant gays? I’ve noticed it becoming kind of a pattern when I’ve flicked past it over the weeks. ¬¬

  14. ITV only formed ITV Play because of their long financial problems which originally formed ITV 2, 3 and 4. They have even bumped the cost of the call up to 75p now, obviously 60p wasn’t providing enough. The Mint Mansion isnt a mansion its a set and its housed at ITV Play’s department at the Maidstone Studios. Time to get down there, force the production of ZZZap! back into business and burn everything (including the presenters) from “The Mint” working class common english low socitiec crap.

  15. james Says:

    Speaking of BBC3 & 4, I would like to heartily endorse Rob Brydon’s Annually Retentive and Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipes. Excellent viewing!

    It’s interesting that they have to put the presenter’s name before the title of the show. Obviously so people know that it might not just be some crappy BBC-digital show if it has x involved somehow.

  16. tom lowe Says:

    my fucking comment is perfect for that stupid game show it makes me laugh to think that i even rang them up and waisted my basterd money for no reason it is all one BIG con!!!

  17. Greg Says:

    You don’t have to enter with a phone call, you nincompoops . You can use the internet and enter for free at the link below. I believe they MUST offer a free entry mechanism by law, otherwise they are running a lottery and not a competition, BUT they are figuring that most people are too stupid/lazy to realise this. And of course, they are!

    Only stupid weak-minded chavs who don’t have a computer or internet connection are are too stupid to realise this are paying 60p. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  18. trev Says:

    This is a real scam
    I phoned up 6 times in 4 minutes they are clever cos the message is really short. Also I think they should give a precentage to charity. If they can afford to give away 50,000 in prizes then i assume each night they are taking over 100,000 in call costs. The presenters are complete unknowns and probably get paid a pittance. Get this gambling crap of the TV!

  19. trev Says:

    ITV you are the loser defending this utter shite!

  20. dazhatesitvplay Says:

    i cannot agree more with the majority of comments left here, its a farce that itv are raking it in with this shite show. all night, no adverts, [which id rather watch], not that the quality of tv they produce is any good anyway. stupid questions or puzzles, lettin people ring in with false hopes, i would love to see it banned. waste of good air time, they could put anything on instead and it would be better. further more, they had the cheek to put the cost of calling up, the animationsare cheesy, the presenters are gay or tarts, both if were talkin about ex big brother people, and, to the person who posted from itv,,, you idiot if its not a scam to you, then i pity you, its the biggest scam ever on tv, its been goin on for years, just like any premium phone-in competition that you get on tv.

  21. dazhatesitvplay Says:

    fucking annoying fucking con, ofcom, please get rid

  22. clo and bo Says:

    Lastnite we stayed up watching the Mint for 2 hours and they prob had about 50 + ppl ring in a no one could get the answer to:
    Add the numbers:

    Nineteen minus five =
    4+ 3×2 =
    6-5 =

    We thought of working out the answers to the sums and then adding the answers together cumin to 25, was that the answer…. was it fuck. So failing to get the right answer that time we tried agen thinking the bastards could be tricking us, so we looked into the question a little deeper and thought about adding just the numbers 4 +3+2+6+5 totalling to 20, where we right that time? were we fuck. We listened to ppl come up with answers like 2465 and 12654 and loads of other random shit but after 2 hrs still noone could get it. Sat here now we still dont kno the fucking answer bcos we couldnt be assed to sit there and watch these fuckers scam ne more ppl. It is a load of fucking donkey dick.

    And wat takes the piss even more is that if sumoone does by complete fluke get the answer to that they have a chance of playing the mint where u have to guess a sequence of 3 numbers. Big fucking whoop it gives u one number to help u out there could be a million possible answers. The scamming cunts!
    i think we need quizmania bak atleast ppl were winning money and the presenters werent all ass munchers.

    Down with the Mint.

  23. stan Says:

    Wow… see, for the first time in ages I have to go without the Internet for a month and suddenly my site becomes a hotspot for the anti-The Mint-league. Thanks for all the comments guys, and if anyone hears what the answer to this number ‘quiz’ is please post it – I’m dying to try and figure out how they got to it.

  24. katie Says:

    just wanna know if anyone has the answer to the math question last night.The Nineteen minus five =
    4+ 3×2 =
    6-5 =

    would apreciate it if anyone who knows would say thanx

  25. Alex Says:

    Nineteen minus five =
    4+ 3×2 =
    6-5 =

    Amazingly, even though this has been on every nyt since the last comment there still hasn’t been a correct answer to this!
    How much money have itv made by having this on for almost a month without a single correct answer?
    Are there even any answers left that haven’t been guessed?

    There must be an answer, i wonder what there excuse for the reasoning behind it will be?
    Will the person that phones it in have got to it using logic or by some drunken guess?

    Yes please somebody, when the final answer is found please post it here or somewhere

  26. Alex Says:

    (sorry for all grammar/spelling errors in previous post)

  27. Minted My Arse Says:

    14101..thats the answer

  28. Minted My Arse Says:

    Sorry 141041

  29. james Says:

    how did they get to that number?

  30. zuppaman Says:

    It’s like this:

    Nineteen minus five = 14
    4+ 3×2 = 10
    6-5 = 1

    If you place the results after each other : 14101
    Did anyone see them give the solution at the end of the show ? because I was to tired to wait for this anoying program to end.

  31. Lardarse Says:

    The obvious answers (25, 29, 44, 14101, 14141, 14, 10, 1) have all been tried, several times, as well as a lot of not so obvious answers… They never give the answer to this puzzle out. That’s what annoys me the most. Wouldn’t it be ironic, if the answer to this puzzle is the combination that unlocks the mint. That gives you 100 numbers to go for (current combination is 70**)

    They had that word game again on tonight’s program. The 3 unguessed words, following UP were updo, upgo, and upbrixle. Is upbrixle actually a word??? Google returns 2 hits, and 1 of those is a user page on Wiktionary (Wkikpedia’s dictionary sister-site) listing all of the words that are in the Oxford English Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary, for inclusion into Wiktionary. Surprise surprise, there’s no entry for upbrixle yet.

    Bring on the OFCOM investigation now please. After you reveal the contents of that fucking envelope, and your reasons for how you came up with that answer…

  32. Lardarse Says:

    And hello to everyone in the future who Googles for the word upbrixle in the near future and finds this discussion… 🙂

  33. Fuming Says:

    Just watched the Mint and nobody could find the answers which were revealed as Upbrixel, Upgo, Updo – who the hell’s heard of any of those? A complete rip-off, aimed at enticing the poor and getting them into more debt. I rang once and was told my call had been unlucky, just like the NO Deal scam which makes callers ring and ring before they are accepted on to a waiting list. It’s so that they ring more than once and clock up huge bills trying to get accepted into the game. I think this should be illegal.

  34. Liam Says:

    I have to agree with every “bad” comment posted, this “show” (if that is what we can call it), is a complete farse! The answers could be hundreds of combinations, these gameshows shouldn’t be allowed to clog up our tv channels. They are encouraging gambling on a huge scale, just by ringing the number you are charged and by the time you know it you have a huge phone bill in just a few hours. I bet there are some people ringing in every night it is on, trying to win the “amazing” cash prize.

    PS: I think you may have to add the amount of letters together, i am sure they are there for a reason, but as i say, there are hundreds of different combinations!!

  35. Matt Says:

    these shows are fucking ridiculous.
    We’ve got the same format shows in Australia, on every commercial station from midnight till about 3, with the sad arsed presenters, who spend half the time in bikini’s trying to get more viewers to watch.
    I agree with the other people here, and think these shows should all piss off.

  36. Gary Says:

    I had the misfortune to have to take my infant son to A&E at 2 o’clock in the morning 3 days ago (happily he is alright now and probably wondered what all the fuss was about).

    Now if sitting in A&E wasn’t fucking bad enough, imagine my joy at my first exposure to late night ITV in a long while.

    Guess what? That same fucking puzzle was on! I sat there watching it on the hospital tv for what seemed like a lifetme. The people running A&E are absolute bastards, because under the best of circumstances the minimum wait in A&E is something ridiculous like 3 hours which normally feels like 33 hours. But forcing us to watch ITV Play in A&E at 3 o’clock in the fucking morning? What cunts! I swear the clock went backwards.

    Did I see anyone solve the puzzle? There is no prize for guessing if anyone got the fucking answer. And there is no prize either for guessing if they gave the answer at the end. This puzzle has now by the look of things been running for a fucking month. Meanwhile ITV is screwing its viewers. And they wonder why everyone thinks ITV is nothing more than a steaming pile of turd!

  37. Jonn Says:

    Sad to read that some of you guys hate this show coz some of the presenters are gay, or seem gay.

    I am gay, and i fucking HATE this show with all my heart, so to see other people hate it too is cool, but it feels wierd to have people hate it coz there are gays in it.


    I found this page thanks to me typing in the word UPBRIXLE on Google, WHAT A FUCKING RIP OFF.
    I mailed just now a complaint to ITV and ITVPlay and OFCOM about this show, any response I get I’ll share.

  38. Ria whittington Says:

    Just to add, I have NEVER heard anyone get through on a free web entry. It is merely window dressing so that these rip off merchants look as though they are complying with the law. Why would free web entry be any good to them? They want your calls at 75p a throw, they need your calls at 75p a throw.

    Me pay nearly a pound a call? You must be joking. I am no mug. I don’t care how much they are offering…

  39. Ria whittington Says:

    LOL we should start a campaign to get these shows off our tvs

  40. Lex Says:

    Taken from ‘’ – 29th August 2006

    TV quiz shows fall foul of gaming laws
    Jack Lefley, Evening Standard
    29 August 2006

    TELEVISION quiz shows where viewers have to call premium-rate phone numbers to try to win big-money prizes could be closed amid fears that callers are running up large phone bills.
    A number of interactive quiz channels may be shut down following investigations by regulators and a rise in complaints.

    The channels are watched by up to a million people every night, with presenters asking viewers to phone in and answer a simple question to win prizes of as much as £100,000. Eleven quiz channels receive up to 20,000 calls a day with callers – only a few of whom get past recorded messages – typically spending 60p to 75p.

    ITV Play is the best known of the channels because it is shown on ITV1 after midnight, but others include Big Game TV and Avago.

    Gambling legislation requires any game that has an entry fee but involves little skill to be run as a lottery. This means that those running it should have a licence and give one fifth of the revenue to charity. ITV does not have a licence, but bosses are using a loophole by offering free entry via a website and calling the games ‘prize competitions’.

    ITV Play, which has shows including The Mint, was launched in April and produced £9m in profits in its first four months. Big Game TV was raided by police following claims that phone calls were not being answered for up to two hours. The channel denies the accusations.

    Investigations into quiz channels have been promised by broadcasting regulator Ofcom and Icstis, the regulator of premium-rate phone services. The channels could be forced to close by the Gambling Commission if they are found to have breached the 1976 Lotteries And Amusements Act. In a recent consultation document it hinted that laws due to come in next September will be stricter.

    An ITV spokeswoman said that the channel’s programmes exceeded all regulatory guidelines, adding: ‘ITV is a responsible broadcaster and we take this position very seriously.’

  41. keith Says:

    does anybody know of a site that tells you what numbers have already been given for the vault

  42. barry Says:


  43. anomymous Says:

    the answer is 34.
    nineteen minus five = 14
    4+3×2 or (4+3+2) = 9
    6-5 or ( 6+5) = 11
    since it says ADD the (numerical) numbers and the literal ones aren’t figured, so, 14 + 9 +11 = 34. I have tried three times to ring but wasnt accepted. If you happen to win using this config… my contact is given. cheers

  44. anomymous Says:

    heard it, 34 is not sorry….

  45. zerodenial Says:

    Your answer is wrong try again….
    You are being inconsistant by not ignoring “minus”
    How about 55?
    20 from adding the digits and nine+nineteen+five

  46. Syfoon Says:

    The “Nineteen minus five…” question is back (which is how I found this page, by Googling that to see if anyone else had been complaining ;)).

    Surely this question alone proves that these kind of shows are complete scams. In my drunken TV channel hopping, I’ve seen this kind of question shown on loads of different ones, one even had 25x the regular money which equalled to about half a million quid for anyone who’d get it right.

    Says it all really.

    OFCOM really need to get of their arses and make this drivel stop. I miss late-night ITV, especially after Grand Prix weekends as we don’t get re-runs of the full race anymore. Highly annoying.

  47. JunkI Says:

    The site above lists a whole host of wrong answers given to the question.

    I just can’t wait to find out what the answer is and see how they justify it, The Mint is a F***ing scam and lowers what is already a pretty pi*s poor network.

  48. JunkI Says:

    Tonights Prize was a Possible !!! £45,000

    So for them to Break Even

    Prize: £45000
    Call Cost : £0.60

    45000/0.60 = 75000 calls needed

  49. Mark Bellew Says:

    I am absolutely fucking filled with anger at he UK broadcast MINT MANSION porogram about basically ripping poor people off. Now dont get me wrong if it was fair fine, but i tested the show out with a trial 100 call at 75p a call and never got through one. 5 secs and bang sorry phone back again……..UUUURRRRRGGGG I AM FFFFFUCCKKKING RAGING at these lowlife cast off people who front the show. Poofy Brian Dowling of BIG BROTHER so called Fame for saddos. Some bimbo ex models who havent worked for years cause there past it and have to much curves and creases on their arse and face.

    Most intellligent people can see thru it but it is probably the poor desperate people clutching at straws that are drawn into the trap and end up spending as i did on the trial £75.00 + the V.A.T. on that…….and there are all the kids who use there parents phones on the fly….i could go on but you get my drift folks.!

    Has anyone got any idea what the channels are to speak to someone at ITV to start a civil case to get them put off air as they are basically robbing the public and less intelligent. Lets face it is no one rang up there would be no show. Fucking good that would be. Anyone have any numbers to ring to get through to ITV CENTRE.


    Rgds Mark

  50. cat Says:

    aren’t they referring to songs when they say ‘numbers’? ie add the songs

  51. Jax Says:

    3 words… DON’T DO IT!!

    Being the gambling, insomniac sort, I gave it a go. After watching for some time, I’ve can safely say that they throw in one or two obvious answers in the word games to give the impression that you stand a chance… wrong!

    One game on the other night had HOT__ as the clue. They gave the clue that it was a part of the body ensuring that thousands of people phoned in with Hot head, Hot foot, Hot lips, etc.. and the answer?… HOT SKULL ?!!! If you’ve heard of that one, do let me know…

  52. Jax Says:

    ps. to answer the previous comment – the show is broadcast from the maidstone studios so I forsee a picket outside…

  53. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Due to not being able to sleep the other night I found myself watching the mint with this very question all night

    Nineteen minus five =
    4+ 3×2 =
    6-5 =

    I found it totaly disgusting that they are just simply playing tricks on people to rob the of their money. I will just bet that this question will pop back up and to be fair I do not believe there is one right answer to it as before thy could even consider giving away that sort of cash £45000 they would have to take a few hunderd thousand calls to make a profit. And it not like that tv isnt already full of the same old dribble that you have to ring in and vote making the tv companies more money and this is even worse when the BBC are up to it also dont they already get enough via the TV license robbin sods all of them and if people power ment anything we could by not calling these programs change TV for the better.


  54. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Contact Details

    ITV Play
    PO Box 49756
    WC1X 8WN
    Phone: 0845 014 7529 (10am – 8pm, Monday – Friday)

    Time to complain direct

  55. upforages Says:

    can anyone help me with the ones last night that were OUT _______ something.
    i got up to Outbound and outcome. I was sooooo tempted to ring up. As ive just come back from Australia and now skint! But i dont pay the phone bill, so would be wrong of me.
    I was thinking of OUT of this world. And to my knowledge nobody had said that! But i couldnt keep my eyes open any longer! sorry, i know im a sad case! haha.

  56. Daf Says:

    The “add the numbers” quiz has been on for a month or so.

    As much as I dislike this type of tv, the “add the numbers”
    game is more of a con than the rest. The presenters make
    it look like the answer is easy. They deliberately try to trick
    viewers into thinking the answer is obtainable. They say “if
    you’ve just tuned in, try now” – ie, please call and give us the
    obvious answer.
    Complaining to Ofcom is easy online, and I’d suggest you all
    do it. There is something in the guidlines that say the answer
    has to be possible to get, so with this “quiz” I think they might
    uphold a complaint.
    I did complain, but my objection was denied, I just think the more people who contact ofcom about this, the more chance
    of getting rid of it.

    Also check:

  57. southamptonfc Says:

    I saw that last night, I thought outer, outing. Neither which were said but would I phone in – would i fuck!

    The thing that made me very suspicious is that the lower prizes got won first and no-one won the the higher money prizes that I saw.

    outcome and outbound were the lowest money prizes and 4 other answers remained. How easy would it be to fix it though so the first ‘correct’ answers always won the least money prizes? Too easy and thats why I think its a con and should be thoroughly investigated by ofcom and police.

    If the higher money prizes were won first it wouldn’t be nearly so tempting to phone in – again I smell a fix.

    Also, are plurals allowed? past tenses etc etc? what a load of shit.

  58. Rupert Says:

    Dude, that “nineteen minus five=4+3X2=6-5=” thing is driving me insane. I saw it the other night and I was dying to see the answer the were going to give, so I kept flicking back and forth waiting fot the show to end so they would reveal the big mystery. Towards the end of the show, I was ready to smash my tv. I just couldn’t stad listening to another caller say some crazy number like 21394593450436546456452 and watching the presenter cringe with false anticipation- knowing full well that in about two seconds, a big metal bar would slam into the screen with a mesage like “UNLUCKY” or “TRY AGAIN”. I stayed up all night (I don’t know why) waiting for the answer to that vague, nonsensical bullshit riddle and now I still don’t know it. I like knowing things. What a waste of time… What a scam.

    P.s. how many people guessed 20? I mean, for fuck sake, there’s a thing called the process of elimination. Use it.

  59. Jax Says:

    As anonymous (above) says, I think the number quiz revolves around the method of adding everything, eg.4+3+2+ and so on and the answer I have hasn’t been given yet so I think it’s correct but I’m certainly not phoning in!

  60. Jon Says:

    What a surprise they’ve got the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE = on again tonight, reason for this is that they are probably going to be giving the mint away sometime this month and need to make some cash to pay for it. This will then allow them to give another mint away around Xmas/New year.

    All this show does is pay out a small percentage of the money made from the calls, if they’ve paid out too much, they put a nigh-on impossible puzzle on to rake in more cash.

    Now it isn’t TOO bad of a show when they’re actually giving away money on puzzles on a regular basis, ie £1,000 a puzzle or something, as to actually give people a tiny chance of winning some of their phone bill back, but when they’re just sucking cash in for the entire night without paying anything out, then it’s just plain wrong. All these shows that are doing this should be taken off the air.

  61. Chris Says:

    fucking annoying!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! i hate the presenters the most. how desperate are they. they just repeat the same sentence evry 10 secs. By 4am they look so washed up that they wish they had’nt given up their day jobs. i mean i’d love to be on TV but I would never do this, as if they’re gonna become anymore famous then this. they are losers like the show. I’ll tell u the most annoying woman on telly-she presents the identical quiz on channel 5 early in the morning and she keeps walking forwards and backwards toward the camera while simultaneously the camerman zooms in and out on her if it wasn’t bad enough already they start getting your head monged out with this stupid yo yo shit. Who is that woman ….she should be sacked and banned from ever appearing on TV. Have a look yourself I know you’ll agree.

  62. Chris Says:

    Oh yeah I wish someone would get through for a laugh and instead of giving an answer when they get on air they should say to the presenter that they think the show is a con and that they are gonna be reported to OFCOM etc and slam the phone down. I would pay 75 p just to see that!

    I ‘d love to see the look on the presenters face (they”re all in on it like a big conspiracy the bastard!s)

  63. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    NINETEEN MINUS FIVE scam back again I so wish someone would pull the plug on this program I have sent about 8 complaints into OFCOM now.


  64. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Well I have an answer of ITV PLAY………

    Dear Mr Holdsworth,

    Thank you for your email.

    We completely realise that the ‘add the numbers’ puzzle has run on for a long time but it we’ll keep it on until someone has won the prize! As it’s a rollover the prize money has gone as high as £60,000 – a huge amount for a single puzzle and one that we’ll be delighted to give away. We can’t simply give the answer or take it off – someone must and will solve it and win a massive amount of money.

    The puzzle has one answer and one answer only. Although I don’t know the answer I’d say it is not a straightforward maths sum. To solve it you need to study what the question is asking and view it exactly as it appears on the screen. We are not changing the answer or being duplicitous in any way, we really want to give this money away!

    Just in case, here it is again.

    Add the numbers

    4 + 3 x 2 =
    6 – 5 =

    Best of luck,


    Why do I get the idea that the ranting and raving email i sent calling them cheat and con artists didnt really get through their thick skulls as from you can see they had the cheek to email the puuzzle over and wish me good look like i was daft enough to ring their bloody show all i want to see is the pile of poo of the air.


    ITV Play Viewer Care

    Tel: 0845 014 7529

    Address: PO Box 49756, London, WC1X 8WN


    ***Freeview channel 35 and now on Sky channel 856***

  65. Jayne Says:

    I can’t believe that the stupid numbers puzzle is still going. I only started watching this when I had a baby and he wouldn’t sleep at night. I could exaggerate and say he is now 10 years old but he is really only 4 months. Thats how old this puzzle is. Work out how much money they have taken in this time. Complete rip off!! But if someone does win tonight and I am asleep, please post the answer here

  66. SamsonJ Says:

    Y’know something, lads – the only thing that would make this show bearable (even with the “nineteen minus five” crap which has been on for nearly two months) would be if the female presenters Kat Shoob and Cat Porter actually presented the show together in bikinis or something. At least then it’d be worth watching or even taping – who would give a fuck about the puzzle? 😛

    Come to think of it, ITV should make them do that. Maybe they’d even get more viewers calling in just to say hello to the fit birds! Puzzle or not, they’d still get their paychecks cashed. Losers either way.

  67. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    I have read one good suggestion on another site and that was that if they put up on screen the amount of callers they where having and how many are on hold at one point it would be closer to gambeling as you would know the odds (even though they would move all the time)as to if your likely to get through or on hold. All other gambeling has odds why dont these quiz programms i will tell you whey they dont have odds cos if they did you would just see how outside your change is of winning so in a last efort to get the show off tv PEOPLR stop ringing in.


  68. Tom Starkie Says:

    I have been studying the ITV MINT site
    On there they have rules at the top
    Comparing these to the ITV PLAY site
    Click on the mint there and the terms and conditions again
    I cant believe how totally decieving it is. On the play site it states that it is 100 entries per household per day but on the mint site its all very confusing but it boils down to it being maximum 100 entries per day and no more than 200 in total per month(12 & 26) I think there will be many refused pay outs through people not understanding these massive T&C’s. Many people will just see the 100 entries per day and only find out once they win and don’t get it.

    Quizmania could be under question too seeing as its run by the same people. That again says 100 per day on the actual terms and conditions you click on the actual web entry but the pop up that comes up on the terms and conditions of the main quizmania site is massive again and really small I just can’t go through it.



  69. Claire Says:

    I feel cleansed to know I’m not the only one who is getting more and more frustrated with this nineteen minus five shit! Dont get me wrong I love a good puzzle but enough is enough. I actually don’t mind the presenters they are just doing a job, but it’s the whole premise behind the scam that i don’t appreciate. We can all get a bit desperate no matter how much we know the odds are stacked against us, but what about all those people who are desperate and havent got the will power not to ring? maybe if the people who front this show were to read all of these messages they might show a bit of a concience and leave……..but like I said I don’t mind them but I’m not holding out much hope for a bunch of no hopers who prey of innocent people who are at there wits end about to get there phones cut off because they’ve made 80 odd calls an hour for four hours and owe hundreds of pounds, ah well spose they could always ring the mint to win the money to clear there bill…hmmm I see a pattern emerging…..


  70. Tom Starkie Says:

    Yet again another scam.

    Nineteen minus five =
    4+ 3×2 =
    6-5 =

    People miss the easiest thing thats staring them in the face, the number is a .5, the last line 6-5 means a number between, 5.5 is the answer. But nobody ever says a decimal.

    It was won once, thats how i know how its done.


  71. mof Says:

    To those who are asking what answer is. The puzzle hasn’t yet been solved and is put back up every week until it is won with more money added each time it is re-used. It is sad that ITV have resorted to that number scam. It was bad enough with the word puzzle but at least they were almost reasonable.
    Anyone who want to complain to OFCOM about The Mint please do at It is a very easy process.

  72. Jim walker Says:

    4+ 3x” =
    6-5 =

    Not to difficult, the “answer” is in the question – add the numbers.
    Most muppets ring in give 20 or 44 – WRONG!!
    Read the bloody quaetion!!!

    I KNOW the answer but cannot get through to the Mint for love nor money. Tried again last night for 140 tries, no success.

    I will give you a clue – it is NOT lower then 400 .

    Keep calculating.


  73. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    Possibly it’s literally adding the numbers on the screen, ignoring the maths signs and the written numbers:

    432 + 65 = 497

    or, if they include 19 and 5, then it would be 19 + 5 + 432 + 65 = 521, something lateral thinking like that.

    Somebody go to the office at night, call until you get through at your employer’s expense, win the money and cut me in for 10%. Proof of my ID: law, embassy, porn, CRM, alternative bible, Military District of Washington, storm. (You’ll see.)

    I was not allowed to watch ITV as a kid but caught The Prisoner, The Avengers, Callan and UFO when the parents were out.

  74. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    With regard to the long-running word puzzle, check the easy ones they sometimes put at the start of the programme to lure you in, where the answer to the 9-letter puzzle usually jumps off the screen at you. In the less obvious one the words ‘mope’, ‘pet’, ‘tend’ and ‘sage’ suggest themselves, with ‘pete’ being a possible answer, or pâté (pâté/pate has been tried).

    ITV will claim in their defence that it is just a big lottery, at 75p a shot. If they are making a million quid a night, over, say four hours = 14400 seconds, that might suggest about 70 people calling every second. So if you throw £50 at it you might get through. Obviously only do so if you are reasonably certain of the answer. They make their money from drunks and chancers having a go with obvious (and wrong) answers on the more difficult puzzles, along with the ambiguous puzzles whose answers could be randomly chosen.

    On Mastermind you get a glass bowl.

  75. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    One other thing, some weeks ago, before they knew that the word puzzle would run, one of them said that ‘a chef’ might get the answer. I thought of sago pudding and words ending in ‘o’ for the answer but later thought of pâté.

    The presenters are not supposed to know the answers, but no one could contain their curiosity that long.

  76. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    BTW the decimal suggestion (above) is a good one. V. possible: Bev told us to ‘think outside the box’ (no pun intended, Mr Horne). She also pointed to the box with the numbers in it and said: ‘This is the box’.

    Perhaps you have to add all the existing numbers from 1-9, ignoring the puzzle!

    Lord Reith would be well pleased.

  77. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    With regard to the ‘Out’ puzzle, perhaps the following Peter Hammill song will help. In fact it ought to be the Mint’s theme tune:

    A Way Out

    Out of joint, out of true,
    out of love, out of the blue,
    out of order, out of orbit, out of control,
    out of touch, out of line,
    out of sync and out of time,
    out of gas, out of tread,
    out of road.

    Out of date, out of stock,
    out of use – out, out, damned spot!
    You want out, you want out of it for good.
    Out of the running, out of the game,
    out on your feet, clear out of range,
    out of context, out of contact,
    out of the woods.

    Out, out, looking for a way out,
    no straws are left to cling to;
    out, out, going for the fade-out…
    but what do you fade into?

    Out on the town, out for laughs,
    out of service, out to grass,
    out of mourning, out of purdah, out on bail,
    out of kilter, out of grace,
    out to get out of this place,
    out of this world, out and out
    beyond the pale.

    Right out of character, out of sympathy,
    so far out upon a limb
    you’re out of your tree….

    Out of breath, out of tune,
    out of your head and out of view,
    down and out, out for the count, or is it just for revenge?
    Out of sight, out of mind,
    leave it out, leave it behind
    out of reach of all family, all friends.

    Out, out, going for the bale-out,
    no parachute above you.
    Out, out…you’ll not feel the fall-out.

    I wish I’d said “I love you”.

    (Queen Elizabeth Hall, 4th October. Campaign for Real Music.)

  78. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    Actually, on second thoughts:

    Sometimes it’s very scary here, sometimes it’s very sad,
    sometimes I think I’ll disappear; betimes I think I have.
    There’s a line snaking down my mirror,
    splintered glass distorts my face
    and though the light is strong and strange
    it can’t illuminate the musty corners of this place.
    There is a lofty, lonely, Lohengrenic castle in the clouds;
    I draw my murky meanings there
    but seven years’ dark luck is just around the corner
    and in the shadows lurks the spectre of Despair.

  79. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    Let’s see Brian and Bev dance and mime to that.

  80. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    Slight revision to guestimate about number of calls per second (75p + VAT). I forgot that BT takes a cut of said 75p, so the number of calls might be more like 100 per second, depending on the precise time of night.

  81. David B. Says:

    Clement’s figures are a bit awry- we know from financial results published last month that ITV Play profits are about a third of total revenue (9 million quid out of 27 million in its first part-year of operation). Therefore if the aim is 20 million a year profit, the revenue would have to be 60 million. Giving the company an average cut of 60p per call over its first year (probably rather more in future years at the new 75p rate) they’d need 100,000,000 calls to make that revenue, or 274,000 every day / 11,400 an hour / 190 a minute / a mere 3-and-a-bit every second. Mind you, given the number of seconds filled with inane prattling, and the small number of contestants who actually get on air, that’s still a heck of a lot.

  82. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    Excellent, thanks for that. I read the one million figure in a mag or on the web and just took it at face value.

    Another idea: someone working at ITV should call from the office and win the money. (On the other hand, perhaps ITV employees are excluded. Nice idea, though.)

    Hey, BBC Watchdog and Channel 5’s MacIntyre’s Big Sting: you could afford it.

  83. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    ‘Wait…there’s more…’

    (Mr Creosote: ‘Monty Python’s Meaning of Life’, prior to vomiting and exploding)

    An addendum to my 432 + 65 theory: you might also have to add the numbers after the = sign, which might be said to be literally outside the box: e.g. the answers to:

    19 – 5
    4 + (3×2) or (4+3) x 2
    6 – 5

    Thus, 497 + 29, or one of the other combinations.

    The fact that 4 + 3 x 2 means nothing without the brackets might lend support to my 432 + 65 theory.

    The worst such nonsense I have seen was ‘Count the diamonds’. Several playing cards overlapping with some partially obscured. There were diamonds within the diamonds, and the diamonds also formed diamond formations!!!! Philosophers and barristers could have argued for years over the interpretation. No doubt Descartes would have deduced the existence of God from this, as a ‘diamond geezer’.

  84. David B. Says:

    Hmmm- Watchdog and Big Sting may not need to spend a lot of money if they time their action right. For a start, if it can be demonstrated that the show presenters are deliberately giving the impression that there is a shortage of calls, in order to encourage punters to spend another 75p ***at times when nearly all of, say, 20 test callers in rapid succession from different phones are failing to get selected*** there may be a case for a fraud action under either civil or criminal law.

  85. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    Obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception (1968 Theft Act with later amendments)? Very possibly. They stand around waffling most of the time, and occasionally the sound of a phone (bell) ringing is heard by the viewer. Sometimes they refer to ‘taking more calls than usual’, so ITV would probably say that they are indicating that they do not take all calls. Perhaps they should say: ‘taking’ more callers than usual

  86. stan Says:

    As I understand it, the ‘computer’ selects calls at random. Think of it like a gate – you call, and it’s like you throw something at the gate and it bounces away. If you’re lucky, the gate will open at the same time as you throw something at it, and you’ll get through and you’ll be on the air.

    Thanks everyone, as well, for all these great comments – it’s really good to know that everyone else hates this bloody TV show too!

  87. Mike Says:

    Firstly, quoting from an earlier post
    “Ria whittington Says:
    August 29th, 2006 at 10:02
    Just to add, I have NEVER heard anyone get through on a free web entry. It is merely window dressing so that these rip off merchants look as though they are complying with the law. Why would free web entry be any good to them? They want your calls at 75p a throw, they need your calls at 75p a throw.

    Me pay nearly a pound a call? You must be joking. I am no mug. I don’t care how much they are offering… ”

    I can now assure you that after 3 wins in 5 weeks (including one of £5000) that this is untrue, the web entry system does work, I personally believe the chances of getting through are less than those of callers using the premium rate number, but they are none the less there. I will also state at this point (as no doubt there will be comments to this effect levelled at me here) that I am NOT related to the producers, presenters, HRH the Queen, or the crown prince of Outer Mongolia.

    The number puzzle that seems to be causing so much consternation in here might have something to do with Roman numerals (nIneteen MInus fIVe), but how this might fit into the formula, I don’t have a clue at present.

    Maybe if you left this type of show to the people who want to play, and show a little self censorship (there are plenty of other channels, and indeed the big red button marked ‘OFF’) we would all get along a lot better.

  88. jim Says:

    Admit that THE MINT numbers problem is a great money spinner. Most muppets, over the past 5 weeks that it has been on, give 20 or 44. They must never watch the show. The numbers 20 and 44 are said at LEAST 6 times every night. WRONG.
    As for trying to get through to give your answer – WOW . this in itself is a test of the brain. I tried 100 times, yes 100 in the space of 30 minutes. Never got though. The only reason I did that is that i am 99.9999999% sure I know the answer. It is NOT 20 it is NOT 44 or any other number from 0[zero] to 100.
    So please muppets, next time it is on, keep off the line with answers of 0 13, 20 , and 44 and give me a chance to get the correct answer in.


  89. stan Says:

    100 times?? I can’t figure out the number puzzle, but my maths tells me that cost you £75…

  90. rod peters Says:

    they got rid of men&motors on freeview to show this shite.

    and i reply to itv: fucking get your act together and start feeling nostalgic.

    quality tv – highest priority (in theory)

    cheap quizzes – have no place on tv

  91. jim walker Says:

    Not suprising nobody has the puzzle correct. The amount of damn muppets who ring in with the same damn answer of 44, or 20, or 13, or any other damn number between 0 and 100 in icredible. I often wonder if they are watching the same program as me, or have just landed from the planet Zod. Over the past 5/6 weeks since the puzzle has been on, the amount of times the muppets have given 44 & 20 must add into 10’s of 10’s. I counted them both 8 times in one night.
    They are NOWHERE near the right answer. It is not a number between 0 to 100.
    I KNOW the answer but cannot damn well get though to give it. I rang 100 times last Friday, never got though once.

  92. Mike Says:

    Rod, it would seem that you are wrong in your point that these quizzes have no place on TV … they have a huge fanbase on top of their occasional callers, which combined with their moneymaking format makes them every bit as legitimate television as anything else around (including such crap as reality TV).

    Whether you agree with it or not, it looks like these shows are here to stay for a while … live with it (and anything that gets shite like Men and Motors off my TV has my vote anyway)

  93. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    I love and loathe this show at the same time. It is really infuriating and yet strangely addictive. I know it’s complete trash but it does draw me in. The NINETEEN MINUS FIVE puzzle is still going and was on again last night. It is an absolute scam and is surely going to continue for months. The word puzzles (eg SUN_ or OUT_) always follow the same pattern in that 3 fairly easy answers are guessed early on for low sums of money, a more difficult answer is guessed much later on for more money and no-one gets the last 2 answers for the largest sums of money because they are words that no-one has ever heard of. All the time the presenters are encouraging us to call in as if getting through to them is the easiest thing in the world. On the plus side though, a couple of the female presenters are quite fit!

  94. Wendy Says:

    now come on you guys – this is the way to play it – go online, and bring up several pages all with the mint website on. Download a bot to fill in your n+a for you then just go through each page one at a time and fill in the code by hand. Then just sit back and wait for the freephone number and pincode!.

    You are allowed 100 – 150 free goes and on average you get through to the second stage about 5-10 times out of that.

    Of course you still have to get through to the studio – that happens about once every 2-3 days of trying (if that makes sense) – and yes I have got through to the studio quite a few times now on the free entry.

    however I am with everyone else about the numbers one – for the record it is not a minus number or a whole number under 100! If that one comes on now I just switch it off.

    what does make me cringe though is when I hear old people getting through. You just know that they have not used the free entry route and I hate the thought that they have probubly racked up huge amounts of debt without realising. I mean, how many of us have a great Auntie Ethel who wouldnt have a clue how much it was costing her till she got the phone bill?

    So the answer is – play them at their own game, use the website and hopefully you could win – oh, but don’t waste your time on the numbers one though. that one is sssoooooooooo boring.

  95. frankie Says:

    Obtaining a pecuniary advantage
    THEFT ACT 1968
    s16 TA68 states that:

    (1) A person who by any deception dishonestly obtains for himself or another any pecuniary advantage shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.
    (2) The cases in which a pecuniary advantage within the meaning of this section is to be regarded as obtained for a person are cases where:-

    (a) Repealed by s5(5) Theft Act 1978;
    (b) he is allowed to borrow by way of overdraft, or to take out any policy of insurance or annuity contract, or obtains an improvement of the terms on which he is allowed to do so; or
    (c) he is given the opportunity to earn remuneration in an office or employment, or to win money by betting

    (3) For the purposes of this section “deception” has the same meaning as in section 15 of this Ac

  96. frankie Says:

    A Class action is needed on behalf of everyone who had ever been decieved by ringing up. IF you know a sollicitor , contact them. This show is no more legal than the three-card-trick conman that you find on street corners. …… Upbrixle — now thats priceless!

  97. Mike Says:

    As call costs are stated (extortionate though they may be), this takes one of the tenuous points on which the class action could be brought …. as far as the words they use, you may find that they simply have good researchers. The words and phrases they use do actually exist (just because you haven’t heard them before doesn’t mean they didn’t exist before then), but the chances of getting them are very low.

    ITV Play is a company, and companies are there to (surprise, surprise) make a profit, exactly the same way that ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ does (incidentally, they use a per minute premium line, and you have far less chance of getting through to win anything … maybe we should start talking about legal action against them too, or the BBC for giving us nothing for our TV Licence fees).

    This is obviously what people are interested in on late nights, or it would have been cancelled due to ‘lack of interest’.

  98. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    I like your style Wendy! It’s nice to know that some people out there are playing them.
    Just turned ITV on now (am at work) and guess what, that bloody numbers game is on again. Only listening to it for 5 minutes and it’s same old numbers being guessed (20,27,29 etc)
    Frankie, I’m no lawyer, but suspect you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if you tried to take them to court. There is no way the legal eagles working for ITV would leave themself open to an action of this type.

  99. john iguess Says:

    The correct answer to that queer bitch of a mother fucking itv tax on stoopid people show question, if you are either dumb enough to care or even worse call in, i believe is…
    The reason i believe is that i think i saw the latter given as an answer which was then debated by the cunt presenters and their wanky little ear pieces for quite sometime unlike the usual dismissal of their idiot punters. Therfore i believe the top 1 to be correct!

    I, like many drawn to the flashing lights and circus noises of this soul less hell on earth am suffering from an extended bout of insomnia and for some reason feel the need to see this nonsence resolve itself.
    Those arse munching scumbags have stolen a little piece of my soul.

  100. john iguess Says:

    I apologise for the grammatic mistake in the first sentence of the second paragraph above it is meant to read- The reason i believe this is that…
    Look what they’ve reduced me too its nearly 4am dammit!!

  101. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    I have had a response from OFCOM. They say they have investigated the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE = puzzell as far as they can at the moment and should, when the answer is found feel that it is not a fair and logical conclusion to the puzzell they will then investigate further. As this puzzel has been running now for over 4 months they also suggested in their letter that it could be something to do with Roman numerals.

    Quiz call have got in on the act with this kind of puzzle also

    If people only stopped calling into these shows we could have some decent late night tv back on.


  102. Ria Whittington Says:

    Firstly, quoting from an earlier post
    “Ria whittington Says:
    August 29th, 2006 at 10:02
    Just to add, I have NEVER heard anyone get through on a free web entry. It is merely window dressing so that these rip off merchants look as though they are complying with the law. Why would free web entry be any good to them? They want your calls at 75p a throw, they need your calls at 75p a throw.

    Me pay nearly a pound a call? You must be joking. I am no mug. I don’t care how much they are offering… ”

    I can now assure you that after 3 wins in 5 weeks (including one of £5000) that this is untrue, the web entry system does work, I personally believe the chances of getting through are less than those of callers using the premium rate number, but they are none the less there. I will also state at this point (as no doubt there will be comments to this effect levelled at me here) that I am NOT related to the producers, presenters, HRH the Queen, or the crown prince of Outer Mongolia.

    The number puzzle that seems to be causing so much consternation in here might have something to do with Roman numerals (nIneteen MInus fIVe), but how this might fit into the formula, I don’t have a clue at present.

    Maybe if you left this type of show to the people who want to play, and show a little self censorship (there are plenty of other channels, and indeed the big red button marked ‘OFF’) we would all get along a lot better.

    Do not patronise me sonny. I will watch whatever I like on my tv which I pay licence for.

    These people have no conscience they rip of the poor and very greedy with their promises of huge cash prizes. Britain now has the biggest owers of debt because of loans etc.

    The fact that so many others agree with me in thread should throw you a few clues.

    Perhaps if you stopped patronising people we’d all get on a lot better.

  103. Ria Whittington Says:

    Btw the new red headed presenter is a bit rough lol

  104. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Dear Ria,

    It obvious from you mails that you are clearly a junkie of this twpe of Tv program and I use that term loosly. Let look at the fact from a odd point of view you have better odds at a big win on the lotto that you do on quiz tv. They make in excess of 60 grand a night and give away a small portion. Its simple to say that with ITV play predicting massive turn over in its first year how anyone could really think that this is any form of fair contest. I would hazard a guess that they take 1 call in roughly 1000. Again to repeat myself people stop falling for this expensive rip off tv stop calling them and thia alone will put them off the air and then back to some quality TV again.


  105. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Correction its not Ria thats the Quiz TV Junkie its Mike

    Sorry Ria you post didnt read too well I would indent quotes from other people in furure.


  106. Mike Says:

    Steven, I would have to disagree with the point that I’m a quiz TV junkie, if that were the case then I would be running up a phone bill of £1000’s, which would not be a good situation at all … I personally participate once every few nights (about the same amount that I watch it, which I would wager is a hell of a lot less than some of the ‘complainants’ do).

    Ria, if it seemed patronising I apologise … but how can you sit there and complain about something being so bad when you sit there and willingly watch it? I personally dislike football, Big Brother, Little Britain, Only fools and horses, and golf … and what do I do when it comes on? I turn the TV over and watch something that I do like, not just sit there watching it and complaining about how much I hate it being on.

    British television import tried and tested programs and formats from abroad on a regular basis … Reality TV, Who wants to be a millionaire, and a host of others have come before … so Quiz TV is the latest format to come over into this country and, like it or not, the TV companies are not going to get rid of such a profitable programming format, especially if they keep it legal, which at the moment it is.

  107. Mike Says:

    Knew I’d miss something out … addition to the ‘Steven’ paragraph:

    I personally participate once every few nights ….. and then only by using the free web entry.

  108. Stevo Says:

    Roman Numerals?? That’s one I bet no-one thought of for the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE question. The fact that its written in upper-case letters to reveal the ‘IV’ for 4 etc… If this is the case, I have to say it is very clever but a trick – question nonetheless.

  109. jim walker Says:

    You are close………….

  110. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    I agree with you in that if its something you dont like watching switch over but here in is the problem you switch over to another skanking quiz tv program with 3rd rate celebs. And you right we have imported so much other tv from other countries and they too have all been a pile of steaming shite also.

    I suffer insomnia so have no choice but to watch late night tv and in addition for someone to say they dont like a classic british comedy such as only fools I beg to wonder your age.

    Well put also “at the moments its legal” and I hope with all that I can that the laws that are coming into effect will ban such and all programs.

    Another small not on lastnights program for a show that claims they want to give money away their average call rate per hour was 20 and in total last night with only 5 winners i would hate to calculate the odds for that.

    Its Simple THIS IS BRITISH TV AT ITS WORST SKANKING FOOLS OUT OF THEIR MONEY WITH EMPTY PROMMISES OF BIG WINS. You would do better putting your .75p in a jar and at the end of the week spending what you have saved on something useful.

  111. Mike Says:


    I assure you that I’m old enough to remember ‘Only Fools and Horses’ on its first run, I just found it annoying when it was initially shown, and still find it such (age 36). I don’t see most of the old ‘classic’ British comedies as classic, most of them (with a few shining exceptions) are similar to the 1950’s pulp science fiction books in my opinion … cheap and throwaway, but I do not berate people for going out and spending money on DVDs of these shows, that I would see as far better spent on other things. Exceptions, most of which are severely dated now are Kenny Everett, Not the nine o’clock news, The young ones and citizen smith.

    Also, with the ardent views shown here, what about high street bookmakers, online casinos, and the like … these also contribute greatly to the society of debt. Some loan and credit card companies offer their wares to anyone and everyone, yet when debt comes from those the usual comment is ‘you shouldn’t have got yourself into it’. Maybe people who can’t afford to make the calls should show the same self control they assume in cases where other companies wave huge sums of cash in front of their faces.

    I would be interested to know how many of the people who are protesting the most vehemently in here regularly participate (or phone with the hope of participating) in Who wants to be a millionaire, or these premium rate competitions that also seem to have become rife nowadays.

  112. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Any and all program that expect you to dial in on a premium rate line are all tarred with the same brush just out to make a quick buck out of Joe sucker. These show that offer these massive prizes that are few are far given away are all the same the pray on the vulnerable , people in trouble hoping that the one call will give them the luck they need. These programs are not only guilty of ripping people off they are also guilty of praying on people dreams.

    Crap like this should not be on the tv to destroy peoples dreams as at the end of the day that is what they are doing and what gets me more they do it with a smile , they make me sick.

    Mike in conclusion I am not going to debate this anymore with you as its clear the type of TV you like the type that doesn’t entertain but just makes empty offers while picking your pocket with a smile.

    Face it Quick TV is TV for the stupid!


  113. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    10 Calls per night £7.50
    7 Nights a Weeks £52.20

    365 Days a Year £2737.50 YOUR A WINNER ON NOT PLAYING QUIZ TV

    100 Calls Per night £75.00
    7 Nights a Week £525.00

    365 Days a Year £27,375.00 YOUR A WINNER NOT PLAYING QUIZ TV

    People do the math at what this is costing you not only in money but your sanity self respect and will to live!

  114. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Mike Just a comment………

    >I assure you that I’m old enough to remember ‘Only Fools and Horses’ on its first run, I just found it annoying when it was initially shown, and still find it such (age 36). I don’t see most of the old ‘classic’ British >comedies as classic, most of them (with a few shining exceptions) are similar to the 1950’s pulp science fiction books in my opinion

    You would have been 11 when only fools and horses first screened and where the hell do 1950 pulp science fiction books come into this, you made a point of reading them in the eighties thirty years after they had been written. If something written along time ago by definition of the age of writing in your view makes it rubbish I would hate to think what your thoughts on Jules Verne (1828-1905) one of the most influential writers and H.G Wells, (1866-1946) so please don’t harp on about comics in the fifties when you wasn’t even thought off its pretentious of you and totally besides the point. I think an earlier post calling you patronising was close to the mark but by your evaluation of things before your time and making a comparison to the eighties and even to today show a lack of intellect and basically as I say pretentious and someone trying so hard to sound self important but at the end only making themselves look foolish.

  115. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    >high street bookmakers, online casinos, and the like

    All these type of places have something called odd that are clearly visable so you know your potential of winning I would love to see the odd of actually getting through on a telephone line and what the odd are on the mark up i would imagine its will be about 1000-1 of getting through and 10000-1 of winning a small prize and 50000-1 of a large prize but you know something these quize TV show will NEVER publish these numbers as then it would be clear to everyone the odds are stacked in their favour and they dont want people knowing that or it would becoem all too clear that they are out just for your cash and what little they give away is a tiny % of what they are making. The keep bragging that since being on the air since april they have given away over 4 million what they dont tell you is that they have made over 15 million already and their projected earning for the whole year is around 27million now be honest can you really agree that what they claim they want to give away reflects in any way the amount they are making of the backs of people to dumb to know better when they are being taken for a ride. I just bet the type of person that calls this show is the one that will get a mail shot saying you have won £250000 just send £20 now for administration costs and guess what they have won f*** all. For god sake even the lottery published its odds something along the lines of 250000-1



  116. Mike Says:


    Where do you get a comparison between the classic writers of the late 19th and early 20th century and the pulp sci fi books of the 50’s (when the majority of novels were churned out en masse just to have new books on the shelves). The analogue I pointed out was the same mass production of comedies in the late 70’s and early 80’s producing a lot of stuff that wasn’t really worth the airtime, my personal tastes are different from yours, therefore it is more than a little arrogant and pretentious of you to assume because the majority like Only fools and horses, that everyone does.

    Also I do not see what age has to do with tastes, admittedly I didn’t understand som of the humour at the time, but I have watched it since with the same reaction …. it is not to my taste.

    This also has nothing to do with my level of intelligence, or yours for that matter …. simply the way we look at things and understand them, however ‘self-important’ as you say in my case, or ‘self righteous and ignorant’ as in your reply

  117. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    You mistake ’self righteous and ignorant’ for speaking the truth which is just what I expected but that is your right to put your own spin on things.

  118. Mike Says:

    also quick calculation of the way I do it:

    average per night: 33 entries
    average cost per night: £0.00 (WEB ENTRY)

    average cost per month: £0.00

    average cost per year: £0.00

    winnings to date: £5275

    granted, this is a minority of people who do enter, but web entries do get through and can actually leave you in the green

  119. Mike Says:

    The truth is based on the facts as they are presented, not the facts with extra little bits added (i.e. claiming that I said age made things rubbish, and assuming that people know nothing of things before their time)

    And I certainly do not mistake ignorance for the truth, that seems to be your major error … which, as you say, is a personal right.

  120. Mike Says:

    Sorry Steve, missed this bit on first reading:

    “its clear the type of TV you like”

    Again you make an assumption, I can either take it or leave it, otherwise I would be entering every night and running up a phone bill, but I’m not prepared to do that.

    “Face it Quick TV is TV for the stupid!”

    I assume by that you mean Quiz TV. I point to the figures post from me and ask if actually being over 5 grand in pocket is stupid? I would answer no to that, and even if I had not had a win I would not be out of pocket. People who fall for the presenters’ patter are indeed either greedy, gullible or have enough money not to notice the inordinately high phone bill … I fall into none of these categories.

    Tell you what Steve, if you don’t like it, don’t tune in, buy an ‘Only fools and horses’ DVD and watch that in lieu of these shows that you so revile but seem drawn to watch … I assume you see where I’m going with that one.

  121. Stevo Says:

    For christ’s sake.. would you two ever shut up bickering at each other, you’re like a pair of women!! I can see this going on for weeks!!

  122. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Keep it up chaps. This is great. As Mike claims to have won over £5K on The Mint he is definitely winning on points at the moment and Steven is going to have to go some to turn that deficit around. Although I think Steven does hold the moral upper hand in that this type of TV show is, in fact, shit.
    P.s Mike – are you Mike from Lancashire? Oh my god, having seen the show several times this week, I’m now starting to recognise the regular callers.

  123. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Hey Wendy, just heard your little endorsement for the web entry. Spread the word. Keep the faith.

  124. WENDY Says:


  125. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    And again Wendy? You’re on a roll!! How many web entries you have to fill in?

  126. WENDY Says:

    lost count! but its limited numbers so I cant have many left

  127. WENDY Says:

    Actually – now is an excellent time to try as I am getting through to the second stage a hell of a lot at the moment!

  128. WENDY Says:

    WOW! i’m shaking now – told you it was a good time

  129. WENDY Says:

    reached the limit of free entries now – someone elses turn!

  130. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Hat-trick for Wendy. Unfortunately not a winner though 😦 This puzzle has got so many possible answers…grrrr…they better give the answer if no-one gets it. I’ve a feeling this is another one that’s been on before though

  131. WENDY Says:

    I think it has – are you trying the web entry? I was getting trough to the second stage – free phone call – about every 4-5 tries

  132. Mrs X Says:

    won three times on ITV play ( just over a grand total) but struggle to get through to the mint – just once then gave the wrong answer. all with web entries.
    just saw that quizmania has a £10,000 per annum limit on winnings. chance would be a fine thing

  133. WENDY Says:

    what on earth was that answer about?

  134. WENDY Says:

    if you get through – we havnt seen RITE yet – we have been noting down all answers

  135. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    That was funny. He was obviously taking the piss and laughing when he spelt it.

  136. Mike Says:

    Way to go Wendy 🙂

    and yes Brian, I am indeed Mike from Lancashire 🙂

  137. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    I reckon VETO.

  138. WENDY Says:

    oh – for the record – its 150 free entries, so I got through 3 times on that – but that is a lot better than my usual record

  139. Mike Says:

    RITE went on one of the previous days Wendy, got a good list going here myself too 🙂

  140. WENDY Says:

    VETO has been said – sorry

  141. Mike Says:

    VETO is one of the popular guesses from what I’ve seen Bri

  142. WENDY Says:

    thanks – how about DARE

  143. Mike Says:

    I reckon its something in the area of LIMA, LOPE or TOPE

  144. Mike Says:

    DARE definitely has gone …. I said it 😉

  145. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    bugger. it’ll be something totally bizarre. I know they keep stressing that there has only ever been 1 answer but I don’t buy it.

  146. Mike Says:

    There has only ever been one answer … but its 5 letters long 😉

  147. WENDY Says:

    thought they wanted to finish it today!

  148. Mike Says:

    yup, used all the web entries up cos they said they were playing that one through til won

  149. WENDY Says:

    they did didnt they!

  150. Mike Says:

    If I’d have known they were going on to others, I’d have saved some up 🙂

  151. WENDY Says:

    yes – but they are only going to take one call arn’t they?

  152. WENDY Says:

    look on the bright side – just think how much 150 entries would have cost if you had rang them in – £112.50 I think

  153. WENDY Says:

    ah well – maybe tommorrow

  154. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Yes, they are liars and swindlers.
    So was there only one winner tonight then? £2k for the very excited Maggie right at the end?

  155. WENDY Says:

    seems that way – wonder how she entered?

  156. WENDY Says:

    Oh dont know if you have spotted this – its a list of wrong answers to the 14X puzzle

  157. WENDY Says:

    we could do with one for each of the puzzles they keep repeating

  158. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    I’m being a tad judgemental here, but she didn’t sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer so I’d guess she was a fee-paying caller.

  159. WENDY Says:

    and the Mint number – just in case!

  160. WENDY Says:

    probubly – to be honest I switched it off before she came on – I knew the answer and had no free calls left…..

  161. Mike Says:

    That page of answers is only up to the 9th of Sept

  162. briandowlingisshifty Says:
    doesn’t look to have been updated since the 9th but is a handy reference nevertheless.

  163. WENDY Says:

    ah – it has not been updated then?

  164. WENDY Says:

    need the equilavant of a trainspotter for this

  165. WENDY Says:

    and a pool of possible remaining enswers

  166. Mike Says:

    could do with getting a page together and fleecing the hell out of them 😉

  167. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Like trains Mike? 🙂

  168. WENDY Says:

    my point exactly

  169. Mike Says:

    Ouch, I am truly and deeply wounded to the very core of my anorak and flask 😉

  170. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    hee hee 😉

  171. WENDY Says:

    ok you guys – here is the remainder of my list – I have to admit I missed ‘P’ as a possible third letter so its not complete

  172. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Pay attention Wendy. Mike said DARE himself. 🙂 I’m pretty sure Dove has been said also. I’m thinking the 3rd letter may be W or Z as Wend and Zend are both words and not too common.

  173. Mike Says:

    ok, take these ones off your list 🙂


  174. WENDY Says:

    MY GOD – i HAVE JUST TURNED ROUND TO SEE MY OTHER HALF WATCHING A PROGRAMME ON POTTY-TRAINING!!!!! I think he is probubly the candidate for the trainspotter role dont you think?

  175. Mike Says:

    lmao … involuntary mint watcher 😉

  176. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    But who knows. As I said earlier, this puzzle has just got so many possible answers, it will be someone like you or Mike that has had a reasonable stab at keeping a list of used answers that’ll win it. It’s not going to be won by the bloke who gets in from the pub pissed up.

  177. WENDY Says:

    what was the third clue again? to get the Z I mean

  178. WENDY Says:

    my pont exactly – which is why I think if we keep up to date on it on here we can crack it

  179. Mike Says:

    just trying to figure a way of swapping contact details without posting them here … any ideas other than my last resort of signing up for another forum and using the PM system in there?

  180. WENDY Says:

    and it aint gonna cost a penny

  181. WENDY Says:

    what the hell

    I’m on messenger – add me

  182. WENDY Says:

    let me know who you are and I will give the address we usually use !

  183. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Are you grooming me? I’m only 11. I’m calling the cops…

  184. Mike Says:

    I wasn’t aware that I possessed that kind of brush 🙂

  185. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Sorry. Not a joking matter. Rest assured, I am an adult, although my name isn’t actually briandowlingisshifty.

    This is my last night working tonight so I won’t be watching The Mint until I’m back on the graveyard shift. I’ll be happy to weigh in with any help I can then. Good luck, will check back on here in the future. I expect to see a Wendy/Mike collaboration that is fleecing those Mint swines.

  186. WENDY Says:

    ok cokey – tell them Wendy was here

  187. WENDY Says:

    we shall work on it – rest assured

  188. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Guys, this site might be worth checking out :
    Found it on digitalspy forum. It reportedly has previously used answers on The Mint. And it encourages web entry.

  189. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Thank you that was the objective getting the moral high ground and personally I don’t care who has won what or how much as I can earn 5 grand in one month. Better to earn you money than have it gifted as you have not only achieved something it don’t make you lazy!


    PS. Mike your math is wrong……Web entry is not free as your already paying for you internet service…its called an overhead!

  190. Mike Says:

    “PS. Mike your math is wrong……Web entry is not free as your already paying for you internet service…its called an overhead!”

    Ah I see, we’re getting petty and trite now are we? … As my internet connection is broadband, it is always on, therefore would incur the same charges regardless of whether it is used or not. As you say, I am ALREADY (capitalised for emphasis) paying for my internet service.

    On the other hand, calls/letters to OFFCOM are not part of the normal everyday charges we all incur (and therefore by your logic, your own phone line rental would become an overhead of those calls if made that way of course).

    Think about your statements before you post Steve, and actually read how they look in advance, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a hypocrite. (And don’t start twisting that to say that I have called you a hypocrite, because that would again not quite be the truth)

    And as for your earnings, believe it or not, some of us DON’T earn that sort of wage, and I agree with your statement about it being better to earn … but for those of us not as evidently gifted and lucky as yourself, these insignificant (to you evidently) amounts are a supplement to what we do get. Then again, that is as irrelevant in this post as it was in yours, but I felt it needed to be answered.

  191. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    For the record the complaint i submitted to OFCOM was online at work and cost me nothing. I have a full written response to that complaint at home where some of us talk about doing something some of us actually do.

    As for getting “petty and trite” I am pointing out the obvious to you that there is no such thing as a free lunch as for some where at some point there is payment like you broadband cost per month your computer the electricity the TV cost and running costs your line rental on the BT line they are all factors and to call it petty and trite show that you have a true lack of understanding about finance.

    As for being “gifted and lucky” there is no such thing I got where I am through hard work and many more people could also if they just applied themselves instead of chasing rainbows.


  192. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    At the end of the day we are all entitled to our own opinions about anything and its clear we don’t agreed on a number of things. I don’t care which way you paint it any show that makes money of premium rate lines on TV is a waste of time. The BBC get our license money and the private channels make a killing in advertising and sponsorship so in having these kind of programs on just feed the fat cat more for their pockets and if some people are happy to do that so be it but I still insist for the small amount of winners the majority are losers no matter which way you paint it. It’s all RIP off TV.


  193. Mike Says:

    A lack of understanding on these matters is not the issue, I have a rather good understanding of financial matters … as I said in my previous post, my broadband has to be paid whether I play or not, therefore isn’t a factor in this discussion. Same with Electric and Cable package, they would be in use in exactly the same ways whether or not I played. This, I believe shows your singularly arrogant refusal to understand the most simple of points put forward from any view which conflicts with your own, and also points to the way that you automatically fill in any gaps that you percieve to be there with arbitrary information which you then attempt to pass off as unarguable truth from your soapbox … sorry steve, you need to take off the black and whites ‘cos the world works in shades of grey.

  194. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Its only grey for those that cant be arsed to look deeper into thing and would rather live in a semi dream world.


  195. Mike Says:

    I can see that this discussion can’t go any further until you accept that there is a world beyond the end of your nose steve. I have plainly stated my case, and unfortunately your one track mind is refusing to accept even the smallest aspect of the opposite side of the fence.

    As for grey being a dream world, most people see grey areas in most things, black and white is a sort of comfort thing for people who can’t accept that there is a whole world of diversity out there ….. look at the real world for a change steve, not just the truncated version of it you percieve.

  196. Wendy Says:

    How can I have been ripped off if the TV was already on as well as the computer? I am already on broadband and my pc is on 24/7 so no revenue can be got from either by the television company. As to being able to earn £5000 a month – I probubly could if I left this area plus family and went to work elsewhere. However I quite like it here even if it is in the wilds and I particularly enjoy being near my family. So I would rather take my chances on a boost from a free game show thank you very much.

  197. Wendy Says:

    Anyway Mike – do you think a guy with such a poor grasp of English could really earn 5k a month other than in the construction industry?

  198. The Glasgow Student Says:

    I honestly feel sorry for Brian Dowling. he has the hardest job on tv. if i was him i think i would have quietly gone in a corner and topped myself.

    i think he is HATING this bloody…

    nineteen minus five =
    4 + 3 x 2 =
    6 – 5 =

    … quiz even more than we are. THE STRESS… no one is going to win this as its being played continously for a month.

    Has anyone ever heard of the competition commition,

    Also,,, WHO is that z list celebrity, my life isnt worth this

  199. WENDY Says:

    I wish they would say some of the numbers that have been said – for the record the lowest number that hasnt been said is 112

  200. WENDY Says:

    jeez – an 84 year old – how much has she spent? I bet she has no idea

  201. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Pompous to the last and still failing to grasp what I have been trying to tell you it seems you are blinded only by your own ignorance


  202. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    The Glasgow Student – don’t be lulled into feeling sorry for Dowling. He is well aware that he is fronting a show whose aim is to con people out of money and it’s his job to encourage us, the general public, to part with our cash on the premise that whatever answer we are thinking must be right. I can’t believe each night the presenters have got the fucking cheek to say they want to give more money away – if this was true they wouldn’t use that fucking numbers game.
    I see Mike and Steve H are still at loggerheads. I agree with points from both of you. Steve is right that this type of TV is in the main a scam, and Mike is right in saying that he can play it for free and win some money. Time to agree to disagree chaps.

  203. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Tried to agree to disagree on the September 20th.

    >Steven Holdsworth Says:

    >September 20th, 2006 at 16:13
    >At the end of the day we are all entitled to our own opinions >about anything and its clear we don’t agreed on a number of >things. I don’t care which way you paint it any show that >makes money of premium rate lines on TV is a waste of >time. The BBC get our license money and the private >channels make a killing in advertising and sponsorship so in >having these kind of programs on just feed the fat cat more >for their pockets and if some people are happy to do that so >be it but I still insist for the small amount of winners the >majority are losers no matter which way you paint it. It’s all >RIP off TV.


  204. Bubba Says:

    Is it just me, or did Dustin the turkey on “The Den” have a Mint-like game this morning, charging kids to call and guess answers to a puzzle?

  205. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Quiz Telly could become Shopping Telly
    Published: September 21, 2006
    Print Email

    Quiz channels such as ITV Play and Quiz Call could be reclassified as shopping telly services and be regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) as a result of a new Ofcom probe into participation TV.

    The watchdog is preparing to launch a consultation early next year that will consider which participation TV services count as legitimate editorial and which should be classified as advertising.

    Quiz channels are considered as editorial by Ofcom but the consultation will open the door to the possibility they should receive a shopping telly licence and be regulated by the ASA.

    An Ofcom spokeswoman added the consultation would aim to provide “guidance on the use of premium rate services in television programming to ensure participation TV complies with the Broadcasting Code”.

    The proposed Ofcom probe will come on the back of the existing Gambling Commission consultation that is expected to result in more stringent regulation of quiz channels. The consultation ends next month and its findings are expected in the New Year.

    There is a growing feeling the commission is looking at reclassifying quiz channels as lotteries, which could result in the channels having to publish their odds on-screen from September 2007

    Now that would be good news!

  206. Mike Says:

    Interesting how you only quote half of a story, the previous post to the one you quoted required an answer in my opinion. And as to having the audacity to call anyone else ignorant and ‘failing to grasp’ points, you may wish to review that when you have developed the personal quality which could enable you to do so (i.e. the ability to look at something from both sides)

    I can honestly say that I agree with some of the points that have been brought up against, but I still fall on my side of the fence because other people, like you, have the right to watch whatever they please … and if they want to watch what is in your opinion trash, what right do you have to undermine and take away their right to do so? Absolutely none at all.

  207. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    I never said I had the right to take it away from anyone or tell anyone what to watch I was stating my opinion and mine alone which is my right to do so. As for seeing something from both sides i already do. My opinions are always calculated with all factors considered.

    I fully accept that The Mint give you Free Web entry but what you failed to understand that there is always a cost associated with running a computer and that cost by definition make everymoment you use a computer cost something so my point was that although its FREE from the Mint to enter on the web its is still costing something.


  208. Mike Says:

    ok, let me put this in as simple terms as possible, seeing as you have failed to grasp the point yet again:

    example cost for broadband internet per month:
    With Mint – £20.00
    Without Mint – £20.00
    Therefore internet access costs do not apply unless using a cost per minute internet service provider

    example cost of running a computer per night:
    With Mint – £0.40
    Without Mint – £0.40
    Therefore as long as the computer is in use no longer than it would be normally, running costs do not apply (this includes electric and lighting)

    example line rental per month:
    With Mint – £20.00
    Without Mint – £20.00
    Therefore line rental charges do not factor in either.

    All of the overheads you have stated would be no lower without that particular show, and would not go up should a new viewer decide to take that route also. So the relevance of these overheads to the argument in question is nil.

    The only tangible overhead that is specifically relevant to this is the time taken in actually watching and entering the show which could be spent doing other things.

  209. Wendy Says:

    Ok you guys – listen

    regarding the numbers game – using the clue given and taking all numbers that have already been said into account – I make it that there are only 260 possible answers left.

    So if anyone wants to try it – using the webentry obviously – here are the lowest 10 numbers


    There is no point at all in ringing in with a lower number than these as they have all been said before!

    I know other people are using the clues as well, as numbers keep being said off my list, so if we can eliminate a few more then hopefully one of us (preferably me 🙂 ) will scoop it.
    Best of luck guys

  210. Frankie Says:

    nice one Wendy

    But why do you not think it could be one of the really long ones like

    19-5-14-4-3-2-10-6-5-1 – like john iguess suggests or a roman numerals one?

    as well the numbers already said, is there a list of clues that have been said by the presenters?

    Happy hunting – I hope you do get it!

  211. WENDY Says:

    someone got within 2 numbers of the answer

    cuts it down a bit dont you think

  212. Sam S Says:

    I am certain that they have basically had two competitions running with light bite give aways at the begining of the show and end. Also no adverts. ITV is hemouraging money and itvPlay is the best reilable income.

    Last night they had the infamous nineteen etc etc

    Last night I heard wacky outthere answered such -1, 0, 1, 2 and of course twenty nine about a zillion times.

    Then they gave away 4000 over two games before ending the show.

    I am certain I have seen this comp for 4 months now! Where is this investigation then. Its theft from the guilible and drunk.

    I reckon its the phone number and the call charge you need to add in some cokymame scheme, and due to the lack of sensiblity in callers they get impulsed and back on. Know one ever gets a go on the mint, they could let every caller a go at the min regardless of correct answer or not.

    Now tonight they have a four letter word game another one that they have had for 4 months.

    and let me tell you its not LOVE

    close it down it unfair and immoral its preying on on suspecable people

    I mean the presenters say the same drizzle over and over like jingles on a auto replay jingle cd stuck on a treadmill.

    they retain a ceasless vigor and enertic entusiam.

    The presenter is now asking a caller to record his mobile answer phone message actually twice because she got it wrong. And she did!?!?!?!?!?

    The total amount of money they expected to make during the puzzle is the answer in the envelop. Though the actual amount will far exceed this.

    Its the mint who get minted totally cake-oh-mundo

    the letter puzzle ends in a the last line being Saga because it has been a saga. Its under investigation and its not been suspended yet. If a curroupt police officer was under investigation then suspension of role would take imediate effect.

    Walmart microsoft and other comglorerate of investotors will but flagging itv….

    Think out of the Box, the phone numbers are outta the box!!!

  213. WENDY Says:

    can I take it you are one of the stupid ones who ran up a huge bill whilst your pc was sitting idle?

  214. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Its not me failing to grasp the point Mike its you but your equations are getting better.You have answered the question correctly as to what i have been tryign to say by the fact that your equations state with the mint=£0.40 you have grasped the concept that it does actually have a running cost even when sat doing nothing a computer has a running cost its that simple. This is the difference between profit and loss and it is how any buisness work out its running cost before it knows its NET profit, gross profit is without subtracting its running costs.


  215. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Sam S Says:

    >close it down it unfair and immoral its preying on >suspecable people

    Sam totally agree.


  216. Mike Says:

    Steve, it seems that you are trying to twist things to your own advantage again. Yes it is you failing to grasp the point, and yes I know how a business works. What was actually said (and maybe I didn’t simplify enough for you) was that WITH the mint the running costs were no higher or lower than WITHOUT, therefore irrelevant to the issue at hand. My computer is on REGARDLESS of whether I’m using it for entry or not so the running cost is already there, therefore irrelevant. My internet connection is always on REGARDLESS of whether its connected to MSN, Yahoo, The Mint or even when I’m not viewing a web page, therefore the running cost is already there and irrelevant. The TV would be on in the background anyway, so the running costs for that and the phone are also irrelevant, as would lighting costs and anything else to do with the household that is no different to my normal routine.

    What do you find so difficult to understand about the point that your entire running cost argument is IRRELEVANT as (to put it in an equation you will hopefully grasp):


    In effect (and as a ‘black and white’ explanation just in case the above goes over your head … again) the web entry system is free (apart from time taken to use it) as it incurs no charges ABOVE AND BEYOND the charges that would normally be paid anyway. so there is no ‘running cost’ for the mint, what there is a ‘running cost’ for is a household … so take off your blinkers and look at it again.

    The equation is not ‘getting better’ as you put it, the equation is as it has always been, a fact, though using example figures rather than my true monthly expenditure.

  217. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    And when are you going to get it through your thick head im not on about the mint. My inital comment was that its not free simply because it cost money to run a computer even without broadband it still cost money to run a computer its this simple fact you fail to grasp. Its not me that is blinkered it is you as I can see the whole picture whereas you seem to only select the parts that suit you.

    Facts…..running a computer costs money..End of arguement

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to debate this point with you anymore as its clear im banging my head against a thick wall.


  218. Mike Says:

    “Steven Holdsworth Says:
    September 20th, 2006 at 10:58

    PS. Mike your math is wrong……Web entry is not free as your already paying for you internet service…its called an overhead!”

    “Steven Holdsworth Says:
    September 22nd, 2006 at 11:35

    And when are you going to get it through your thick head im not on about the mint.”

    Last time I looked web entry was an integral part of the mint systems, I’m spending nothing specifically on it, which WAS the original point.

    Now stop backtracking, squirming around and changing your story every 5 minutes … and this is more than likely the reason you have lost your inclination to debate, because you’re beginning to make yourself look like a fool, despite your claims of that being the case with anyone who does not share your opinion.

  219. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Still reading it the worng way , if you fail to see what is black and white infront of your face well that is your problem.

    Story has not changed running a computer cost money “Overhead” thats simple but your too ignorante to see that point.

    Think I will drive to the shop tonight to get a lotto ticket but because I have already paid my insurance and tax and have petrol in the car the journey must be free by your calculations.

    Im stopping arguing as you are now talking in circles and even contradicting yourself so to try and educate you further is a waste of my time.


  220. Mike Says:

    As insurance and tax are to be paid regardless of whether you drive to the shop, then from that point of view they are no part of that journey … petrol however, may be in your car, but is not USED until you make the journey, therefore IS an overhead of that specific journey, as is wear and tear and the price of the lottery ticket.

    I am sorry to say this Steve, but your blacks and whites change place as often as the sun rises, so until you have a concept of what you are actually talking about in a single direction, and until your percieved ‘whole picture’ stops being a small part of the real ‘whole picture’, then please feel free to back out in your own arrogant, ignorant and self righteous manner.

    I also notice that any time you are pulled on backtracking and changing your story in any way at all, you blame this on someone else’s ignorance and stupidity … this sounds very much like the desperation tactic known in business circles as ‘passing the buck’, something that very rarely saves face or ass.

  221. Mike Says:

    “you are now talking in circles and even contradicting yourself”

    ok, heres one for you, seeing as I already gave one for you, give examples for me, and take context into account (which was a consideration when I selected that specific backtrack).

  222. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    It’s not my fault you fail to understand its quite simple. You show your lack of understanding with my example the running of a car does include tax and insurance as a running cost you say you know how business works well in saying that they are not part of the overhead just show you have a total lack of understanding about it.

    This is why its a waste of my time trying to explain it to someone so narrow minded as yourself.


  223. Mike Says:

    A car has all running costs associated with it over the full year, but a specific journey only has the running costs associated with that specific journey. I did not say that tax and insurance were not part of the car’s overhead, I said that they were irrelevant to the cost of that specific journey (a car is a bad example to use in the first place as it is ONLY used to make journeys, so the total overhead of the year’s journeys WOULD include these)

    now are you going to answer the above or show that you not only don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but that you’re willing to blatantly lie to save face?

  224. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    If that is the case then that the tax and insurance are not part of the running cost for that journey then why is it that the inland revenue take these and other factors into account when publishing what a person should be paid per mile for the use of there own car during buisness hours.

    40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles
    25p per mile thereafter

    This price is based on the fact that they consider tax and insurance part of the running cost which it is for any journey.

  225. David Says:

    Reading all the conversation that has been going on I feel I have to agree with Steve on this matter that everything when you break it down cost something to run although his point about the Web entry costing something is right but only if you break down every cost involved in having a PC and internet lighting television TV license sky or cable. As I say its a valid point but only someone that is use to having to count the cost of everthing would normally see it like this.

  226. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    I agree with Mike on this point. What Steve is seemingly failing to grasp is that Mike (when he has played The Mint via the web entry) already had his TV and his PC/Internet on. So it’s costing him ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXTRA.
    Steve would be better off sticking to the original valid point, which is that a lot of people won’t be playing online and therefore The Mint is making money out of those people. And most people seem to agree that they are doing so in an unfair manner. They’re tempting people to pay 75p to guess a word out of the dictionary in most cases. And for the bigger prizes the odds are well against you as they usually use the most uncommon words they can find (upbrixle etc.)

  227. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Im not failing to grasp anything I understand that it is costing nothing extra my point is that it does cost something to have a Computer running regardless of playing the mint. The point im making yet again that it does cost money to run a Computer.


  228. Wendy Says:

    Face it Mike – you’re bashing your head on a brick wall with this one – he can’t grasp the point at all and its getting boring.

    Although on a technical point I don’t even need to watch the mint anymore – I could just let my PC work out the answers and ring for me while I do something more interesting!

    Therefore, if I did this all TV costs become null and void.


  229. Comeonthehoops Says:

    I have read the arguments re free web entry and as I was already paying for broadband and television viewing I consider my wins of £4,000 and £50 (Mint) and £200 and £120 (Rovers Return) to have been totally free. I do agree that anyone who plays using the premium rate call is being suckered in.

  230. Sam S Says:

    No Wendy I have never entered! -I am an insomniac without digital TV

    It is somewhat redeeming that people from free web entry have won prizes. Though I still think it should be taken off.

  231. Mike Says:

    Well said Comeonthehoops, in effect what I have said in my posts, yet said in a far clearer and more concise manner … maybe that is the angle I should have approached from. By the way, congrats on the wins.

    Wendy, I had kinda figured that out, and I am still waiting for SH’s great revelation over my contradictions, because I’ve re-read over my posts and am still at a loss to see where these glaring backtracks took place.

  232. Mike Says:

    Sam, to risk quoting one of my previous posts, The Mint and its like are a successful imported program format which, being as profitable as they are for the broadcasting companies, are unlikely to be relinquished quickly. I agree with you in part, but rather than removal, I believe that better control is needed over the amount of calls that can be made from a single telephone number in, for example, a 30 day period.

    I think this sort of interactive TV is here for the long term, and it is more likely to spread through more channels than it is to disappear into a few select channels.

  233. Sam S Says:

    Its a slippery slope; I would not call this interactive;

    Interactive would be there not on the phone; you call (or get selected from the online entrants and called back) and answer a question

    Its a sad state of affairs. Can’t you feel your brain cells bursting into oblivion as you listen to a has been (or a gay guy or a lady with ample bosoms) presenter chat away with a zelebraty (theres a me-dee-ah gimmic at the moment where by any bigbrother contestant is counted as a supplementary guest) about nothing at all worth knowing. Any anything they say gets repeated since the very quickly run out of words+thoughts (void of grey matter)

    ITV for example will never screen another documentary, just dramas (if you can refer to them as such Frost, Rebus, Prime Suspect etc), quiz shows and reality shows (the contentender, hells kitchen, x-factor etc etc) and sh*te soaps. I have been watching countdown for almost 15 years, its entertaining, educational and enjoyable.

    Any puzzle apart from the four monthers and word games like upbrixle I get right away. An entrey level so low, a beanstalk could enter and win (though it would have to be an eighteen year old with permission to use the phone or access to the lectrical interweb)

  234. Comeonthehoops Says:

    Believe me, chance would be a fine thing to be eighteen again and yes the answers are pot luck, right place, right answer,
    right time.

    Perhaps you should not be so quick to judge other people’s viewing habits as it would indeed be a boring old world if we were all the same.

    Like you, I personally prefer programmes like Countdown but do not try to impose my taste on others. Life’s too short so live and let live is my motto

  235. Family Guy Says:

    That nineteen minus 5 question has I believe been on for the past three months. They also have another crossword puzzle quiz that has been on for a while as well. Complete con and people are still ringing in trying to guess the answers the stupid bastards. As Jax says in his/her e-mail, I never heard of Hot Skull as a word. In the same week I saw a game where the word “water” was displayed and you had to phone in and suggest a word which goes with it, like “watertight” or “waterpistol” and one of the words that was eventual got was “wateringcan”. Now is it just me or is “watering” a different word from “water”? The quiz said to guess a word that goes with “water” and then they go and break that rule by using the word “watering” and joining it with the word “can”. They seem to make up their own rules as they go along. ITV is the worst channel on TV.

  236. Comeonthehoops Says:


    Thanks Mike for your congratulations and believe me I haven’t spent it wisely !!!!!!

  237. Mike Says:

    Hot skull, by the look of it, is an obsolete term that has been replaced by ‘hot head’ (It also appears as a medical term relating to radioiodine therapy). On the word ladders, they do actually state that it might contain part of a word as well as other words, so watering can would be correct by those rules.

  238. WENDY Says:

    the five most likely answers that havn’t been said (in my opinion) are:


    anyone else trying to get rid of it as well?

  239. Paul Says:


    TIRE assumes the first word is MOTE which is a bit of an obscure word. I think many people mistake this for the spelling MOAT as in water around a castle.

    DAZE and DOZE assumes the third word is ZEND. Which is an ancient iranian language apparently??? – out of scholary use according to

    This TV progam has turned me into a proper loser.

    Well at least I dont spend money calling. I have got through once on web entry though. PILE. Which I now know had already been said a number of times previously.

    I think this program could be made acceptable if they werent so blatently lying e.g. on the turbo round:

    “We’re taking as many calls as we possibly can”

    Then they procceed to explain the rules again/say the telephone number again/have a quick chat with other presenter etc….

    We all know they could take calls every 10 seconds if they wanted.

    Even if you hate this program – you have to be amused by people spending there cash and calling in with ROSE as the anwer (60 times and counting [Not me counting of course – I know I said I have become a loser but I aint that sad :)]).


  240. WENDY Says:

    im thinking of Soma as well sounds a bit obscure apparently its a ..indian Ritual drink….to be quite honest i want this to be won , so it can move on .it would be nice if it was me though

  241. Cat Porter Get Your Kit Off Says:

    The word ‘Soma’ would also mean ‘pretty’ or ‘sweet’ in the Finnish language.

    Surely the ‘Upbrixle’ thing was highly unethical because it’s not a word that appears in the modern English dictionary. I reckon they should only be allowed to use words that are in the most concise Oxford dictionary around. Anything outside of that and they’d be breaking the rules.

    Bust those ITV fuckers, I say!

  242. Dave Thompson Says:

    Hi I have spent over £100 on THE MINT in the last 2 weeks – and never even got through to the studio – if u r looking do not bother! BIG BIG rip off!

  243. Mike Says:

    Sorry Dave, but that one is your own fault, you should use the web entry system.

  244. Gloria Says:

    I wrote to ITV Play to complain about the top answers on the Mint as they’re so outrageous. They wrote back that they subscribe to an online dictionary. It would appear that this dictionary has such obscure words that they are not listed in the well known dictionaries available for purchase to the public

  245. anon Says:

    its that they dont care what there doing to their target audience. that botheres me. all those associated will get there karma. That includes itv

  246. Anon Says:

    I spent 9 hundred pound on the mint do not phone in. Did you c the show where they gave the word head……… three were already done like head girl at 4.30 am the gave the remaining answers and they were head post, head cloth and head sheet can anybody explain these answers cos they dont make sense.

  247. Sam S Says:

    The Mint has gone.

    AFAIK The Mint was not won; and I don’t know the results of either the word game of the numbers game.

    I am not following the broadcast of these shows, I do however feel that these shows need strict restrictions. I am pining for a return to screening a verity of programming not just endless cheap pifle that gets broadcast. Cheap Zero Content Zelebrity
    based programming, that goes in one ear and out the other erupting functioning brain cells into wasteless sludge!

    I have just read this:
    Discussion on the ethics, it also discusses the call holding process

    I believe that they place presidence on callers, rather than internet entries you got almost no chance of ever getting through via internet entry.

    They can easily cover the prize money for each game and then some. They’ve divised long haul games and many ‘big money’ games aswell as quickies. It carefully time managed to let the quickies out at 3.50 am – when the viewing public is completly mushed. I suspect that the high frequency of inebriated callers is explained by channel hoping people returning from a nightout at the pub and then calling and (being fortunate enough put on hold) to get through, after X amount of time on hold (cracking open the celebration booze stock thinking I may even hit the jackpot) and then complete;y soozled getting at 3.40am.

    I have heard that the show is broadcast from budapest. Using the facilities of a europorn studio. They seem to be using some kind of effect that enharnces the gleam and shine of broaches, rings and brians watch!

    I think that the program makers should be held to response here, a huge number of people have been totally duped. Well and truly sold the woolen sunglasses. Refunds should be made. Anyway the The Mint has gone, Quizmania (Greggles & Co) have not returned but a clone of quizcall has taken the mints place.

    Perhaps the Tony Blair should make this an item on his agenda to resolve before he officially leaves office.

  248. Mike Says:

    £900?? Now that is more than a little excessive, and unless you earn enough to support that level of payout without breaking the bank, more than a little foolish too.

    Head Post is a bed component
    Head Cloth is a type of head dress
    Head Sheet is a term for the poster sized promo sheet modelling agencies send out, so called because it consists only of head shots of the agency’s models

  249. Sam S Says:

    I spoke (posted to soon)

    That word game is back again this must be going on nearly 5 months.

    I bet we can see the return of the classic numbers game.

    Everybody thinks that the anwser is love in the word game! The large percentage of callers must be channel suffing and spy a seemlingly easy game and call not realising that the game has literally been going on for some months now.

    That make your play B$ was a carbon clone of the mint wiith all the whizbang magic gone, the puzzles are just as crytic and the presenters even more inane


  250. WENDY Says:

    Well – that got rid of three of my posssibles in a very short space of time – I think more and more people are using logic now. My favourites are now ROVE and LASE. If not it is probubly a plural answer.

  251. WENDY Says:

    hmmm – not that then 🙂

  252. ddog Says:

    haha I just heard you get on with rove, unlucky

  253. ddog Says:

    i think its a plural

  254. WENDY Says:

    here we go again – its not under 112 – everything has been said.
    Anyway here are some possibles (ref previous clues)
    I shall try for one if I get on so lets try to eliminate a few!

  255. Sam S Says:

    Wendy you appear to be listing almost concecutive numbers, have you got any idea whatsoever as to how you’d arrive at these kind of numbers using the numbers on the screen?

    If you’ve eliminated the others by crossing them off a list then it must have taken you some serious devotion to record and administrate this information – enough that IMHO you deserve to win a seventy four thousand plus mint.

    On another note they keep going on about the mint, but no one has had a go (from what I have seen) in over a month may be even two to three months.

    As my friend would say:

    ‘Scam city roll nine’, anybody getting though to the show should be able to have ago at the mint, irrelvent of answer being either correct or incorrect.

    I have defined ‘deceit’ in google interesting
    1) misrepresentation, deception, trickery
    2) lying, cheating; doing something dishonest
    3) This is behavior which is dishonest and/or fraudulent, where the truth is altered to intentionally mislead and deceive another party.

    all the above apply. They keep talking about these damn puzzles asif they get solved nightly and irregular viewers are lulled into calling. If some one never having seen the show knew that the answer was not ‘twenty – nine’ and the puzzle has been going on for months then they would not call

    £90 thousand pounds for this numbers game now – they are raking it in, or in the words of Bulla ‘cakomundo’

    They could provide other puzzles as examples of the ‘strange / warped’ logic being used then viewers would have more than a shot in the dark chance of getting it right

    quote from Craig “Its a good answer. I’ll tell you why – beacuse no one has said that answer on tonights show.”

    (Omitting the fact thats its been said on numerous other shows!! MISLEADING!!! Intending to convey that the puzzle is straightforwrd)

    “Thats what we like at the mint original answers”

    (It was not F**KING orginal!!!!)

  256. WENDY Says:

    This gives you all the previous answers – so I am not the trainspotter.

    However about a week or so back they said that someone had got within two nos of the answer – so that can then be checked (assuming they were not lying!)

    he also said (although i dont hold too much credence to this one) that is was over 2039!

    So working on that – these are the next few answers.

    Logic you see – obviously I am not going to list all the rest of the possibles for the simple reason that I can’t be bothered, but the more we eliminate the better chance everyone has got.

    happy hunting

  257. Dave Says:

    Nobody in here would ever give an old answer if they just register and check the answers already gone on this and it seems every game on the mint, and it also seems to get updated with the wrong answers instantly

    personal opinion is it looks like a good site I will check regulary

  258. Rod Says:

    I can’t believe they’re still playing this game and I read posts here dating from July 28th!!! That’s over 2 months ago – and I know I’ve seen this damn numbers quiz at least 3 times before. In fact, every time it comes on I hit the record button on Sky+ in the hope that in the morning I will finally find out what the damned answer was!

    This has to be the biggest CON ever!!!

    ITV need to sort their act out.

  259. WENDY Says:


  260. Rod Says:

    2106 WOW!!! How???

  261. Dave Says:

    bloody hell finally gone after so long 2106 for anybody who missed it 🙂

  262. Dave Says:

    so they bring the other big money making game back 😦

  263. WENDY Says:

    About time this one was cracked as well

  264. Dave Says:

    was that you then Wendy ?

  265. joe blogs Says:

    Answer is 2106 – just won

  266. WENDY Says:


  267. Andy Says:

    So, who’s gonna tell us how it was done?

  268. Dave Says:

    wish I knew how it was worked out as well

  269. WENDY Says:


  270. Sam S Says:

    the number has just been won the answer was 2106

    the logic behond this was never explained, now there on to the next game ‘horrah’ the return of the letters game.

    No people its not not ‘love’.

    Go for it wendy I hope that your entering through the internet and that you get the answer whilst the prize money is up. The winner of the numbers game said she had been watching every night and had had that answer for three week.

    I do wonder how much time she spent on the mint watching, admin, calling or entering the cop via internet. The think of the numerous others all feeling certain that they have the answer. Imagin not getting through with the internet and others getting close to you answer – the impulse to call. Then One person wins the other numersou ones hitting redial have just seen their efforts squandered.

    its not ‘rose’ either

  271. WENDY Says:

    Of course I am using free web entry – I’m not a mug you know

  272. WENDY Says:

    and just for the record – have got on air once tonight and twice last night

  273. Dave Says:

    I only use free web entry, have won about £800 doing it that way, and to make sure I do not get tempted, I have had premium rate numbers barred of my home number 🙂

  274. Duane Says:

    How the fuck did they get 2106
    please fucking tell me

  275. Duane Says:

    For piss flaps sake sombody must know

  276. Duane Says:

    I think the winner was an ITV worker

  277. Duane Says:

    AS for the game that is on now

    If I have to watch this game again I will sandpaper my nipples

  278. Chris Says:

    Hi there the web entry does work i have just tried it for the first time and i got through straight away. They give you a free 0800 number to ring and a pin number which is good
    I gave the answer Tops for the quiz thats on now

  279. Dave Says:

    wish I could get through, on the free entry on The Mint, only normally manage it on the low value prize answers, took me 13 wins to get my £800 doing it on the web 🙂

  280. Duane Says:

    Yes I have to say that I have got through on web entry but never to the studio

  281. WENDY Says:

    now is the time to try guys – its getting late – better chance of getting through

  282. Duane Says:

    I am trying
    I am trying

  283. Steve Says:

    Dam ran out of free web entries now. I’m sure i have the right answer too. I hope no one guesses it and i can try again tomorrow. Doubt i will get through though as I haven’t yet, seems impossible to get through to the mint. I’ve got through to Quizmania loads and won 2000 pounds in two months, But i refuse to call the premium rate number ever!!!!!!

  284. Duane Says:

    Nice one Steve
    £2000 in two months

  285. Dave Says:

    I am still trying also, plenty of pins but not getting on 😦

  286. WENDY Says:

    there have been a lot of new answers tonight – I think more people are playing it properly (using the web to help)

  287. darrell Says:

    Can anyone tell me what the answer was it was won tonight and i missed it.

  288. darrell Says:

    ok just heard it 2160 after all this time

  289. darrell Says:

    now the word puzzle think its late

  290. WENDY Says:

    sorry but late has been said 12 times

  291. darrell Says:

    Anyone tell me how it was worked out please!!!

  292. WENDY Says:

    wish I knew

  293. Dave Says:

    wish I knew darrell 😦

  294. Steve Says:

    I was fairly close with my guess, I thought the answer was 2099, never managed to get on air to give it though,
    As for the word i think it is LASE. Don’t steal my answer unless you share the money with me. lol : )

  295. WENDY Says:

    hasnt been said – so best of luck with it

  296. Dave Says:

    not the one I am going for if I ever get on 🙂

  297. Dave Says:

    so doubt it is going to go again tonight 😦

  298. stan Says:

    Okay guys, great to see that someone has finally won the numbers puzzle! I still can’t believe the response this page has had, between you guys you’ve won quite a lot of money 🙂

    Anyway, tomorrow (today) I’ll make some kind of separate The Mint section for people to talk in, which should hopefully make things a bit easier and tidier 🙂

  299. Duane Says:

    I think the word is piss or tits
    What do you think

  300. WENDY Says:

    are they still on the same game anyone?

  301. Duane Says:

    yes same game

  302. WENDY Says:


  303. WENDY Says:

    I only have terrestrial tv so I am playing blind now

  304. Dave Says:

    all finished now wendy, so time for bed 🙂

  305. Googler Says:

    The answer to the Nineteen Minus Five puzzle was 2106

  306. JC Says:

    I have a couple of incoming phone lines and regularly send in 300 entries a night, in the past week I got through to the studio only once – out of a total of more than a 1500 entries. Out of each set of 150 entries during the busy period, I am lucky to get a number about 5 times. Getting a number on the web entry is equivilent to getting past the first stage on the premium rate call. Its a very poor ratio wether you are calling in or doing a free entry. Unless it has gone whilst I slept, I think the answer to:


    could be something like MOME which is a word ‘in the upbrixle’ sense.

    I regularly get my letter from ofcom after complaining about this stuff, yes I play, and play for free but they still leave me with a lot to complain about. I’m fed up of listening to a chuffed granny get through to the studio only to be knocked back because the munt is too ambiguous.

    quizmania was a regular source of complaint. Top quiz show host? bigger than monkhouse, bigger than forsyth, the presenter said she was thinking of ‘ginger hair’ and then winked at the camera. Of course granny phones up, eventually gets through and says anne robinson. Argghh. You know what the final answer was… John bloddy leslie. Granny was led up the garden path and ofcom and icstis just sit on their fat greasy hands.

    If in the US, internet gambling, a 12 billion pound business can be outlawed at the stroke of a pen, then surely the regulators can fix what is wrong with this bloody show. The mint are having their cake and eating it, ambiguous answers wouldn’t be so bad if more people got through to have a go and the process was explained afterwards.

    granny, poor people from glasgow and the drunk are being preyed upon. Or is it just a poor drunk scottish granny !

  307. David B. Says:

    Another forum (D*gt*l Sp*) has the alleged method for getting the 2106 answer to the last number game, but a contributor there has pointed out that although this includes the backwards word “TEN” (in the middle of niNETeen) it excludes the foward NINE in NINEteen and the FOUR in the answer FOURteen. In addition, I would argue that it omits the “MINUS FIVE” and “-5” which cancel out the “FIVE” and 5. Setting number puzzles may be a trickier business than ITV realise…

  308. JC Says:

    how enbarrasing, this whole `our tune thing`

  309. Dave Says:

    what a crap way of wasting time 😦

  310. melodigail Says:

    lucky person who won with 2106!!!!!!!!!
    Please please please tell us the logic behind it!!!!!!!!!!!Show us the workings.

  311. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Nineteen Minus Five…..

    nineteen 19
    five 5
    fourteen 14
    nine 9
    four 4
    I 1
    I 1
    I 1
    M 1000
    IV 4
    V 5
    MI 1001

    Total from first line is 2064

    The second line gives :- “4 + 3X2 = 10”

    4 4
    3 3
    X 10
    2 2
    10 10
    1 1
    0 0

    Total from second line is 30

    The third line gives :- “6-5=1”

    6 6
    5 5
    1 1

    Total from third line is 12

    Overall total is 2064 + 30 + 12 = 2106

  312. WENDY Says:


  313. Sam S Says:

    I would have enjoyed seeing the presenters try to talk there way through that Carol Vorderman style!!

    though i do think its still very odd using the nine twice as nine 9 and nine of 19.


  314. Dave Says:

    well it still confusses me 😦

  315. Dave Says:

    what is all this crappy music and dancing for another time wasting tactic ?

  316. WENDY Says:

    they have hardly taken any calls for ages! It gets boring when they do this

  317. WENDY Says:

    if they start taking calls =- I will start playing

  318. Dave Says:

    I have just finished my free entries wish I had got through was going to say cybil :(, though I got plenty of pins I did not get on

  319. WENDY Says:

    for some reason – I have been severly lacking in pins tonight

  320. WENDY Says:

    oh – got one at last – no joy though


  321. WENDY Says:

    I have got a lot of entries left – I got bored as I wasnt getting anywhere

  322. Dave Says:

    well rose now only been said 77 times lol

  323. WENDY Says:


  324. WENDY Says:

    they must love people like that

  325. Dave Says:

    well I forgot to add the last one on lol sorry

  326. Dave Says:

    good luck wendy if you manage to get on 🙂

  327. WENDY Says:

    I have had a grand total of three pins tonight – it gets soooo boring when that happens – Oh and I had chosen Connie for the record – bahhh!!

    Oh 4 pins!

  328. WENDY Says:


  329. Dave Says:

    another bloody ROSE 😦

  330. Dave Says:

    at least kilo only been said 6 times 🙂

  331. WENDY Says:

    this is true

  332. Dave Says:

    you still not managed to get on wendy ?

  333. WENDY Says:

    naah – boring

    how many call did they take in the last hour?

  334. jc Says:

    was that you wendy?

  335. jc Says:

    … red dwarf?

  336. JP Says:

    I have to stay up half the night working and I often tune into that shitcast. Just for a laugh I wrote a tool that will attempt to enter via web entry 5,000 times an hour. It easily beats their pathetic insert the word security and guess how many times I was selected? Fucking zero, and its not because they are excluding automatic entries either. I pity the glaswegian housewives and poor students who give it a punt out of desperation but I abhor the people who actually send them gifts and letters. Its a con for gods sake, it makes me sad to think theres people who fall for something so blatent. To add insult to injury the presenters cant resist making the odd snide comment about the callers, and yet they still call.

    Now IS the best time to call, because it makes no difference. I swear they use the same puzzle every night too. What wankers.

  337. WENDY Says:

    sorry – wasnt me – bugger – I was the one who got in later but with no joy

  338. WENDY Says:

    I use the normal Web Entry, though I am rather more Selective now, As to when I call in .

    THis Week ive only used my Full Quota on one Occasion , However i have had numerous Pin Numbers, and as a result i have got through to the Studio 4 Times

  339. David Says:

    The telephone systems on these shows could easily log the incoming phone number and draw up statistics of the calls. How do we know that it’s truly Random. What if it ignores people completely who don’t try more than say ten times or twenty times etc. Has anyone ever got through on a first attempt. I agree with all the other Negative comments.

  340. Dave Says:

    well I used my free entries last night late, and managed to get £50 of that new make your play prog, not a fortune, but a nice little win to add to the others I have been lucky enough to get 🙂

    I am upto £870 now all on free entries via the web, though has taken me 14 wins to get to that amount, still hoping to win one of the big prizes one night

  341. David Says:

    At present on one of the shows, they have name a film beginning with ‘S’ and one of the answers is ‘Sound of Music’ but correct me if I’m wrong but the film is actually titled ‘The Sound of Music’…so it begins with ‘T’.

  342. jc Says:

    Yep, you’re right, IMDB the movies database has listed the film as ‘The Sound Of Music’

  343. james Says:

    did anyone see this pile of pish called the mint last night words that come before or after “school” only 4 out of the 15 answers were revealed but after they showed the ones noone got geeee i mean whos heard of “school schoolie”?? or howabout “school roof”??? i mean wtf is this all about CON FROM START TO FINISH.

  344. Dave Says:

    another crappy add the numbers tonight, so time for bed early, have fun playing if you do 🙂

  345. WENDY Says:

    heres a few to try for those of you who habnt been watching


  346. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Icstis the Premium-rate phone services regulator is to follow Ofcom and the Gambling Commission by launching a review of Quiz Telly. Icstis said the review would look into how transparent the costs of call quiz shows are and how their services work. The regulator said the findings would be shared with broadcasters at a specially held summit planned for the review’s conclusion, but said it had not set a timeframe for the review.

  347. james Says:

    Surely this is nothing but pure and unadulterated fraud whats goin on with these programmes..surely for this to be real what they should do is make all answers on games non computerised ie make sure theyre on boards that cannot be tampered with cos im 100% convnced that the right answers are said often but nope they just say NOPE wrong is actually a massive con that should be stopped immediately.

  348. Duane Says:

    Who the fuck has heard of a

  349. I thought that what you wrote about these quiz channels was great. I couldnt have said it better myself and agree with everything you said. These channels are cropping up all over the place. The BBC tv is not perfect nobody here said it was but at least they make and give us top quality wildlife programmes like The Blue Planet and the amazing Planet Earth. The BBC has always been great at these type of programmes with David Attenborough making programmes such as Life On Earth. Itv couldnt compete with that.

    I have to admit that I have tried to enter one or two of these tv quizes but only by free online entry. I tried The Mint last week and submited my details about 25 times at least and didnt even get on hold so imagine how much that would be on somebodys phone bill.

    Another point I want to make is this. The programme makers say that they are cutting down on peoples phone costs and gambling habits by restricting the amount of calls they can make to say 150 a day. But since these show are on various channels someone could obviously make 150 calls to Itv Play or The Mint. Then 150 calls to the quiz on Ftn then 100 another channel. So that wont do a good job of restricting the amount of money these people spend on the quizes each day if they are addicted to them. On the quizes where you have to find a missing word some of the answers are so obscure you wonder if these words exists or have made the words up.

    One quiz was night something. One answer revealed at the end of the show was “yesternight” I looked this up on google and the word is listed in the “American Heritage Dictionary” obscure or what. Another quiz classic gangster films. None of these answers. The God Father, Goodfellas, Scarface, Once Upon A Time In America, Reservoir Dogs, The Ususual Suspects or Pulp Fiction where in the list. I mean come on you cant get more classic a gangster movie than The Godfather. Obvious answer I know but nonetheless true.

  350. Mike Says:

    Duane, everyone’s heard of Sun Dogs (NOT!!!) …… after Googling it, it turns out that it is legitimate. The best description I found is quoted here from the website: —– “Sun dogs, also called mock suns, are colored, luminous spots caused by the refraction of light by six-sided ice crystals in the atmosphere. These bright spots form in the solar halo at points that are 22 degrees on either side of the sun and at the same elevation as the sun.”

  351. WENDY Says:

    hmm – SUNDOGS

    Actually my partner said it immediately it came up and we had it marked as our answer if we got through.

    The remote got thrown across the room when someone else said it! 🙂

  352. james Says:

    you also have to laugh at there so called max calls ..u can make 150 calls a day before you get cut off what a joke so 150 x75p which is £112.50 x 7 days £787.50 now you tell me how just short of £800 per week could possibly constitute HELPING someone who is addicted and believe me people WILL be making such amount of calls.and a previous post pointed out that they could be making calls on multiple stations so there HELPING goes out the window..these presenters are desperate for you to call and there drivel about watch your phone bill is just so fake theyre desperate for for obscure answers i mean really there was a game on quiz call for people to name songs with LOVE in the title..the £10000 top answer was rollover dj i mean lets be honest has anyone heard this and if you have LOVE in the title..that just ges to prove that the answers might seem accessible but in reality you have a minute % chance of getting one right…they also go on about NOW is the time to call were taking a lot of cals i one night sat and must have eneterd over 200 times on the free web entry got 1 pin code and within 2 secs was told i was not put through..this is a scam and WE MUST complain to put an end to it.

  353. WENDY Says:

    anyone know what the first two numbers of the mint were?

  354. WENDY Says:

    I think they were 72 but I am not sure

  355. WENDY Says:

    question answered

  356. james Says:

    add the numbers on the mint tonight

    the number of:

    wheels on eight taxis now 8×4 = 32 ok?

    even numbers up to 10 2+4+6+8 = 20 it says UP to 10

    numbers on one dice 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 ok?

    automatic answer would be 73 but alas 3 hours and its still on…

  357. Gavinski Says:

    Wheels on eight taxis = 34?? Don’t think so.

    A taxi, should have 4 wheels, and a spare wheel by law. They also have a steering “wheel”.

  358. Gavinski Says:

    And yea I meant to type 32 not 34, lol.

  359. neothe Says:

    wheels on eight taxis: 8×6 = 48

    even numbers up to 10: 2+4+6+8 = 20

    numbers on one dice: 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 x 2 (dice is plural; singular is die) = 42

    answer should be 48 + 20 + 42 = 110… but that would be too easy

    using roman numerals, it is probably something like:

    48+4+8+8+50+1+11+10+1 = 141

    20+2+0+10+1+0+5+1000 = 1038

    42+4+2+1+1000+501+500+1+99+1+100 = 2251

    answer: 141 + 1038 + 2251 = 3430, although that is probably rubbish as well

  360. james Says:

    yeah i forgot bout sterring wheels etc etc ..however no matter what the answer is this will last for ages and theyll change there maths till its prob a month down the line yet we are all assured the answer is simple..what a lying bunch of twats.

  361. Seamus Kennedy Says:

    I reckon taxi = 32,
    Even numbers = 4. The number of even numbers up to 10.
    Numbers on dice = 0. Dots on a dice,not numbers.
    Answer = 36,
    I also have another theory that the answer is the numbers written in the sentences, 8(taxis) 10 (even numbers) One (one dice)
    Answer = 19

  362. stan Says:

    My gripe with this puzzle is that it should have to have the exact same logic as the previous puzzle – or else it just turns into another guessing game.

  363. Sam S Says:

    My gripe is that games like this and the prev numbers game will run and run . Each having its own wild logic (if you can call it that) behind it.

    This is modern programming at its most perverse

    Presenters who run out of things to say almost upon speaking. All the presenters repeat everything in quicker succession. eg “What are you thinking? What-are-you think-king. If your thinking what I am thinking then you should make your play, think about it then make your play. Cos if your thinking what I am thinking then you should make your play. Pick up the phone and dial those numbers, Pick up the phone and dial those numbers. Come on guys people have won prizes like these, people having won prizes just like these. People just like you at home, people just like you haved picked up the phone and dialed those numbers….”

    and repeat various of the above for about four hours with really inane mind numbing muzik play all the time, except when they cut the muzik zoom in for a head shot and play a computerized heart beat.

    quiz telly is the most incongruous trite. turn off or over television. Krap!!

    Its ironic that the comments (more recent ones) are perpetuating what the original post sought to condemn

  364. stan Says:

    Well Sam, I think you’re right – the original post was written out of frustration at this con, and the majority of the comments here have been from people watching the show live and talking about it. A number of my friends suggested that I turn comments off, because it’s getting a bit ridiculous – but, at the same time, I like finding out how they actually get the answers to these things.

    I don’t watch the show – I should make that clear, it was during the summer when I tended to catch it on late-night ITV – but this thread does serve a purpose as a cache of ‘evidence.’ My ultimate dream is that OFCOM close these scams down, and although it’s unfoesable that anything on this page will contribute to that, I want to play any part that I can.

    Or alternatively, if people can use this to see which answers have already gone (or similar) then hopefully people can use it to win the puzzles before they drag on for months and months. This way the program would, in theory, make a good deal less money.

    In my opinion OFCOM should impose some rules on the program, such as ‘every number puzzle must have the same logic’ – in which case, it wouldn’t take long for the answers to be worked out on pages like this, and then someone can win a life-changing amount of money and those bastards at ITV Play can come up with a new scam.

    Yeah, actually, now that I’ve written this I’m reverting back to my original sentiment: close this Goddamn programme down for good.

  365. james Says:

    good post stan..

    you know somewhere out there people will read this and say to themselves if these people hate it so much why on earth don”t they just not watch it? My reply would be i watch it infrequently but when i do switch it on its cos theres nothing much else on and u get a laugh without on my part ever claling in .

    I agree with almost every single post on here and i have to say the presenters on these prgrammes must really be struggling . i have seen a few posts about why are all the “MALE” presenters gays?? well i know why that is because women relate to gays as being honest trustworthy and so on so on and the older women especially “oh wat a lovely lad” he wouldnt con me lol…

    i watched quizcall for a while on sunday sky855 there was this guess what comes after the word “green”..from 5pm till 755pm no winners i didnt watch it continuously just flicked back and fro but in 2 hrs 55 mins no winners and the continuous begging from this presenter with sentences like


    you get the drift eventually the money went down from 10x the money min win £1000 to £200 just before the end and yip u already know “green ASPARAGUS” hahahhathat was the ridiculously “easy” answer she had known all along…now forgive me for being wrong but is that not just an con?? i also love the


    i wonder why they never tell you that your chances are 100s of 1000s to one of even getting through and then u have to answer the most ridiculous unobvious answers ever.i like you stan want this banned from tv its a disgrace its allowed to continue.

  366. Sam S Says:

    Stan I wholeheartedly agree with you too. The need for regulations to be enforced on shows like this are way over due. It pitiful that nothing has been done about this as its nearing a year since the introduction of Quizmania which was much tamer and ‘honest’ compared to The Mint & Make Your Play.

    I don’t watch the show – I should make that clear, it was during the summer when I tended to catch it on late-night ITV – but this thread does serve a purpose as a cache of ‘evidence.’ My ultimate dream is that OFCOM close these scams down, and although it’s unfoesable that anything on this page will contribute to that, I want to play any part that I can.
    good on you

    My question is:
    Why has nothing been done?

  367. james Says:

    its pretty simple why nothings been done these companies are taking the guidelines to the extreme without being proven theyre breaking the law..even though we 99.9% know they are proving it is difficult..itvplay sure needs if its to continue make this more transparent with there games , rules etc etc but then again if they were noone would call so well i dunno what to do except bombard
    OFCOM with complaints and ICSTIS also..

  368. Sam S Says:

    Clive Owens (INT News Reader) is on the show when I last had the misfortune flick through the channels and caught a glipse.

  369. Gavinski Says:

    So you had the misfortune to flick onto the channel, but you had the complete sadness to post about it. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T WATCH IT! “Flicking” onto it (if that’s really what you did) is not going to kill you. Boon.

  370. james Says:

    The newsreaders name is Nic owen btw but since its itv mint clives close enough….loool

  371. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Channel 4 is pulling out of the quiz telly market by selling off Ostrich Media, its subsidiary that makes Quiz Call.

    C4 launched Ostrich just over a year ago through its commercial arm, 4Ventures. he ­decision to sell comes as the quiz telly market grows increasingly competitive and harder to make ­profitable. The sector is also facing tighter restrictions from Ofcom and premium-rate phone services regulator Icstis and the Gambling Commission.

    The sale of Ostrich will include the Quiz Call channel slots on NTL and Sky as well as the company’s back room technology such as its customer relations management capability.

    The deal will not, however, include the channel’s valuable Freeview slot. C4 will use this capacity to launch a new channel outside the call-TV market.

    Last month Quiz Call was the subject of an article in the Sunday Times which claimed it was manipulating games by blocking callers from taking part for periods of up to 40 minutes while charging a standard 75p premium line fee.

    A source close to C4 said: “Channel 4 always wanted to keep Quiz Call at arm’s length which is why it set up Ostrich Media. After everything that is going on in the sector it has decided it could damage the C4 brand through association.”

    Ostrich employs 40 staff and is run by managing director Frederick Fleck.

  372. JC Says:

    the only thing that Offcom regulate is their own Bowel movement

  373. Michael Says:

    I think people should stop ranting about this and do something about it. I totally agree with everyone here, so why don’t people … umm … stop calling? If no-one called, ITV would be fucked. Of course you’re gonna get grannies calling but 1 less caller is 1 less 60p and that’s less money for ITV 😉

    If it did go on and get even worse than the nineteen minus five thing i would go to the studios next time i’m in london and do something really embarassing and stupid for me and a presenter if i manage to catch one hahaha after getting pissed at a nearby pub. fun fun fun

  374. Michael Says:

    I think people should stop ranting about this and do something about it. I totally agree with everyone here, so why don’t people … umm … stop calling? If no-one called, ITV would be fucked. Of course you’re gonna get grannies calling but 1 less caller is 1 less 75p and that’s less money for ITV 😉

  375. james Says:

    i see the wheels and taxis is back YET again tonight ..this will go on for ages n ages its just so impossible why oh why do people callin i desperate would love to get through my answer would be noone fone its a swindle…hopefully get that in b4 i got cut off..;p
    god i wish people were not so stupid.

  376. WENDY Says:

    its 4000 plus something I think

  377. james Says:

    wendy i think we both know if someone got the right answer they can and will until theyre ready to give that loot away decide on any number of ways of calculating the right answer


  378. Gavin Says:

    Has anyone looked up the definition of an even number?

    There are countless even numbers up to 10, as -4 and -6 and -293920308 are all even numbers. So whether you add them up, count them and add any of the other things to it… it doesnt really matter because you should get infinity (count the number of even), or minus infinity (adding the even numbers).

    But that wont be the answer because its a big fat con!

  379. Gavin Says:

    Has anyone looked up the definition of an even number?

    There are countless even numbers up to 10, as -4 and -6 and -293920308 are all even numbers. So whether you add them up, count them and add any of the other things to it… it doesnt really matter because you should get infinity (count the number of even), or minus infinity (adding the even numbers).

    But that wont be the answer because its a big fat con!

  380. Gavin Says:

    Oops, my bad.

  381. Eddie Says:

    Of course, I agree with many of the previous postings – the whole thing is a massive con. It should be taken off the screen.

    But – if people must play, lets encourage as many people as possible to use the free route entry.

    Also, Chambers dictionary is an excellent source for obscure phrases eg sun dog, sun crack, sun myth.

    And the add the numbers puzzles definitely involve roman numerals. For example in the latest DICE =

    D 500
    DI 501
    DIC 599
    IC 99
    C 100
    I 1

    Which equals 1800 for that word alone.

    If we can’t get the show off-air lets get their money.

  382. james Says:

    eddie good thinking BUT every so often although gettin more frequentthey bring along a game like this ok..there is NO logical answer and the scandal is they ALWAYS have to start giving clues after about a month so that its won then they never ever tell you how they arrived at this figure its a scam its like me holding a coin in my hand and betting you cannot guess which one its in and even if you guess right i change it everytime you hit the right one..a complete con and im furious that people keep calling its just so god damn grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  383. neothe Says:

    wheels on eight taxis
    even numbers up to 10
    numbers on one dice

    if you take “on” and first letter of eight you get “one”
    last letter of taxis and “even” you get “seven”

    thought these numbers might also be included in total – whatever that may be. also, they could include “six” reading backwards in taxis

  384. james Says:

    this is the whole thing neothe they can simply make the answer whatever number they choose theres 100s of ways they can me different answers its a total disgrace and not only is it a con but its in my opinion fraud because they will never ever tell you how they worked out the answer.

  385. Sam S Says:

    The subject of Quiz Television was on the news and they may have to reclassify it a as a lottery rather than a quiz.

    Personally I think you’ve got more chance of dying from loss of blood after receiving a paper cut that you have of getting through to A TV Quiz show – without hammering the redial button.

    ‘Hit that redial, just hit the redial… Set your limits’ something I’ve heard some busty young blonde presenter chirp.

    Would it not be ironic to see Nic Owen read a news item:

    ‘Late night ITV Quiz Show the Mint is suspended from broadcast and the shows producers are under investigation…’

    Thankfully I should be able to watch replayed snooker until 2 every morning on BBC by which time C4 will have some film on. Speaking of whom I would like to add that it is underhand of C4 to make these shows for other channels and knock other channels for broadcasting them

  386. james Says:

    here we go a new numbers puzzle 44 + 80 + ninety-six =220

    no chance its another month before we dont get told the answer….lool

  387. Alastair Says:

    I can’t believe that they are getting away with what seems to be such blatent manipulation. I feel very sorry for all the poor people out there who really can’t afford it and shouldn’t be phoning up, but are constantly fed with the nonsense that they have a great chance of winning money that could change their lives.

    [statement removed by request]

    This ridiculous balloons game that is on at the moment. “Just add the numbers, it is as simple as that”. Yeah right. They have been on the telly since midnight and so far have given away no money whatsoever. Yet they “really love to give away money”.

    They said that the lottery fed false hopes to people who really couldn’t afford to spend their hard earned money… surely this is even worse, isn’t it? How the hell are they getting away with it.

    Good luck to all of you who do the free entries. If only everyone would do it rather than calling those telephone lines.

  388. james Says:

    Alistair ive done 10s of 1000s of free entries over the past year and never once got through thats 100% the truth its a C O N ofcom KNOW its a con but theyre as ueful as a chocolate fireguard..and you know why they run this game because theyre on the take tonight..But you watch over the next cpl nights theyll give away £30-£40k .. imjust listening to it just now that slapper just said if you dont call and someone wins your stupid…ffs how the fuck thery get away with that grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  389. Neilus Says:

    Add The Numbers

    44 80 Ninety-Six

    Use a bit of logic here, and then call if you can be arsed. I tried but couldn’t get through:

    9 (from NINEty)
    84 (Ninety MINUS Six)
    1 (the I from Ninety is the roman numeral for 1)
    9 (IX from six is 9 as a roman numeral)

    Add it all together:

    44+80+90+9+6+84+1+9 = 323

    Someone PLEASE call with this answer.

    I am not a money-grabbing bastard so if someone does get it right with this answer….well done.

    I will sleep well through smugness, not an increase in bank balance.

  390. james Says:

    by the way if you wanna email these whores the email addy is>>> PRESENTERS@THEMINT.TV i write a few telling them bout ofcom thats why theyre so desperate theyve started begging lmao….

  391. Rickfish Says:

    Similar logic

    96 ninety-six
    90 ninety
    6 six
    9 nine
    1 i
    1 i
    9 ix
    10 x

    Total = 362

    I tried a some calls but it’s time for bed. If you win send me a present!

  392. Neilus Says:

    Good shout Rickfish!!

    Someone try both answers!!

  393. Gavinski Says:

    You hate this show so much yet you sit and watch it – TWAT!

  394. Ian is exasperated!!! Says:

    “Go for it!”, “Get winning!” and “Grab some cash!” are some of the familiar phrases that flash onto the screen. They ACTUALLY all apply to The Mint TV programme and its bank account, NOT to the eager contestants who may not realise they have virtually no chance of benefiting from spending 75p a call.

    I had The Mint on all Monday night in the background and could not believe there were no winners for the entire length of the programme (4 hours!). It was the ‘wheels on 8 taxis’ puzzle scam. Having seen The Mint, Quizmania and Make Your Play on-and-off over the last few months, it finally dawned on me what a rip-off these programmes are. It exasperates me how people are so easily parted from their pennies.

    So “Don’t miss out!” and you won’t miss out when you DON’T PLAY THIS ENTICING GAME!

    There are many charities and local good causes that would appreciate 75p a time. This is likely to be a more satisfying way of money leaving one’s pockets. It will be better spent, give more value and ultimately be a better use of spare dosh.

    I don’t advocate bringing back the old-fashioned Closedown with the national anthem, but watching the white dot disappear, watching paint dry or watching continuous playback of BBC Parliament are all preferable to watching, in my opinion, this mind-numbing, underhand, time-wasting drivel.

  395. Neilus Says:

    I agree entirely Ian.

    I have called a few times, but the only reason I am still awake is a combination of insomnia and seeing if anyone actually gives a sensible answer!!

    Over the last few months I have managed to answer most of the puzzles I have seen during the course of the evening.

    The reason they do so well is that the benefit-grabbing Chav numpty wankers that phone can’t even tie their own shoelaces, let alone solve Logic Problems and Word Association Games. You only have to watch The Price Is Right, Family Fortunes or any other low-brow quiz show to see that.

    What ITV have done here is taken a few tricky-ish puzzles and convinced thousands of red-eyed night-shift retards to part with their not-very-hard-earned cash.

    I personally think that’s brilliant. Wish I had come up with it. I would be laughing all the way to St Tropez if I had….

    ….and of course OFCOM have done nothing. There’s nothing wrong with what they are doing. It’s creative enterprise.

    Plus, the OFCOM staff are probably off to St Tropez too!!


  396. Linden Says:

    96 ninety-six
    90 ninety
    6 six
    9 nine
    1 i
    1 i
    9 ix
    10 x

    = 446

    Maybe add ninety MINUS six on to that? (84)

    Filled in 150 web entries and got a pass for the 0800 number 4 times, didn’t get through to the studio on any of these.

    What I hate is the way the presenters imply that its a call centre type system where you call and ‘get on hold’, thereby once on hold all you have to do is wait to get through. It isn’t like this at all, if you get through you’ve got a period of about 10 seconds where you ‘might’ get put through before they cut you off and say ‘please try again’.

    This is completely different to how they are explaining how their phone system works on the program.

  397. robin Says:
    page 22:
    ‘ITV Play on track to make £20m in first full year’

  398. Neilus Says:


    …is that all?


  399. Ian is exasperated!!! Says:

    And there will be plenty of people who agree, as disagree, with us and all the above posts Neilus.

    I am glad that I believe I can see the wood for the trees. I may be insane and ashamed to admit exactly how many hours I have had these programmes on this year (I watch with incredulous bemusement at this guff), but sane enough that my total spend will always remain the same: zero.

    Perhaps more people could be off to St. Tropez with the OFCOM staff if they left the 0901 numbers alone?!

  400. Neilus Says:

    Do you know what Ian?

    We are cut from the same cloth, you and I.

    I want to sleep….really I do….but this shit is hypnotic!!

    Watch out for people around the Maidstone area with an unhealthy tan…hehe!!

  401. Ian is exasperated!!! Says:

    Hey everyone, I found the answer!

    Simply ‘Add the numbers’ 44, 80 and 96.

    Quick! There is less than a minute to go.

    ‘Final call on this puzzle!’

    ‘Serious cash!’

    ‘Get involved!’

    The answer is 20 000 000!

  402. james Says:

    and there it goes over 3 hours and these whores dont even have the decency to tell you the answer and as for you givinski i hope you shit a hedgehog some of us work at night and dont have cable or sattellite retard.

  403. Neilus Says:

    It’s too late for excessive hostility, James!!

    Just try and solve the next one:

    BACK __________

    I have worked out there are about 70 possible answers.

    I reckon BACK BACON is one of them!!

    Shit….now I am hungry….

  404. andy Says:

    I watched the mint tonight wed 25th – for 3 hours they had 3 balloons with 44, ninety-six and 80 and asked you to add the numbers. It certainly wasnt the logical 220. Nobody got the answer right and then they withdrew the game and went on to new game. I think everybody who lost their hard earned cash to ITV have a right to know what the correct answer was. SO ITV WHAT WAS THE ANSWER?? I think this is a scam by ITV, poor television, poor planning by the programme producers. Remember your in television – not a glorified scratchcard business.

  405. james Says:

    andy they will bring it back again and again and again hmmmmm

    thats it

    BACK AGAIN 😀 im off to make 150 calls:D only cost me over a £100 not to get through but what the heck its fun :p

  406. Rickfish Says:

    So we never know the answer. You can see the previous answers (and live answers) at Game On Tools No one got through with 323, 362, or 446.

    I saw this program for the first time last night and had to keep reminding myself this was ITV not some crappy rip-off Sky channel way down the channel list. The style of presentation is all about parting suckers with their money. But just because a lot of suckers lose their money doesn’t mean to say it is necessarily a bad risk for a skillful game player. However the entry system does leave a lot to be desired. I had no idea what chance there was of getting through to give your answer. I guess it was a big long shot. I tried when the prize was £20,000 so I was being offered 26,666 to 1 on my 75p. So if I estimated that my educated guess of 362 had odds of 9 to 1 I would have to have a better chance than 2,666 to 1 of getting through on one attempt. They only took about 100 answers in all that time and they have hundreds of lines don’t they? A call only takes a short while, no more that 30 seconds? Say 500 lines at 2 calls per minute for 4 hours which is 600,000 calls of which only 100 got through which is 5999 to 1. I would need to have had a better chance than 9 to 1 of being right – no worse than about 3 to 1. However, all these figures need to be made more accurate based on real facts instead of guesses.

  407. Rickfish Says:

    For the “add the numbers” game
    44 ninety-six

    These were the to top answers. If you want some mental exercise try to work out how each was derived:

    112 (8)
    220 (8)
    208 (7)
    16 (6)
    31 (6)
    124 (5)
    100 (3)
    184 (3)
    223 (3)
    4 (3)
    52 (3)
    136 (2)
    214 (2)
    341 (2)
    44896 (2)
    7 (2)

  408. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    MPs are to launch an inquiry into quiz telly shows such as ITV’s Make Your Play and Ostrich Media’s Quiz Call amid fears that they may lure people into gambling addictions.

    The culture, media and sport select committee said it would look into the growth of such operations.

    The committee said it would look in particular at issues such as the procedures for how broadcasters handle calls from viewers; the information provided to viewers about the costs of calls and viewers’ chances of participating and winning; and the role of quiz telly in raising income for broadcasters.

    The committee will also look at the financial impact on viewers, and whether further regulation of quiz telly is required.

    The committee, which is chaired by the Conservative MP John Whittingdale OBE has called for written submissions on the issue to be made by November 16. It is expected that oral evidence will be submitted shortly after that date.

  409. ALEX Says:

    rickfish i know you worked yor odds out reasonably but have a look at that..sunday mail made 250 consecutive calls costing £365 to this scam and NOT ONE got put also makes a moockery of there 150 max calls per day..i assure you the chances of getting through are much higher than any calculation anyone can mae and as for random i mean gee…when they have a clock on say for 2 minutes its 99/100 the last 2 secs beofre the caller gets through so it proves them to be liars when they say we have no idea when calls will come through they decide when to let a caller though…1 VERY VERY LARGE CON.

  410. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    44 80 Ninety-Six





  411. Rickfish Says:

    Steven, if you include 44 and 88 surely you must include 96?

    ALEX, I overestimated the odds of getting through as I didn’t know it was 3 hours (I went to bed). Perhaps the phone lines being maximised in the early hours is unrealistic too. Perhaps the two balance each other out. If 250 consecutive calls were unsuccessful it would be expected if my estimate was right as the true chance of being unsuccessful for 250 attempts is 96%. Let’s slash my odds and say the chance of getting through is 499/1 then it is still over 60% chance that 250 attempts will fail.

  412. ALEX Says:

    rick dont take this the wrong way ok but your odds are an just plain pointless…how can you work out that after failing 250 times in a row improved the odds when yuo dont know how many more it would have taken not i say again NOT to get i have had 1000s of free web entries and never got through so does that make your odds better? its a total clearout and i bet you could call for weeks on end constantly and not get through ..

  413. RobW Says:

    I watched the show last night with the three numbered balloons and after 2 hours no one got the answer correct!!

    I can’t believe after all the bad heat ITV receive it goes and produced a programme like this with SHIT annoying presenters. A complete con and to add insult to injury these presenters mock the viewers for not calling in!! FOR FUCK SAKES they know exactly when a call will come through…. err let me guess…. triple money, lets put the timer on 3 minutes….. oh no will we have a caller with 4 seconds to go… hell yea…. 1 caller in 3 minutes…. I can’t believe people actually spend money on this, i’m horrified… and i’ll end this with the ridiculous puzzles!! you may as well guess a number between Minus 10,000 to 10,000 because the logic is awful, they make their own rules up as they go along.

  414. Jay Says:

    Y’see, i think these make perfect post-pub, not too taxing going-to-sleep-to programmes, yet i’m just waiting for someone to call in blind drunk, try to chat up the presenter, and proceed to give thier answer in terms of vomiting on the phone.

  415. Alastair Says:

    I have to say that I am finding reading some of posts on this blog a whole lot more entertaining than watching the show in question. Perhaps there should be some kind of new website launched with a chat room for people to chat, discuss answers and take the ‘michael’ out of the show as it is on air. It would also be great if there were some challenges posted for people to get the most entertaining call on to the show (like Jay’s suggestion), via the free entry of course. Now that would be entertaining. 🙂

  416. ALEX Says:

    your right this is much more interesting laughing at these 2 mugus making an ass of themself for literally begging people to call ..they must be so god damn desperate for a job.and if 1 more person clals in wih blue lagoon my tv goes out the window….as for mark i reckon hes the biggest retard on tv what ya think?

  417. ALEX Says:

    ps i was gonna say why dont we all email mark and tell him what we really think of him and his begging techniques? im well up for it 😀

  418. RobW Says:

    My thoughts exactly.. these blogs are much more entertaining than “The Mint” or for that matter any of these telephone quiz shows, I wondered for a long time whether I was the only person out there infuriated with this pile of shite they show on ITV between 12am – 3am, Thank god this forum has reassured me I am the sane one.. I am waiting for someone to call in and tell the presenter(s) they are complete twats!! and it’s only a matter of time before they are hate symbols around the UK.

  419. ALEX Says:

    i dunno how they can live with themselves i really dont cos i know for a fact its not a well paid job…

  420. RobW Says:

    I saw a puzzle tonight on anohter show… get this.

    Eight Times
    Ten Minus Forty
    Plus Sixteen

    “What do the numbers add up to?”

    I rest my case!!

  421. RobW Says:

    Evidently they can only be Z list celebs “If That” with absolutely no morals what so ever, trying to rearrange the same 5 words all night so as not to repeat themselves!!!

    Set yourself a limit
    pehaps limit your calls
    limit calls to 5 – 10 attempts
    have you set a limit
    think about a limit

    Shut up already!!!

  422. ALEX Says:

    ive noticed 1 thing tonight NOT ONCE have they mentioned free web entries not once…

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO someone else just said blue lagoon:((((((( cya tele

  423. ALEX Says:

    blue pencil????? ffs

  424. ALEX Says:


    A shift in the frequency of a photon toward higher energy and shorter wavelength. Blueshifts can be produced by relative motion of the emitter toward the observer (doppler blueshift), light falling in a gravitational field from the emitter to the observer (gravitational blueshift), or in a contracting universe (cosmological blueshift). For further details, see Redshift.


  425. Mac Says:

    Hello likeminded people,

    Please, please take 5 mins and register your complaints with OFCOM

    TOGETHER we’ll get them off the air

    (Complaints will be charged at £1000, not all e-mails will be succesful lol!)

  426. Rickfish Says:

    Does anyone use software to fill in the free web entry form? OK there is still the code to enter but if I could just press a button which fills in the form and I only have to enter the code I would try it a lot of times whereas I give up after 2 or 3 attempts.

  427. Steve Says:

    yes Rickfish i use one saves an awful lot of time too. I regularly use all 150 of my entries in about an hour or so.
    Do a google search for roboform. basic version is free. It also remembers all passwords too, very handy when you have a crap memory.

  428. Alastair Says:

    Yes but if we all send letters to Ofcom and get them taken off the air, what would we have to sit here and complain about? This is where the entertainment is – this message board. It is time for someone to start a ‘challenge’ website with a series of challenges. Add a chat room to the site and a message board and we are away. I tell ya, this message board has been the most entertaining thing about the show, some of the comments on here have been hilarious.

    It should be taken off the air as it is, in my opinion and many other people’s opinion, taking money from those who don’t have the money to spend and can’t resist the dream of having thousands of pounds “tax free” to pay off their debts. But if we can’t get it taken off the air, why not turn it around and make it entertaining? It would be great fun to sit in a chat room with all the other people making their funny comments and generally taking the piss out of this dire programme. Add on the challenge element and you are on to a winner.

    Come on people, let’s start it up. Is anyone willing to spend a couple of days building a site?

  429. Sleazy Charlie Says:

    My favourite moment on the Mint was during a ‘guess the 4 letter word’ game, Craig Stevens asked the caller to spell out their 4 letter word and the caller said “Sorry, I can’t spell”, Craig didn’t know what to do, took instruction in his earpiece and then said “That’s OK, you don’t have to be able to spell to play The Mint, all you have to be able to do is dial that phone number!”. So that’s the level of the intelligence of the average Mint player, people that can’t even read & write. Some of them can’t even dial a phone number properly – when The Mint and Quizmania swapped channels, a third of the callers to the studio rang the wrong show and didn’t even know what they were watching! The presenters had the barefaced cheek to criticise the thickos calling their show, but if it wasn’t for the thickos getting themselves into debt, they’d be out of a job.

    The other month, I remember there was a news item saying that gambling is going to be the future of the British economy, what with all the manufacturing and call centres now abroad; so perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to judge them as con artists and gullible thickos – they are the people who are keeping the great British economy going! Perhaps that’s why the government are so reluctant to crack down on this modern TV gold rush.

    Also, on the subject of don’t the presenters have any conscience for ripping people off, Kat Shoob once said that she’s had trouble sleeping since she started presenting the Mint. All those thick people with massive phone bills must be starting to weigh on her conscience.

    I think the lowest common denominator factor of digital TV’s latest “extra choice” is best summed up in a screenshot of Charlie McArdle from Quizcall (owned by Ch4) on the Phone Quiz Answers Database website: presenter-reviews.asp?pr=21

    It says it all really don’t you think?

  430. stuart Says:

    i have looked through this whle topic of questons and debates on these type of shows, and agree and disagree with alot that has been said. First of all yes its a con, but only if you do not know how to play the system, and also learn from it, i mean who on earth would phone this show up and spend 75p trying to get through with odds of thousands to one, i have never got through with a telephone entry.
    the free web entries that cost you nothing but your time, actually give you a better chance to get through to these shows, as you are automatically through to the last stage, its in this way that i have got through to each and every show once a fortnight, and so far in under 6 months have won a total of £18,775,, i have won £7,000 twice on the mint, and £3,000 on quizmania, and a few other small wins, now the secret to this is trying to get a code with your free web entries when you know if you get through you are guaranteed to win as the clue is up. do not try to get through when you have to guess, the odds are against you, the secret is when knowing when to go for it, when you cant lose if you are lucky enough to get through, and i certainly have been these last months, its playing them at there own game, and yes ofcourse you will get the dunderheads that phone in a game they cant possibly win, but hey that will always be the case with any type of lottery gameshow, some people never learn, but ban these shows? lol i would be out of a bloody living then, and where else can you get nearly £19, 000 for no outlay? no bloody were, long may it last.

  431. Alastair Says:

    Stuart – I can see that you are doing very well from this. Full credit to you for playing the system and winning. What I hate is the fact that a lot of the people that are phoning up are likely to be people thinking they have a good chance of winning money, money that could get them out of financial problems or get them their dream (imagine what you could do with xx thousand pounds… blah blah). With puzzles like this one tonight (bloody balloons again) they really have little or no chance of getting the answer – it has been on lots of times previously. Yet the presenters constantly talk as if the answer is obvious, trying to tell people that it is a great time to pick up the phone.

    I particularly do not like the guy who is on tonight. There is something about him and the way he talks.

    Stuart – I’m guessing you won’t be wasting your time with free web entries tonight, with it being the balloons game. Your strategy is sensible and sound and you have made money from it. I just hope that all of these people who are phoning up and wasting their money have the money to waste, that is all.

  432. harmick Says:

    I absolutely detest this television show with all my heart. It is on my tv now and i was prompted to search for “Itv play con ” on google and this came up! i am so glad im not the only one, surely in this day and age , there should be regulations against this. it is purely trashy and a discredit to the reputation of uk television ( at the end of the day this is o nTERRESTRIAL!!!) madness, madness.

  433. ALEX Says:

    This retard mark is a complete and utter no matter what anyone says a CONMAN who needs not just booted off the tele but fuckin locked up..lies include




    His classic tonight was>>>IF YOU HAVE SET YOURSLEF A BUDGET DONT YOU THINK ITS WORTH A FEW EXTRA CALLS FOR £30K thats just as low as you can possibly go.

  434. Linda Says:

    What annoys me about these numbers games is that there does not seem to be any check that there is a definite answer – holding up a brown envelope containing a supposed answer doesn’t prove anything unless it is lodged with an independent party before the game starts. There are so many possible answers, I suspect if someone got the “correct” answer on the first night they would just say it was wrong and choose another one. On this balloon one, the digital number 80 contains so many other numbers – i.e. the 8 also contains a 2, 3, 6 & 9. The digital zero contains two 1’s plus 11. Or you could count four 1’s in it. And there are roman numerals in the ninety-six, but do you count ix as 9, or as 9, 10 & 1? There are just too many options. They should have to give the odds of getting through so people know the real cost – the excuse they give is it varies, but they could give a range.

  435. ALEX Says:

    linda they could have a million different answers to it i gurantee someones said the original answer ut they will let this run until they decide otherwise usually a month..ITS A CON…i wish they stick the hooters up conman marks ass

  436. Dan Says:

    With the free web entry, can you save the pins you recive for another day? I figure a game like the numbers one on air tonight you have a snowball chance in hell of winning, but you do have a slighty better chance with the missing words puzzles.

  437. ALEX Says:

    u cant save the pins they have to be used within 2 minutes

  438. matt Says:

    i just head some1 call in and say ‘ this is a con’ and the preseneter was speechless

  439. WENDY Says:

    as an aside – I was given a lot of grief and called stupid when I entered the ‘kitkash’ promotion – anyone remember it?

    Exactly the same as I have been about this – even though it is costing me nothing

    Anyway – have just found out – contrary to what they all said (and Kitkash cost me about £50 for the record) I have won the holiday and we are going on an all-expenses paid holiday to Venice at the end of the month

    5 star hotel and all the trimmings


    I love competitions – of any kind

  440. briandowlingisshifty Says:

    Having been away for a month, I’m glad to see that the fecking “nineteen minus five” game has finally been solved (although sounds like it has been replaced by another equally riduculous one) and that this blog is still going.

  441. justin Says:

    The Mint is the biggest scamming piece of shit i have ever had the misfortune to watch in the early hours of the morning. Not content with scamming people by getting them to ring in and be put on hold, they try to sucker you in by saying the puzzles are straightforward, are they balls, if they were as straightforward as they said people would not still be phoning in after two hours!!!. Like the other night they had a ballon puzzle which went

    44 80 ninety six

    just simply add the numbers, yeah right!!!!!!

    220 no chance (Thats right init)

    maybe you just add 44 and 80= 124

    no chance.

    its obvious theres an extra bit of info they have neglected to tell us. My tip of the day dont be sucked in by the presenters constant if you dont phone in you wont win, you wont win if you do phone in and if the puzzle is easy they wont take a call for 30 min, your better off playing the lottery

  442. Mr Obsessed Says:

    The thing that really bugs me about this show is the sheer greed of the operators – the level of difficulty of the games is out of all proportion to the prizes. Also a recent competition featured some very suspect circumstances which I would really love to hear an explanation for.

    The game iI mention required that a four-letter word was found, created out of the letters used to complete another four words, each of which had a letter missing. The four words were _ARE, P_LE, _EAN and BON_.

    The winning word eventually turned out to be PUPA. This means that the words that created it are PARE, PULE, PEAN and BONA.

    ‘Pare’ is a word I recognise, meaning to peel something eg ‘I will pare the skin off the orange’. Not axactly a commonplace word but at least recognisable.

    The next word was ‘pule’ – apparently this is an archaic term meaning to whine and whimper – I have never heard this word before.

    The next word is ‘pean’ which according to the dictionary is a particular symbol used in heraldry. This is ridiculous – only a few academics would be aware of these words and the chances of someone ringing in with an answer incorporating them must be almost zero.

    The final word is ‘bona’ – this wasn’t even in my dictionary and only appeared in it as part of the term ‘bona fide’. The winning word itself, ‘pupa’ though recognisable to people who are reasonably well educated is still a long way from being in common usage.

    Now considering the prize for this game ranged between £700 and a few grand why was it thought acceptable to make it near-impossible to answer? I calculated the number of words that could fit as an answer to this game and it turned out to be almost 600.

    Now considering that many different people ring in with the same obvious answers time after time and that even using commonplace words there would still be hundreds of answers, why is it necessary to make the game so hard? The show must cover the prize money in only a few hours of phone calls, but instead of creating a puzzle that can be solved in a few hours or days they create one that is so obscure that it may go on for weeks or even never be solved.

    The level of greed shown by this show is truly sickening – the people who ring in simply haven’t got a chance of winning unless they have an in-depth knowledge of obscure english and incredible luck.

    I was watching this show in the evening of Sat 29th October fetauring the game I mention above and someone rung in and was asked for the answer. The caller answered in a well-spoken and clear voice ‘pupa’ and went on to spell it out P-U-P-A. The usual ‘failure’ sound and video effects didn’t play, the presenter looked agitated and seemed unsure as to what to do but and after a few seconds the phone went dead and they treated the call as if the person had hung up and forfeited his go. The game carried on and more callers rung in. I turned over for half an hour and when I returned there was a new word game in progress. A little later the new presenter mentioned that the winning word to the last game had indeed been ‘pupa’.

    So what happened exactly? Is the show so reluctant to give out prizes that despite the massive profits they are actually prepared to cheat? It seems unlikely that someone with an answer would hang up after giving it – perhaps the delay was intended to provoke such a response. Did the caller get the prize given to him after the delay caused by ‘the technical hitch’ or did the same caller or someone else ‘smelling a rat’ ring in with the same answer?

    Anyone know?

  443. Craig Says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’m interested in using the free calls tonight if they show the 44, 80, ninety-six puzzle again. I think I have that one pegged…although how many thousands have probably thought that. :+)

    I’ve never used the online thing before, I did phone up once a few weeks ago and then realised what a scam it was when I was kicked off within about 2 seconds. So I certainly won’t be paying again.

    I presume some of you have used the free calls before – how exactly does that work (I had a look at the website but its not letting me use the ‘Free Web Entry’ at this time)? Does it give you a different phone number to call – but only while the show is in progress? Do they give you a limited number of calls?

    Thanks in advance.

  444. Steve Says:

    Hi Craig,

    Good thinking mate this is without doubt the best way to play,
    You get a form to fill in while the programme is on air, but be aware most times you will be unsucessfull, but keep trying and eventually you will get a freephone number to call and a pin number to tap in on your phone when prompted, then you need luck to be selected to go through to the studio.

    I dont know if you are aware of a web site but on there you will find all the incorrect answers for the game. There are hundreds already for the numbers game. At least you can see if your answer has already been guest before.

    You are limited to 150 entrys per day, so the best of luck to you.

  445. Mr Obsessed Says:

    The free online entries definitely do work – they have to offer the possibility of free entries to create the legal loophole that allows them to run what is effectively a lottery as what they laughably call ‘a competitiion’. I and other members of my family have applied for the online entries and got through – even as far as being on the show.

    The way it works:

    1 You fill in a form with your details including your phone number wihich HAS to be genuine. Type in your details to a word processor or notepad and cut and paste the text to speed up the entries – I believe this process is designed to be tedious to discourage free entries. Alternatively set up your browsers auto form filling to complete the form for you.

    2 You send the details and either get rejected on-screen or get a freephone number and PIN code – I think this is random but you can try many times. The PIN code is only valid for a few minutes so you have to use it very quickly or it will expire and be useless.

    3. Ring the freephone telephone number – it is always answered and you are told to enter the PIN code. The PIN code is linked to your phone number and your phone number is checked to see if it matches.

    4. If everything checks out you get put through to the normal line but you aren’t charged the 75p! I believe this is treated just the same as a normat paid for entry.

    And you can keep doing the same thing over and over! Well worth it!

    Hope this helps!
    Mr O

  446. Craig Says:

    Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.

    Just checked my numbers on that link and it seems as if no one has said it before. 🙂

  447. JOE BURNS Says:

    *******DONT CALL THE SHOW*

  448. james Says:

    mr obsessed

    ok then if it does work i personally for the past 3 months have been doin during the night upwards of 100 entries per night which is 1000s ok? so then 2WHY is it that people regularly get through 2-3 times in the same night..and lets say for example i have made 4000 entries okthat would have worked out over £3000 not to get howcome its the same?? i mean be honest that surely shows how little chance you have of A gettin through then havoing to B answer an unobvious puzzle..I IS A CON

  449. Alastair Says:

    On another note, I see that they have Lionel Blair hosting part of the show tonight. Someone should really tell him that appearing on this show doesn’t do him any credit.

    Oh and what the hell is the female presenter wearing tonight? She looks like a cross between a marquee tent and a Christmas pudding! As for Mark, well I have to say that he is the presenter I dislike the most. Some of his comments to try and get people to phone in are just outrageous.

    Tonight’s puzzle is head _____ . I think there is an ‘f’ word that could be added to the end of “head” to give a damn good description of the show!

  450. james Says:

    that lass thats presenting looks a cross between a national hunt horse and camilla parker bolws bunions…shes mingin ..

  451. dan Says:

    my theory is that the makers of the mint create their puzzles like so:

    they make up one of their little oracles, every one of which will have at least a couple of hundred possible answers (enough to keep you guessing for 4 hours, and not counting all the repeated answers on top of that).

    i am convinced that at the time the puzzle is on the screen they don’t actually have a “right” answer. (should someone attempt to go into the ‘mansion’ and rob the golden envelope i am convinced they would find it was empty.)

    the envelope is not visible at all times, so if they finally do decide to part with some of their money (which is probably something like 0.5 % or less of their profit) it would be a matter of 2 seconds to pop the “correct” answer in there to proudly show to the paying audience.

    a couple of days ago 2 callers got a right answer on the word puzzle within something like the first 10 minutes. then NOBODY got another right answer for the next 2 or so hours.

    it is so blatantly obvious that they MADE those 2 answers correct right in the beginning of the show as a little incentive for everyone else to keep calling.

    anyway the presenters really are enormously annoying, almost to the point when too much stupidity can actually become sort of funny.

    the bloke is such a smooth talker i am almost slipping on all the goo he is talking..and as for the girl – she is displaying so much fake friendliness and/or enthusiasm that i start worrying whether she has any friends in real life..and surely being part of a con (knowingly) must put people off you..

    anyway enough said for tonite,
    watch if you want but DO NOT pick up the fone and waste your hard-earned money on producers already so heavily minted that they are sitting behind the camera rubbing their hands with glee with each passing minute..

    ps: everyone who has already called in and was ripped off don’t forget: everyone gets what they deserve, one way or another.
    the makers of the infamous mint might be loaded with your cash, but that won’t bring them happiness. and that’s a promise.

  452. james Says:

    dan they do the same most nights within 20 minsutes of the start 2 people will have won significant money and your right its nomore than to make people realise that money can be won and its so easy to do..hence the addictive process in human nature takes over…THE MINT IS A TOTAL SCAM AND THE PRESENTERS I HOPE HAVE PERSONAL DIAHORREA TONIGHT WITH SHIT LIKE BROKEN GLASS ;p

  453. Alastair Says:

    … mind due, Kat Porter looks mighty fine tonight. She is without doubt the best thing about the show. I think she has a bright career ahead, but I think it is high time that she got well away from this stinking show and their ridiculous puzzles.

  454. Duane Says:

    yep I agree
    Kat Porter wants a cock up her arse

  455. steven Says:

    I would love to put mine up her.

  456. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    iTouch set to buy Ostrich Media
    Published: November 2, 2006
    Print Email

    It is being reported by Broadcast Now that Ostrich Media is set to be snapped up by iTouch which is one of the companies that has provided public voting services for shows such as Deal or No Deal, The Paul O’Grady Show, Big Brother, Comic Relief does Fame Academy and American Idol.

    The deal, due to be finalised this week, will include the Quiz Call channel slots on NTL and Sky as well as the company’s back-room technology such as its customer relations management ­capability. The deal will not include the channel’s ­valuable Freeview slot although C4 may lease capacity to iTouch.

    Broadcast Now quotes a source involved in the process who said: “The deal isn’t signed yet but the plan would be to expand Quiz Call as a UK channel and brand. iTouch has operations in 22 countries and there is clearly an opportunity for Ostrich Media to leverage these contacts.”

  457. Rickfish Says:

    I used my 150 entries last night. All free of course but if it is a con I am still conned for wasting my time.

    The puzzle was FIRE ______

    Someone got “fire cracker” early on before I started watching. Then the presenter started saying the puzzle is really easy and just to prove it revealed an answer which was “fire safety”. Still no-one get any right, most were repeat answers. Then they revealed another “fire away” still claiming that the answers were easy. At the point I decided I would try for an obvious answer that hadn’t been tried so far. My short list was “fire sale”, “fire pan”, “fire bug”, and “fire truck”. I used up my 150 entries and went to bed at about 3.07. Still no-one had won anything. I checked the answers today and found the remaining answers were “fireblight”, “fire swallower”, “fire step”, and “fire red”. Were those easy answers? I don’t think so. People had answered “fire eater” and yet they come up with “fire swallower”. Google stats:
    “fire eater” – 563,000 hits
    “fire swallower” 4,210 hits
    Saying all the answers were easy was a con. Did anyone actually win anything or did they continue revealing answers?

    From what james said and my experiences so far the best way to play the game is to play right from the start until someone (hopefully me) wins. Then give up and go to bed. It will only take 20 minutes of your time. If you suspect something is fixed use it to your advantage. E.g. poker sites where people complain they win to start with then lose it all – join the site, play for a day, then cash out. If you want to go back use a new id. The real problem with ITV Play is if even the winners are fixed and you can’t actually win. Are they audited?

  458. dan Says:

    right, just complained to ofcom. no good just moaning on here is it..:-)
    anyway, the presenters contradict each other ALL the time.
    like the girl yesterday said the answers are not too obvious, then the bloke says gee the answers are quite obvious and really easy. then they both said they were not allowed to know any solutions to any puzzles – which is contradicting themselves again (answer is not obvious, answer is easy) – how the hell would they know if they didn’t know the answers eh??

    complete b****cks. can’t wait to hear from ofcom.

  459. alex Says:

    dan i emailed them 4 weeks ago and NO reply …sadly im a kinda suspicious of these companies and always have the feeling they will crackdown on small companies but ITV aint small and they will do nowt even though its a cut and dry con.

  460. Alastair Says:

    Well in Ofcom’s last report there were several complaints made by the public about The Mint, but all were dismissed. So it seems as if they can find nothing wrong with the show. That means that it is down to us to NOT phone in. Imagine what the prize sums would be if no-one phoned in. Mind due, they would probably just have more of these difficult puzzles where the answer is about as obvious as predicting next week’s lottery numbers and they will probably take 10 minutes to take a call.

    Hrmph. Kat Porter is off on holiday for two weeks. That means that we will have to put up with the car salesman and that other girl who dresses like a Christmas pudding.

  461. steven Says:

    There is kat shoob, so i guess she will be on and the return of bev.

  462. Rickfish Says:

    The number of:
    wheels on eight taxis
    even numbers up to 10
    numbers on one dice

    I make it 4988 but can’t be bothered to enter. Someone has already guessed 5088 and I can’t see where their extra 100 came from. Maybe they did it the same as me but added the 100 twice by mistake.

  463. Rickfish Says:

    In any case, if it is fixed I would only have a chance of winning at about 03:55 because they would have a range of answers in case someone gets it right too early. Even then they might decide to keep the money. If it is won can someone post on here what time it was won?

  464. Wiggy Says:

    “The Mint” is so inherently morally wrong, that I am totally suprised it’s even on the air at all. It should be banned, plain and simple.

    Everyone knows that gambling is a serious problem for some people, yet freeview and ITV1 are allowed to exploit those people? Where casinos and arcades have to adhere to strict rules concerning winning odds – and publish those odds – how come ITV is allowed to hide the odds of winning? Even the Lotto has to publish their odds of winning their game.

    It’s incredible that such a gambling scam can be allowed in people’s homes. Jesus, you probably have more chance of winning on a Blackpool games stall that you have of even GETTING THROUGH on the phone to answer the bloody vague puzzles that they have on there. I call them “puzzles” but they’re really not puzzles at all, since there is usually hundreds of different possible answers for each one.

    You probably have a better chance of winning the lotto jackpot than you have of A) Getting through on the phone and then B) Providing the correct answer to the “cryptic puzzles”.

    SCAM – in every sense of the word.

    Shows like this should be BANNED.

  465. alex Says:

    back to the wheels on taxis etc etc 4 weeks thats been on now…RIP OFF

  466. Mac Says:

    The Quiz is ADD the “numbers”,

    Wheels on “8” taxis
    even numbers up to”10″
    numbers on “1” dice (should be one die)

    Add up everything between the “” and you get…


    ??? Litraly easy!

  467. Mac Says:

    She even said ” add up the numbers you SEE”!

    Four times!!!

    Arghhhhhh, please someone spend their hard earned cash with a 20000-1 chance of getting through!

  468. Mac Says:


    It wasn’t 19

    Where do they get there Answers????????

  469. mediford Says:

    Somewhere between 1 and a million I wreckon

  470. alex Says:

    na i reckon its infinite the answer…75p a turn to be guranteed the bong…

  471. JOHN Says:

    I got 3793 but i dunno theres always different ways to do those things

  472. JOHN Says:

    i thoughty they giive out the answer straight after the puzzel has ran its course, but no they leave it run on for weeks bloody hell i just spent half an hour commin up with that solution half an hour of my life why did i bother

  473. alex Says:

    even after someone gets the right answer they will NEVER tell you how they reached that answer.

  474. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    In their T&C the reserve the right not to explain how an answer is reached also they have a disclaimer in there about TAX and the fact the TAX man could come looking for a slice of any winnins , Tax free my arse!

    Also they make claims that you will have your winnings in days more like a month as when a contenstent wins they then investigate that person to see if there is any link to anyone on the show or at ITV in order to get out of paying.

    The sooner they close the loophole in the law that allows these programs to operate the better.

    Get all these skanking shows off the TV.


  475. Dave Says:

    I ended up tuning in to the Mint channel by accident. The money was really tempting and I ended up calling them loads of times, you can never get through, even when nobody is calling in.Pls don’t waste your money like I’ve done I think it’s the biggest scam in history.Itv should be banned for putting on shows like this to con innocent people.I think the people who call in could be their own people paid to call in at different times to make the show look real.Or who knows maybe they’ve got another phone number setup!

  476. Rickfish Says:

    When I have listened in a lot of people’s voices sound like they have called before, but sometimes with different names.

    The only problem with all these conspiracy theories is why would they risk killing the golden goose? They can play it straight and make millions.

    I’ve heard it said that the UK government are thinking about following the US in banning Internet gambling. That is a joke. Poker sites, etc are straight as a dye compared to ITV play. In British casinos I have often been told by the staff that they are not allowed to encourage people to gamble. If there are rules about gambling surely ITV must be breaking most of them.

  477. Rickfish Says:

    BTW, Mac and others, if you are going to play this thing at all make sure you check the answers that have already been used at Look how many times people had answered 19!

  478. dan Says:

    Add the numbers..yeah right..could also mean add the WORD “numbers” which is on screen 3 times..

    not that i’m interested in the answer cause i’m convinced they just decide willy-nilly when it’s time a puzzle will be terminated – and then whatever the next caller says will be given as CORRECT hooray!!

    and guess what – nobody can prove it wasn’t!

    what a clever little scam..think of all the criminal energy behind it as well..and it is allowed cause all the regulating bodies are just people in the end, and people can be generously awarded for NOT taken any steps against a con.

    if the Mint GAVE AWAY 5 million since april (i think that’s what they said yesterday) how much will they have made?? 500 million i presume?

    also what annoyed me yesterday was that the little s**t whatshisname kept saying ‘if u get it right i’ll go on a date with u’ – even to some old ladies..the bloke is married (or so he said before), and even if he wasn’t it just SOOOOO cheap’N’nasty..

    finally before i go – has anyone else noticed the amount of times he kept rubbing his nose?
    literally every 10 seconds – and he didn’t have a cold.
    must have been all that white powder up his nose..

    in fact i do happen to know that in those circles (pushy sales people trying to rip people off mainly) taking ‘cocoa’ or other performance-enhancing ‘supplements’ is commonplace.
    why? it keeps u talking non-stop, gives u energy and makes u feel slightly megalomaniac – which u need to be trying to look convincing while knowing u are just talking utter that’s where all the confidence comes from, even if it’s fake.

    just watch the bloke next time he’s on..

    anyway have a good day everyone, nearly weekend eh 🙂

  479. paul Says:

    hate the presenters on the mint they are the most fake faced basterds you could ever meet and sad repeating the telphone number all night havnt they got better things to do?. also i believe the calls are rigged! they only accept 150 calles in one day compared to the thousands that fail to get through. they are stealing money! i think the program should be investigated as to wether they are genuin or not.

    I like the solution not obvious but simple!

  480. bald eagle Says:

    Rickfish, have you also noticed that every now and again
    the same answer is given by consecutive callers?

    Also, everyone must have noticed that they join the viewers from other channels in the middle of a game,
    these viewers don’t have a chance of getting it right
    as they don’t know what answers have been given in
    the past half hour or so and have to start again.

    Did anyone see the game a while back? (words after sea)
    I think it was, one guy gave the answer sea….side only
    to be told that it wasn’t there, the presenter then said that
    they thought it should have been, they then phoned the
    contestant back, asked him for his answer again and it
    then appeared on the tower as correct.

    It just shows that the answers can be changed as they wish.

    WHAT A CON!!

  481. alex Says:

    i liked the comment about in there T+C they reserve the right to telling you how they reached the answer..forgive me for being dense but aint that like saying we will make the answer anything we want????

  482. alex Says:

    another impossible numbers game

    cards in a pack

    numbers ona clock

    nineteen times ten

    ADD the numbers yeah right….lol

  483. Richard Says:

    Does anyone know what the answer was to the “add the numbers” balloons game mentioned earlier on this thread? Heard that it was repeated again last week after being withdrawn the first time around and would love to know what the solution was! Thanks

  484. alex Says:

    they still havent finished with the balloon game still noone has the answer theyll bring it back soon….

  485. david Says:

    Totally agree with most of the comments. The answer for the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE puzzle was revealed, but an explanation was not, and I can think of loads more situations. Which basically means the show appears to be little more than “guess the number I am thinking of.”

    About ITV play when I heard that it was a “gameshow channel” I was really excited, I thought it would be a ITV version of challenge TV, which repeats the most poular gameshows from the 80s and 90s.

  486. david Says:

    Right below I have complained. Here is a copy of the letter of the complaint that I have written to OFCOM. The letter is in between the lines and some more comments of mine follow after the letter.


    I am writing this to complain about the programme Make Your Play, that was broadcast in the early hours of Sunday 5th November, between 00:30-04:35. In most TV schedules this would appear in Saturday nights schedule, as it is very early on Sunday morning.

    In the show there was a number puzzle game. The puzzle was shown on screen as:

    3 seven

    4 9


    And the task was to add the numbers. In the end the answer given was 80. But there was no explanation, as to why the answer was 80. This seems to be unfair, as the answer was not obvious, and the logic used to explain the puzzle was not explained. Different types of logic would give many different answers, and yet the explaination of the answer was never shown on air.

    Hopefully you can act on these concerns, and I look forward to receiving a reply.


    I will post any reply on here, if I receive it. By the way I got a link to this site from wikipeda (the website which anyone can edit.) Did you know wikipedia is the most visited website anywhere in the world. The link is featured in the wikipedias article for the link, which gives a possible explanation to the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE game.

    The website address for OFCOM is:

    Here are some tips if you are going to complain: (I know most of these are obvious but still.)

    Try to not just swear in your complaint. Its most likely to get binned. After all who wants to read an angry letter, especially as OFCOM have nothing to do with the show itself. Maybe also complain about something thats happened rather than just say: “no one ever wins any money.” Good luck in getting a least a fairer show.

  487. david Says:

    The link is featured in the wikipedias article for the link, which gives a possible explanation to the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE game = The link is featured in the wikipedias article for THE MINT, which gives a possible explanation to the NINETEEN MINUS FIVE game.

  488. Dave Says:

    well another exciting night on the mint 2 hours 21 mins for the first right answer, and 25 mins later still only the one right answer, so 2 hours 45 mins one right answer all night, but the keeps saying the answers are so easy, cannot be that easy as by my guess there must of been well over 100 hundred answer given excluding the repeated ones, will this be the only right answer of the night ?

  489. Dave Says:

    bloody hell 3 hours 15 mins, and still only one correct answer, how long they going to make this last for, and all at 5x’s the money, and god knows how many turbo rounds were they take more calls than normal !! they must know very few going to go.

    just getting annoying now 😦

  490. Dave Says:

    3.22am and 195 answers given inc repeat ones, and still only one correct answer, now I am worried how fixed it is !!

  491. Dave Says:

    now got to 4.10am and they dropped the prize money right down, and started to give clues, nice to give clues after 4 hours and only one right answer, pity they dropped the prize money right down, but not really a supprise 😦

  492. alex Says:

    dave welcome to ITVPLAY the con ..when the money goes too 3x 4x 5x THERE WILL NEVER BE A WINNER theyre doing that to get callers and trust me its getting worse they are giving away less and less and im hoping that its because less and less people are calling for numbers games NOONE has ever won a large cash proze UNTIL they decide that they need to gove some away the money drops and they literally tell u the answer…when i see numbers game on at the start i just switch over now because u know noone will win…and after offerin upto £50000 for a right answer can u believe they change game and offer £100 for a snake question..yet again that proves its all one MASSIVE con .

  493. Dave Says:

    after having the money up and down the 2x 3x 4x 5x scale, they finally paid a winner when it was back to normal money ie £2000 then immediatly put it back up to triple money, that was after 1 hr 45 mins of the programme, now 2 hrs and 20mins into the prog they have still only given away the one prize of £2000

    now I am starting to worry it is just a con, how many calls have they taken in this time ??

  494. Dave Says:

    cannot believe again they only paid out on one answer, how sad is that £2000 all the time they on ITV1

  495. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    A source has revealed that Quiz Call has today axed staff and is cutting back hours.

    From tomorrow Quiz Call will start at 8pm and they will no longer be broadcasting during the day.

  496. alex Says:

    tonights scam DOUBLE____ lowest prize is £10000 which means there will be NO winner guranteed..

    In an hour or so money wuill go down to £2000 and we will have one winner so god damn predictable.

  497. alex Says:

    double gloucester hahahha must rank with one of the more obvious answers….loooool

  498. Jack Says:

    Bev should go gym… i like big girls but even brian is looking attractive compared to her

  499. alex Says:

    yeah she lookslike a bulgarian shot putter….lol

  500. alex Says:

    and as per usual they leave without giving any of the other answers 2 right answers in 3 and a 1/2 hours but they were EASY allegedly..what a fuckin con

  501. alex Says:

    tonights con is

    night>>>?? 2 hrs and 1 right answer fuckin shambles

  502. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    It’s all change once again on ITV Play.

    Last night it was revealed that Quizmania’s broadcasting hours will be cut from 6 to just 3 every weeknight.

    Filling the gap in the schedule will be the less than play-a-long… Playdate!

    Coincidence maybe, but on-air morale last night seemed low and presenter Lee Baldry commented that Tuesay will be his last show – we do hope he was being serious.

    From Monday, Quizmania will be on-air from 10pm till 1am.

  503. alex Says:

    im hoping this is due to a drastic reduction in people calling cos surely ony imbeciles will waste 75p these days ….

  504. JC Says:

    does anyone know what the answers were for last night (11?12 nov)

    Tea _____?


  505. STEVE Says:






  506. STEVE Says:

    surprisingly only CHINA was guessed.
    such easy answers. NOT

  507. Mr Obsessed Says:

    China was not guessed.

    After the ITV Play account department confirmed to the producers that they had made £50,000+ in calls from this competition that went on for HOURS and HOURS they finally just gave it away with the none-too-subtle clue:


    All for the usual crappy £1500 prize – a disgrace.

  508. alex Says:

    is yolly not only the ugliest but most annoying of all these presenters same script every 10 mins..

  509. Alan Says:

    The CH_N_ clue was so funny. A poor old lady called and the presenter, knowing it was now a giveaway said “Yes, Kathlene, and what is your answer. “CHING” she said, and the presenter asked her to spell it! “It’s NOT right!”. Poor old thing, they should have been charitable and paid her!.

    Maybe I’m strange but Yolly is yummy.

  510. alex Says:

    sorry alan you need to get out more yolly is a shocker she has a face that looks as if it was the result of artificial insemination of a horse into a goat:p

  511. Alastair Says:

    A new and interesting tactic used tonight. At the start they have put up one of those word ladders, but have done a simple one for £2k each prize…

    ELECTRIC ……..

    So the answers blanket, fence and guitar (obvious answers) were guessed in the first 10 minutes. Then they said that the game would end in 10 minutes. So the ladder that doesn’t have 15 million possibilites has been put up to give away some small sums of money at the start of the show (a new tactic as before they did those obvious “find the word” wheel puzzles), then they end the game and then…. well, then they will probably either put up a ladder with 15 million possibilities or go to one of those Add the Numbers “puzzles”.

    Oh look, the new puzzle is for “HEAD …..” . Wonder how many hundreds of possibilities there are!?


  512. Ged Says:

    I have to say, I have a cheek to say anything bad against this show because I did manage to win £15k however that was right at the beginning and it was using a web entry. I do think that sadly it has become another ITV money making machine…

    I watched one night for about 3 hours on and off and the entire time ONE answer was guessed on a tower game… the money went all the way up to £20,000 per guess but unsurprisingly the correct answer went when it was back down at £2,000….£2,000 they gave away ALL night. I wonder how much they made?

    I would LOVE someone to come through and snatch the really obscure top answer on the tower game when they’re doing the “6 x the money” and it’s at something ridiculous like £60,000… which of course is only because they KNOW that no one is going to guess it but plenty of people will think ‘oh £60k, phone in!”… I genuinely feel for people with Gambling addictions… We don’t have people parading into the homes of alcoholics at night with bottles of booze do we?

  513. Alastair Says:

    Ged – your comparing of addictions is exactly right. It must be terrible for people with gambling addictions to keep away from this kind of stuff. Also, people who have bad debts and can see no conceivable way out of them may see this as some kind of lifeline, when infact it is much more likely to be a route into more money trouble.

    Tonight they are going with the same type of game as last night. Start with an easy ladder that has a minimal number of possible answers, then move on to one with a lot lot more possible (and probably non-obvious) answers.

  514. Alastair Says:

    What happened to “Big Money Thursday” then? Their prize values seem to be dropping – perhaps people aren’t phoning in anymore? Thank goodness for that!

  515. alex Says:

    yeah i know i see the famous wheels and taxi games back what a rip

  516. alex Says:

    i recieved an reply today from ofcome regarding this pile of pish thats is a con and ofcom seem happy to stand by it saying they do nothing illegal and go on to say that sometimes the presenters maybe get “over zealous” but constantly reassure people that FREE web entry is available and the answers are ALL in the boundaries for the programme.and they also go on to say that the programme reserves the right not to tell people how they reach an answer….if you ask me it just goes to show ofcom are just an front and do nothing to respectthe integrity of the great british viewing public..a total fuckin con also ..

  517. Sam S Says:

    Well all the presenters repeat every message in triplicate – yet this does not apply to the web entry message. eg

    “Get dialling, pick up that phone and dial claim your money. I am just dying to give this money to a caller! YOUR MONEY!! this money could be yours. You can also enter via the web, nut this money has got to be won. One you lucky callers WILL WIN £60,000!! One of you will win. Imagine what you could do with that money!! Imagine what you could do. Just think of how you could spend that cash come call now your cash!!”

    GED you were one of the lucky early birds. There used to be a frequent number of winners with high prizes earlier in the show when it first started airing.

    Anyone who has seen ‘The Sting’ or knows about confidence tricks will know that once someone has seen some one else win they will imagine themselves winning as easily – often a small personal gain will lead to re-investment of that gain to make more.

    OFCOM = OFCON an empty vessel

  518. alex Says:

    itv make your play who is this new lass with a voice that sounds similar to a doberman on its period….

  519. Anita Says:

    I have won the show THE MINT twice with huge prizes. how?

    Because unlike most people I have a plan. I record each wrong answer that people give and write it down. I do not phone in until 2 or 3 hours into the game. And I only play the word games. And you have to make sure your answer is not obvious.

    however, I totally agree THE MINT and MAKE YOUR PLAY are scams and frauds. I do hate them. But even more I hate the stupid people who phone in with no plan or strategy but simply acting on impulse tempted by the money.

  520. Anita Says:

    I want to thank the writer called DAVID who complained to OFCOM about the show MAKE YOUR PLAY.

    Once again tonight’s scam was a number adding puzzle, and at the end there was NO EXPLANATION. What a load of rubbish.

    In case you’re interested the puzzle is below and you have to add the miles – and the answer was 95:

    BOLTON 4 miles
    WIDNES 12 miles
    FORMBY 23 miles

  521. Janice Says:

    Come on you clever clogs how the hell do you get 95. Using as before (other puzzles) the m – my working out was in the thousands – Just totallly confused.

  522. signin Says:

    I suggest you take a look at the signup script…

  523. Mr Brown Says:

    I took the bait!

    This isn’t the first time I have wasted my time on The Mint. I thought I would give the “Free Web Entry” a go from the website for the 3rd night in my life. On each occasion I have maxed out my allowance of entries (100-150 I think) on the website with the occasional chance to call in on the free number about 8 times out of 150 entries. Needless to say I had never got onto the show!

    I would like to know if anyone has ever got onto the show this way before, I have entered about 450 times through the website and given the opportunity to call in about 25 out of that which were unsucessfull! Yeah I know, your thinking sad git trying that many times, but I have got insomnia and a couple of times I had convinced myself I had a correct answer! also, I would use googles auto fill to fill out the form lol!


    This is an unfair show, giving people false hope and keeping people up to late! with an impossible probability of actually getting on the show. ITV have let themselves down with this rubbish

  524. Mr Carey Says:

    OK like a fool we sat and watched ‘The Mint’ last night, its not the first time but like fools we had 5 attempts phoning in and as you can guess we didnt get through. But then you get caught in this annoying trap of just wanting to know what the answers are…… be prepared for a very long wait and then you may not get to see the answers!

    last night we seen the scam unfold before our eyes….. the first game was for £2000 wins for each word following ‘AFTER……’ easy and every person that called won. it was over in less than an hour. great way to start a show and get us all hooked……

    But not realising at the time, that was the first part of the scam…. i mean seeing all these people win so easy with the first correct answers….. how hard can this be?!?!

    so the second word/contest starts…… the word being ‘OVER…..’ first caller wins £10,000 wow so easy….. oh wow great this really is such easy money to win….hmmm…… 2 hours went past….. all the crap being told to us about ‘no calls’ ‘its so easy’ ‘phone in if you dont you can regret it’ and the worst one to me was ‘ dont sit there thinking i never have any luck i never win anything….make your own luck give us a call’. CRAP!

    I studied what was going on…… there is a possible 50 or more words that can go after OVER…… and The Mint guys have them all written down then as a viewer/caller says one of them hey just delete them from the list…..the thing is after 2 hours people seem to forget what words have gone before so we hear people repeating words. so the 50 + words never get completed…..bloody scam…… then i asked my wife hey it makes you wonder if the people who do actually win are people set up by the producers and part of the ITV team to make the general public believe there are actual winners hmmmm……. think about it why would they give away money if they are already ripping you off.

    If they have nothing to hide then why at 4.30am when we have all stayed up waiting for the answer dont they give it to us?!?!?! because the answer is ‘SCAM’

  525. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    If you’re going to play these games give yourself a better chance of not repeating someone else’s answer by checking out the following

    ITV play has OTE of 27 Million in the first year. RIP OFF TV the sooner it’s off the screens the better and the only way to achieve that is for people to stop calling these shows!


  526. Dave Says:

    Has anyone even tried to get through to ITV play via web entry recently?

    Limit is 150 times a night – maybe 40 get through to final stage (maybe 1 or 2 to The Mint) – none in over 600 attempts this week successful in getting through to speak to the studio though!

    Don’t ever phone (waste of money!) – don’t even bother via the web – complete waste of your time.

    ITV reckon you have as much chance via the web as via the phone – however even though tried via the web tonight on Quizmania never got through – although heard the same 3 or 4 people get through 3 or 4 times during that time (are they ITV employees we wonder????????????).

    Crap programming – BIG BIG BIG con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t get involved if you are sensible!

  527. Dave Says:

    There you go another 150 web entries – same as last night – 3 phone calls to the Mint – not through to studio though!

    Don’t waste your time – 0215 hours how many people have paid for their 75p a time phone calls tonight?

    HARD _____________ – already taken about 63 calls on this one (thats only calls to the studio though) – and surprise surprise have they paid out any money yet? NO……….

    Probably really obscure answers just like their TEA __________ queston a couple of weeks ago………….

    CON CON CON CON – and I not even wasted any money on this scam!

  528. Alastair Says:

    …and what is with this Mr and Ms Mint thing? They are judging it on looks and the winner wins £5,000. Is this not discrimination?

    They certainly seem to be going on with this idea of a couple of easy word ladders for small bucks with obvious answers, then a much tougher one with much less-obvious answers. The first ladder was completed in 20 mins with 5 answers guessed for small bucks. The next one has been on for an hour and 40 minutes (I know because I have just watched 2 episodes of Lost – a quality TV programme – before turning back after they had finished) and they have only got one revealed answer on there.

    Oh and the guy has just revealed that their are ‘two answers that are as obvious as the ‘hard disc’ answer’. Right, so that means that the other four answers are not obvious then…

    But the good thing appears to be that their prizes are for much less money, which suggests that people are waking up to the idea that they are only going to rack up large phone bills and have stopped phoning. If it carries on like this then this kind of television surely doesn’t have a future. Everyone rejoice!

  529. jc Says:

    20 grand for hamburger snakeword… i’m not suprised after fleecing people on that ballon number game for so long.

  530. WENDY Says:

    But , did you see the looks on thier faces , when they thought that the woman ringing, Had dialed the number by accident

  531. alex Says:

    what i cannot workout is why the hell do people still call them in there 1000s when they know its so god damn rigged and the chances of winning big money is hundreds of 1000s if not more to one..ive done in the past few weeks since ive started writing on here an study ive made the following..

    6000 free web entries sad i know but had to see..which equates to 150x 40 days..

    of the 6000 free web entries i was given a pincode 57 times..which is just less than 100/1 .

    of the 57 pin codes 0 put through to the studio…

    so you count that up 6000 x 75p = £4,500 if as they say web entries are treated the same .£4,500 not to even get put through i mean seriously..ive forwarded dates entries and bla bla t ofcom see wot they say bout that but surely these stats are enough to put normal people off and go take a holiday somewhere.

  532. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    I believe there are a number of reason why people call these shows:-

    Addiction (Gambling)
    Debt (Quick Fix get out(Keep dreaming))
    Laziness (Can’t be bothered to get a job)

    Which ever way you slice it these types of show are praying on the weak and exploiting them to make a quick buck. I don’t think OFCOM will do a thing about these shows unless they break their code of conduct the only hope that this nauseating carp TV is removed is that the government changes the laws that allow these channels to operate in the fashion that they do.


  533. Nadia Says:

    I nearly called in last night but thought fuck-it, I’ll keep the money and buy a paper.
    ITV are wank.
    Anyone see the answers for OUT…….. 🙂

  534. john Says:

    This show makes me want to go beyond the legitmate lengths to stop the illegitimate lengths they go to, to decieve people. These morally corrupt presenters through to producers need stoping. Anyone feel the same? It will be dirty work.

  535. Yosef Says:

    Why are people getting on the back of these shows, they offer you a free web entry which I’ve won on serval times, ITV rock and i say good luck to them, as for entertainment this is one of my favourite shows, I’d love to go to the mansion if anyone could arrange it

  536. john Says:

    Their all morally corrupt bastards who will eventually get whats coming to them. The laws will be changed regarding these type of shows. Until then i recommend that you resist ‘paying’ this show any attention other than to complain to your local MP and ofcom as to what an in your face con it is. Answers are determined at the producers discretion at a time they determine and most big winners are related in someway to those who are involved in the show. Sooner rather than later someone will blow the whistle on this house of cards (i have this on very good authority) and a lot of peoples shameful carrers will be over. The Great British Public shall not be used in this way anymore. FACT.

  537. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    This is not entertainment it is far from it, its a complete and utter scam to con people out of their money.


  538. Nadia Says:

    Now this is entertainment!

  539. Gavinski Says:

    I shall ask yet again…

    If it bothers you that much why watch it?? Just don’t pay the show any attention what so ever.

    It really isn’t that difficult people. It even falls under this little thing called “common sense”.

  540. alex Says:

    gavinski this is a forum to discuss things maybe you shopuld have more “common sense” than to come here preaching ya balloon

  541. mike Says:

    Well unlike you Gavinski some people dont want to cross the road and turn a blind eye to this fraudulant programme taking the money of the more vunerable peole in society. ie the elderly, the drunk, the idiots, the debt ridden and the mentally ill who are the sole targets for this drivel. Your obviously not very intelligent or possess an ounce of common sense to make such selfish and morally irresponsible remarks!

  542. Gavinski Says:

    “Your obviously not very intelligent”

    LMAO. How ironic.

  543. Dave Says:

    To Gavinski

    LMAO at you – coz u r a twat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  544. Dave Says:

    To Gavinski

    Are you employed by ITV by any chance?????????????????????

  545. Gavinski Says:

    No I am not an ITV employee, although I wouldn’t mind, as I heard they pay well. Gotta pay better than my current £35k anyway, so I wouldn’t be complainig.

    I just find it hilarious that someone cannot differentiate between “your” and “you’re”. We are talking about very very basic English.

    So if you feel like attempting to insult me, at least use English that is half decent. Fool.

  546. mike Says:

    Gavinskis its just like an unintelligent bully to change the subject and deflect critism by using minutiae. You can beat me with a grammar stick all you like but it only goes further to prove what a souless little man you are. ps you should really check your own grammar before commenting on others.

  547. stan Says:

    Grammar is just a construct anyway. I mean I generally follow it because it’s de facto necessary, but it doesn’t really represent how we speak. ‘Debt’ is pronounced ‘dett’ for example – the grammatical spelling only has a ‘b’ in it because it makes it look more like the latin ‘debitum’ (in which the ‘b’ is vocalised) and thus has more prestige (at least in some peoples’ eyes.)

    My point is this: grammar nazis are very boring and pedantic, and the cause they serve is futile. If people don’t like the way a word is spelled, they change it, which is why ‘nite’ and ‘cos’ (night/because) are both in the dictionary now.

  548. Yosef Says:

    Poor you Gavinski, only earning £35k, how do you cope?!?

  549. alex Says:

    Hey mr popular ie what grammar do you need to complete the rigged numbers games??? another number game tonight that is TOTALLY impossible to win yet fuckin retards still call i cannot believe it when will they the way 150 web entries tonight 2 pin codes no studio:D thats me up to almost £5k id have lost by phoning but its good odds…hahhaha

  550. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Well the good news from the politics show this weekend is that these programs are going to be under investigation from a number of leading MP’s. They are looking to have these programs fall under one category and also to make them publish the odd on your changes of winning.

    On the subject of Grammar I will openly admit my grammar is awful but grammar alone does not dictate the intelligence of a person as it hasn’t stopped me running a highly successful and lucrative business. I have found that people who fall back on grammar as proof of there level of intelligence more often than not have little or no common sense as their through process is too constructed.

    So put that in your dictionary and smoke it ;o).



  551. alex Says:

    could not agree more steve well said.

  552. Lee Says:

    Just wanted to point out to Gavinski, seeing he is so up on his grammer, that the word ‘complaining’ is spelt ‘COMPLAINING’ NOT ‘COMPLAINIG’.

  553. mike Says:

    EXCLUSIVE…………………..The chief executive of the BBC, David Grade, has resigned to take over the vacant itv chief executive position. And there will is no doubt he will be taking a long hard look at this this image blackening show and begin the necessary steps to remove these fraudsters of our screens. That is if i understand his tradionalist broadcasting reputation right. The Mint and all the gutter ‘scum’ associated with it should be soiling themselves when they hear the news.

  554. jim Says:

    The forces of good are moving and starting to close ranks on this evil medium. Lets hope these fraudulant blackmailers will be of our screens early next year and that the scandal ruins all of them. Cmon democracy and bring it on justice!

  555. alex Says:

    Mike i do hope so too however money talks and when he saw howmuch his scam brought in he would prob be forced to keep it cos itv aint in a good financial position..

  556. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Alex is correct ITV are in a right financial state and I really cant see Michael Grade (not David Grade mike he he ) taking the biggest earner for ITV off the air. I can see him using the funds to get back some of the programs they have lost to sky and cable TV.

    Still we can live in hope :O)


  557. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Granny sparks telly quiz phone charge probe

    Not-minted ma-in-law miffed

    By Tony Dennis: Monday 27 November 2006, 15:00

    AN ELDERLY woman who ran up a £190 phone bill mostly by calling ITV Play’s The Mint show has sparked an inquest into TV quiz phone charges.
    Her son-in-law just so happens to be the new incumbent as chairman of ICSTIS – the premium rate telephony enforcer.

    Sir Alistair Graham told the FT that his mother-in-law “had a shock” after trying to compete in the TV quiz show.

    Consequently he’s summoned the key providers – Endemol (Big Brother), Freemantle Media (Pop Idol) and ITV Play (The Mint) for talks over their charges.

    Even a call which is unanswered can cost the caller between 60 and 75 pence. Some mobile phone calls users also don’t realise it is costing them up to £1.50 to receive texts – not just the cost of sending the message.

    Sir Alistair also railed against the name for the body he chairs, ICSTIS, which he described as being “bloody awful”.

    The problem goes beyond that, however. Strictly speaking ICSTIS isn’t a regulator since it doesn’t set any regulations. It just enforces them. But that will change in 2008 when it takes on the job of monitoring the use of 0871 numbers from 2008 when the responsibility is devolved from the actual regulator – Ofcom.

    Graham also highlighted another danger. Since adverts will become increasingly popular as a means of targeting mobile phone users, strictly speaking they could complain to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

    In essence, mobile phone users with a complaint could find themselves being passed between three separate agencies. Not an ideal situation


  558. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    TV quiz shows which can charge viewers as much as 75p for phone calls even if they do not get through are a “lottery” not a test of skill, MPs have heard.

    The Commons culture committee heard some channels enticed customers with easy questions and big prizes, without stating only 0.5% of calls get through.

    Nick Rust, managing director of Sky Bet, said he thought most quizzes were a “legal lottery”.

    He called for greater regulation to make the industry more “transparent”.

    ‘Hooked on shows’

    The MPs want to know whether the public is being given enough information on the cost of calls, the chances of winning and the size of phone bills run up by viewers.

    Mr Rust said TV quiz show phone-ins should be classified as gambling, which would mean they were “properly regulated”.

    Martin Le Jeune, BSkyB’s head of public affairs, said: “Our concern at the moment is that regulation is not quite keeping pace with these developments.”

    But David Brook, co-founder of the production company Optimistic Entertainment, said only a “small minority” of viewers had a problem with spending too much money on calling lines.

    “We don’t wish to encourage people to make multiple calls,” he added.

    He also said: “Hearing Sky calling for regulation is interesting considering their attitude to other parts of the media.”

    Phone-ins were “prize-based competitions” with “an element of skill – you have to know the answers to the questions”.

    The industry was already regulated by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom and phone regulator ICSTIS, Mr Brook added.

    MPs suggested the quiz shows could put up on-screen warnings for viewers, stating their chance of getting through at the time.

    But Jeff Henry, chief executive of ITV’s consumer division, said: “If we put up that there is a one in 400 chance of getting through to this line… as soon as we did that – by the time we had – it would be out of date and we would be accused of misleading you.”

    The committee wants to know how much money is being raised for the broadcasters, with ITV Play said to be on course to make a profit of £20m in its first year.

    MPs will question broadcasting minister Shaun Woodward, as well as representatives from the Gambling Commission and Ofcom.

    City of London Police are involved in an on-going fraud probe, the MPs heard.

    ICSTIS, the Gambling Commission and Ofcom are already looking at the issue.

  559. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    This is a few days old but well worth the read.

    TV quizzes under spotlight
    Simon Fluendy and Jon Rees, Mail on Sunday
    17 September 2006
    When the doorbell rings at ITV’s Mint Mansion it usually heralds a ‘celebrity’ guest such as Chris Tarrant or Dame Kelly Holmes arriving to join the fun on the late-night quiz show.
    Next time, it might be a less welcome arrival – the industry watchdog representing a furious public.
    Participation quizzes, the latest TV craze, are sparking as much outrage as they are attracting viewers. Shows such as The Mint, which runs every night for up to four hours, do not feature a studio audience, nervous participants or a famous presenter.
    Hosts, often recruited from the ranks of former Big Brother contestants, persuade viewers to ring in at 75p a time to try to answer questions that range from the ridiculously easy to plain baffling.
    But it is not the difficulty of the questions that is causing the fury. It is the cost of the phone calls, regardless of whether a participant ever gets through to the show to give an answer.
    In fact, ITV admitted last week that it makes most of its money from consumers who do not actually get through at all.
    The broadcaster reckons it will make £20m profit this year from ITV Play, with revenues running at about £60m.
    The broadcaster makes a nod in the direction of curbing potential addicts by limiting the number of calls from any one phone. But ITV’s limit is an astonishing 150 calls a day, while Channel 4 sets a ceiling of 140.
    Every time callers get through – often to a recorded message asking them to try later – they are charged a flat fee. So each household could end up paying more than £100 a day without even the consolation of trying their hand at the quizzes. ITV claims the average spend is £6 a week for each caller.
    Such shows are now responsible for 15% of complaints to communications regulator Ofcom. Other agencies such as Icstis, which controls the premium-rate phone industry, have handled floods of calls. The genre also causes concern among charities over the dangers of gambling addiction.
    One firm has been raided by City of London Police fraud detectives, three separate regulators are investigating the new industry, and even Gordon Brown has criticised the shows for exploiting the poor.
    In just two years, an entire industry has grown up around participation quizzes, with dozens of budget channels flooding homes through satellite, cable and Freeview services.

    PHONE FURY: Callers who do not get through make the most money for participation quizzes
    The big boys are also involved. ITV launched ITV Play in April, while Channel 4 has Quiz Call. Five offers similar shows in the early hours of Friday and Saturday. Interestingly, Sky has not joined in for fear of damaging its reputation.
    The shows are a boon as an alternative source of income for an industry seriously affected by a downturn in advertising, which this year is likely to fall about seven%. Quiz shows are cheap to produce and though advertising revenues are small since audiences are typically only 200,000 a night, the call revenue is huge.
    Chris Banatvala, Ofcom director of standards, said: ‘The level of anger has been shooting up. Last year, we received 500 complaints from the public. We passed that number in the first six months of this year and the rate of calls has continued to rise.’
    Ofcom is working closely with City police over allegations about Big Game TV, whose offices were raided in May. Financial Mail understands that a former employee tipped off authorities that calls were all being answered, but no one was actually getting through to answer the question. Big Game TV’s solicitors said the firm denied the allegations.
    Ofcom is also looking into scores of complaints that the shows change the answers to questions to prevent viewers winning or cheat them in other ways. But it is also conducting a deeper review.
    ‘The central question to us is whether the shows cause harm,’ said Banatvala. Icstis has already tightened rules to ensure that shows make it clear how much a call costs and gives some idea of the chances of getting through. Working with Ofcom, it now expects companies to give quiz answers to a third party to ensure that no cheating can occur.


  560. x_sassey_x Says:

    I Got through to This Morning Puzzlebook yesterday.I was about to go on air to give my answer The Love Bug,to find me getting transferrred to the winning line by their mistake.

    With that happening I missed out on getting through to the studio because I couldnt be transerred back to give my answer.
    I was told by the gentleman on the winning line they would phone me back right away and put me through to the Studio…..THIS NEVER HAPPEND…!!!

    About 5 -10 minutes later someone said my winning answer….I was still waiting for them to phone me back…I did email the with my answer,so they DO know about this.

    I NEVER HAD ANY REPLY BACK…So,I emailed again..This time in the email I told them I wasnt happy with what they did.,I explained what had happened and asked them to get back to me with a resolution to the matter….I waited….STILL NO REPLY…..

    I got fed up with their IGNORANCE,SSSO I ended up emailing ITV PLAY…..!!!

    GUESS WHAT…?????

    I personally think they DONE GIVE A S**T …!!!


    The only one I do think SEEMS to be fair out of them all is QUIZMANIA…!!!

  561. jc Says:

    last couple of nights it seems that they cannot give it away quick enough! 5 stack answers gone in twenty mins!!!

    maybe the realise the game is up.

  562. jc Says:

    … or perhaps ofcom finally pulled its fat finger out of its fat lazy arse and did something… this is more like it… people WINNING!!!

  563. Matt Says:

    Quick answer for those who fancy a go at theese shows. Just use the free web entry. Costs nothing apart from time and patience “although i must say i wouldnt bother myself”.

    I can fully understand why people have a go, 10k as it is tonight can solve a lot of peoples problems BUT if you wanna gamble a few quid on a chance of winning some big bucks then simply add the difference 25p and buy a premium bond, yes i know you need to buy 100 quid at a time but you can loose 100 quid on theese guys within 1 night. the good thing about premium bonds is you can always cash them in, OK you loose a little due to inflation etc but it is minimal on small amounts and you never know you could win BIG.

    I dont like theese programmes but i have to say if the BBC said tommorw they were starting a similar programme and scrapping the licence fee i would leap with joy ! Its fair enough to get mad at ITV for money making but lets face it at least they dont force you to play and part with your cash like BBC and goverment do for BBC repeated crap !

    And to be fair to the presenters, yes they are annoying but common guys they are only making a living, you know kids, bills etc like the rest of us. And as they are probably on 50k plus a year for doing it would you turn it down ???

  564. jc Says:

    premium onds… oh shut up

  565. alex Says:

    jc that happens a lot some nights like once every cpl weeks they will give away a few winners in one night…gets people hooked into believing you can actually win when infact you have a snowball in hells astonishingly what ofcom”forget” when they say this programme is “above board” is the following.

    All calls are random >>>>>>.LIES

    We do not know when calls will come through>>>>LIES

    If this was the case why could they suddenly decide to have a turbo round????? they know exactly when to let cals through…tonight i have watched this shi for 20 mins and seen 3 calls through to the studio..biggest con ever to be allowed in the history of broadcasting.

  566. Joe Says:

    I see gavinski is telling us all if it bothers us that much to just turn off. What he doesn’t realise is that we do but unlike him we have morals. We know that there is people who are still falling into this trap ITV have set, who haven’t got a proper understanding of what they are being encouraged to do, effectively enticing people to gamble. I believe that ITV are going to have serious issues to deal with here and will be either told to provide gaming details during play or made to take it off the air all together. There is now a serious problem with personal debt in this country and for a company as big as ITV to go down this line, enticing people to phone in to win is only going to make things worse. In my opinion ITV should be ashamed, they have irreparably damaged their brand

  567. Joe Says:

    and another thing gavinski, if ITV lawyers find out your on this site speaking on behalf of them they would tell you to clam up, as responses from you could be deemed the official stance and if you end up saying anything which is not there policy you would be in breach of your contract with them. So for your own sake, Shut up

  568. Joe Says:

    sorry gavinski, just noticed from an earlier contact that you dont work for itv bit your still a plonker this is a site, yes for debate but not for some arrogant arse who thinks hes a know it all. No one with a brain can seriously defend what is happening and any one who does probably has never been in the situation where money is short.

  569. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    On the news last night it was reported that a group of MP’s had the people that run in the Quiz channels in for a grilling and in the same story there was a young man in rochdale that ran up an 8.5k phone bill in one month. The reason he kept trying (his word) ” I had a couple of wins one small one and one for a couple of grand and it was so easy” guess he fell for the honey trap.


  570. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Not Playing Fair On TV
    Updated: 16:02, Tuesday November 28, 2006

    TV quiz shows which generate thousands of calls a night from viewers have themselves been quizzed by MPs.

    It is part of a Government an inquiry into the Call TV shows, which encourage people to call in at premium rates.

    Callers are often left hanging on the line, without any guarantee of being put on air, despite paying 75p a minute.

    Among the first to give evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee was Jeff Henry from the channel ITV Play.

    He tried to justify why viewers were not told the odds of getting through by saying the figures changed too quickly.

    Tory MP Nigel Evans hit back saying: “The reason you don’t put the odds of people getting through on screen is the people would not phone.”

    The committee is examining:

    :: The procedures for handling calls from viewers

    :: Information provided to viewers on the costs of calls and their chances of participating and winning

    :: The role of Call TV quiz shows in raising income for broadcasters

    :: The impact, financial or otherwise, of participation on viewers

    :: Whether further regulation of Call TV quiz shows is required.

    Potentially there is big money in TV quiz shows, with costs of £1,000 per hour of broadcasting and a daily revenue of £20,000 from phone calls.

    Profit margins are 15% and above.

  571. alex Says:

    i tell you someothing else for nothing these b^^^^^ds that present the show should never again be allowed to work anywhere how they can live with themselves is astonishing and there days are numbered cos no matter where they try work they will always be the people that LURED,CONNED,RIPPED OFF, the uk public.

  572. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    To be fair they are x list celebs and were lucky to get the rip off job they currently have.


  573. Alastair Says:

    Did anyone hear the piece on BBC2’s Jeremy Vine show earlier today? It was only on for about 20 minutes, unfortunately. But there was a chap on there who said that they should be made to display, on the screen, the current chances of getting through to the studio. He reckoned that the chances of getting through were about 7000:1. So, on that basis, if you make 150 calls a day you should get through to the studio once in about a month and a half of calling (estimated cost £5,000).

    For those people who have said that it is good to see some people winning – this appears to be their tactic now, at the start of the show. They put up a simple word ladder with a smaller number of possible answers and, hey presto, people start winning with obvious answers. Then they stop that puzzle after about 15 minutes and put up another one for similar amounts of money. However, the new one that they put up has a lot more possible answers. So people start phoning up thinking their answer must be up there. But, surprise surprise, the number of winners drops.

    However, on a positive note, have you all noticed how the prize money seems to have dropped over the past couple of weeks. They don’t appear to be giving away the tens of thousands that they were for word ladders previously. This surely means that people are not phoning in in their masses anymore, doesn’t it?


  574. alex Says:

    tonights latest scam is “find the animal”

    f s e b g r a t d o c m g h w l

    it was triple money for ages and can u believe the 2nd caller after it dropped to £1000 from £3000 it was won hmmmmm..

  575. Thr Great Britsh Public Says:

    Itv have always known this show would be pulled after a year or so, but they thought why not make as much money as we can, while we can get away with it.

    These shows will be removed form our screens.but the real losers wiil be those who have lost thousands and will not be entiltitled to any legal recourse. Ofcom and the rest of these corruptable organisations should feel ashamed for not acting sooner.

    Lets hope they all lose their jobs. After all they have failed in their job and let the Great British Public down. And anyone coming on here agreeing with what is said but then plugging quiz mania are also gutterscum ccuunnttss.

    people arnt as stupid as you and your pathetic attempts to add credibility to this television concept. My only hope is michael grade will end this monoply on itv shows making money from premium phone numbers.

  576. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Not only has the prize money dropped that they are giving away the mint is now only 2 cars and not the 100K growing at a pound per minute on air I guess this is because that the price of the two cars is around 50k and will not rise.


  577. JonC Says:

    Ok the balloon game, they proposed the answer the other night, as 518, so its more complicated than anyone could imagine.

    But I think I understand

    Criptic Logic first, why call it The Balloon Game!? Why not the hot air balloon, or The Balloons Games (as there is more than one) …. therefore the word balloon can not refer to the hot air balloons on the picture.

    So the alternative meaning of Balloon :- “to multiply or increase at a rapid rate: Membership has ballooned beyond all expectations.”

    So each balloon has a weighted value 1 for the first 2 for the second and three for the third. This however isn’t totally the picture, because it says add up the numbers, numbers meaning numerals so you have to factor the Roman Numerals into the equation as well, these being I (Ninety) and IX (Six) these have a seperate set of rules.

    I believe the minus as it is on the right hand side of the equation applies to all the figures


    ((44-6) * 1) + ((80 – 6) * 2) + ((90 – 6) * 3) + (90 – I) – IX = 518

    38 + 148 + 252 + 89 – 9 = 518

    In short the only way so win .. is not to play

  578. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Christ that was more complicated than the old Nine-Teen minus Five one and how on earth do they expect anyone to get it…o that just it they don’t expect anyone to get it they just want to keep scamming money out of people…These shows are immoral and disgusting.


  579. x_sassey_x Says:

    I really liked the shows at 1st but now they are getting greedy and arn’t interested in sorting any problems out….

    I had a problem with puzzlebook earlier this week….!!!

    They finally admiitted to being at fault,but wont pay out…

    Ive tried to sort it out with them but they DONT CARE….

    Usually Puzzlebook are GREAT..but…the main ITV PLAY people are standing by them….


    I actually got the positive ding dong bells and was waiting to go through to the studio…i even had Tims voice on the other end of my telephone…..but they are adiment I wasnt even on the stiudiio line….and I KNOW….I WAS…..!!!

    Wish I knew who to take this matter to to get it resoved,because ITV PLAY or PUZZLEBOOK are NOT helping…!!


  580. x_sassey_x Says:


  581. alex Says:

    x its really your word against theres and sadly itv have got more clout advice would be steer clear and spread the word that this is nothing short of a complete con.i see tonight theyre getting the XMAS IS COMING YOU NEED THE MONEY through a that statement is directed at the needy obviously who then think yeah gee £10k would give us an amazing xmas when infact all its going to do is as we all is make people worse off..its so f****n obvious they target those in need sick of them and wish to god could make a point like this somewhere that would be noticed on a much larger scale.

  582. x_sassey_x Says:


  583. Warlord Says:

    Thank God for this website – otherwise I would have squandered some of my money on these shows which are a total scam and Con.

    Thanks guys. And by the way, JonC, you are so so SAD. To think that you actually care what the answer was.

  584. Warlord Says:

    I want to add one more thing…

    ITV is not the only guilty party here. The stupid people who call these shows like The Mint ARE CHEATING THEMSELVES. Nobody put a gun next to their head and told them to call. Stupid people deserve to get conned.

    If you want to make serious money, try the stock market. You can make on average £1,000 in one hour trading US stocks.

  585. alex Says:

    warlord you forgot to mention you can also lose £1,000 in 2 minutes on the stock exchange..anywhere theres risk theres always going to be disappointments but why take the risk of phoning a f****g show where you be as well saying ill stay on the line charge me 75p a min cos i know i wont get through then when my 150 daily miit amounts reached cut me off simple as…

    there was a bit about this in the sunday mail a while back and the sunday mail sat one night and called over 250 times…now they didnt obviously get through but they shows that the 150 daily limit is not there for anyother reason than someone told them they better put it there so it looks good..

    So the next numbers game i would love to see is 150 x 500x 5 You can all call me with the answer and its SO easyand ill only charge 74p;p

  586. alex Says:

    the reasoning for the 150 is laughable limit daily
    500 is ofcom complaints monthly
    5 is bout to be unemployed retards who present it

    i was gonna write do gays count but not politicaly correct…lol

  587. Warlord Says:

    Alex – I agree with most of what you say. The 150 call limit is just a ploy to satisfy Ofcom, you are right.

    However, you said that you can lose £1000 in 2 minutes on the stock exchange. Yes, that is true – IF you don’t know what you are doing. BUT YOU CAN LIMIT YOUR LOSS by means of a STOP LOSS – which means you instruct your broker to cut your losses short if the share prices begin to fall against you. Sorry to bore everyone.

    On THE MINT, the best way to cut your losses is to watch the show for 20 minutes and laugh at the stupid and naive people who phone the show and give ridiculous answers!

  588. Dave Says:

    Alex – not PC – sorry m8

    Why don’t you stick ur head back up ur ass where it belongs.

    Stupid Cunt!

  589. Dave Says:

    Why hide behing a chat forum if u r so homophobic – u a little scared twat? – reason why – reckon most gays could kick the shit out of u m8!

  590. Dave Says:

    Why hide behing a chat forum if u r so homophobic – u a little scared twat? – reason why – reckon most gays could kick the shit out of u m8!

    Narrow minded little twats like you r the people who ring the Mint in the first place!

  591. Dave Says:

    – and if u fancy ur luck – give us ur email addy!

  592. Brad Says:

    yes fair enough, they do give you free web entry but have you tried entering the mint via the web?? It takes about 57 go’s before you get a succesful entry and then your answer has allready been said! fuking rip off!!!!!!

  593. Dave – last time I checked we live in a democracy where we can express our opinions without abuse from short-tempered bigots like yourself.

    May God have mercy on your repressed-homosexual sweet white ass. Amen.

  594. Warlord Says:

    Neo, Dave ‘aint repressed. He really IS a c**ksucker.
    can we please talk about the mint please?

  595. yo-yo Says:

    Please people, if you don’t want to play then don’t spoil it for the rest of us, winning money on itv play has possivelty changed my life, how else are we sopposed to get quick money.

  596. Alastair Says:

    Yes, I bet it has changed a lot of other people’s lives too – in a very negative way. For every nice success story there are many many more stories from people who are caught out thinking they have a chance of winning money, persuaded by the comments of the presenters, who then go on to rack up huge phone bills. It has been suggested, on a recent Radio 2 show, that the chances of a person phoning through and actually getting through to the studio to give their answer might be as low as 7000/1. Then they have to get the right answer…

    For gambling addicts and people who are in debt, seeing a show like this – where quick and big money is being offered for a seemingly simple thing – is often too tempting. It is those type of people. the people who don’t have the money to lose, who stand to lose most. So it is great for those that win, but they are a minority.

    The prizes appear to have gone down in recent weeks so with any luck it is the beginning of the end.

  597. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Alastair I argee totally and Yo yo try working for your money!


  598. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    £3,000 phone bill for quiz show addict
    Brian Lashley (Manchester Evening News)

    A DISABLED woman ran up telephone bills of £3,000 by trying to win money from TV phone quizzes to buy a mobility scooter.

    Julie Ellison, 38, said she became addicted to TV phone quizzes, including ITV’s The Mint and other competitions run by the broadcaster.

    A committee of MPs has started an inquiry into TV phone-in quizzes and Stockport Labour MP Ann Coffey has tabled a Parliamentary question as part of the inquiry.
    Advertisement your story continues below

    Ms Coffey said: “It absolutely highlights the problem and how much these TV companies are raking in.”

    She added: “She has as much chance of winning the jackpot as she has of winning it on a one armed bandit.”

    Ms Ellison, from Newton Heath, suffered burns to 40 per cent of her body in a house fire last year and is unable to walk.

    She says she became addicted to the quizzes when the pain left her unable to sleep at night

    She was convinced she could win the £100,000 jackpot on The Mint and bombarded the programmes with calls. When her landline was cut off after she couldn’t pay the bill, she began using her mobile, which was also cut off.

    She said she was only ever greeted by a recorded message and was never connected to the studio.

    Phone-in quiz shows are a growing phenomenon and contestants can pay anything from 60p to 75p on a landline phone and about £1.50 on a mobile phone.

    Some people are said to be racking up bills of more than £100 a night trying to get through to answer very simple questions.

    Julie said: “When I first saw the programmes, I thought it was easy and I could win some money to get a mobility scooter.

    “I just kept ringing them and ringing them, but I never got through. It became an addiction.

    “I’ve tried to stop, but I can’t. I still ring them now, but it’s down to three or four times a night.

    “I’ve got a pay-as-you-go mobile now and I try not to put much credit on it.

    “I feel like I’ve been ripped off and that these programmes just prey on people who are lonely.” In her submission to the inquiry by the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee, Ms Coffey said she was “far from satisfied that the viewer was being treated properly”.

    An ITV spokeswoman said that she could not comment Ms Ellison’s case because of the Data Protection Act.

    She added: “We welcome the inquiry. As responsible broadcasters, we will be cooperating fully and providing the committee with comprehensive information.

    “ITV Play prize competitions exceed all regulatory guidelines and the channel has developed an industry-leading code of conduct in relation to customer care and programme quality.”

  599. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    TV quiz phone-ins face probe
    Sean Poulter, Daily Mail
    11 October 2006
    Reader comments (3)
    TV quiz channels are facing a crackdown after claims that they are ripping off contestants.

    RIP-OFF: Callers have to dial in via premium rate phone lines charging 75p or £1 a time

    WANT TO KNOW MORE?Regulator set to kill off shows
    Crackdown on TV quiz shows
    Killer questions on TV quizzes
    OTHER STORIESWatchdogs hope for U-turn
    Under-fire C4 to sell quiz shows
    Quiz TV chiefs face a grilling
    Regulator set to kill off shows
    Crackdown on TV quiz shows
    FROM THE MESSAGE BOARDS…’Egg card rip-off’
    ‘I had my PPI refunded’
    ‘Barclays won’t let me cancel’
    and… ‘Barclays won’t pay’
    ‘Watch out for sneaky additions’
    LOANS INSURANCEWHY PPI? Our campaign explained
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    Q&A: Your PPI questions
    THE EDITOR’S PICKSNew section: Caring consumer
    Don’t miss: Budget winners/losers
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    Fourteen specialist channels have emerged in recent years, led by ITV Play and QuizNation, creating an industry worth £160m a year.
    Viewers are tempted with apparently simple questions and the promise of a big cash prize – sometimes as much as £30,000. Critics say, however, that viewers are unaware of the huge charges they can run up by taking part.

    Callers have to dial in via premium rate phone lines charging 75p or £1 a time to get through. There are also concerns that some viewers are becoming addicted and ringing up huge telephone bills they cannot pay. In one extreme case, reported at the weekend, an unemployed man from Rotherham amassed a phone bill of almost £9,000.

    Yesterday, ICSTIS, the watchdog responsible for premium rate telephone calls, announced it is to launch an inquiry.

    Programmes under the spotlight include ITV’s The Mint, Brain-Teaser on Channel Five and Quiz Call, which is owned by Channel 4 and shown on other channels.

    There are also specialist cable and satellite stations such as Quiz-Nation. Some of the shows are available on Freeview. ITV Play, set up to run quiz programmes and channels, hopes to make a £20million profit in its first year of operation.

    The ICSTIS inquiry will also look at premium rate phone lines used for quizzes on daytime TV shows, such as This Morning and GMTV, which have become a running joke because they are so simple. And it will investigate phone lines for TV shows such as Pop Idol, which generate millions.

    ICSTIS director George Kidd said: ‘The review is important when you think that more people vote on Big Brother or Come Dancing than in the General Election.’

    ICSTIS spokesman Rob Dwight added: ‘There is evidence that some people are getting hooked on phoning the quiz channels. They are running up debts with phone companies that they can ill afford. It may be there should be some mandatory limit on what people can spend on calls – or some kind of warning system to alert users to how much they have spent.’

    The TV watchdog, Ofcom, is also investigating complaints that viewers are being misled about their chances of winning. For example, the channels offer no information as to how many callers are on the line and trying to answer a question at any one time.

    Meanwhile, the Gambling Commission, which takes responsibility for gaming next year, is concerned the quizzes could amount to an illegal-lottery because the questions involved are so simple that any element of skill is removed.

    ITV insisted it is at the ‘high end’ of the new channels. Its phone lines are cheaper than most, with a charge of 60p-75p.

    A spokesman said: ‘We welcome the ICSTIS review as a way of improving quality in the market. ITV takes its responsibilities extremely seriously. As well as a low-cost charge, we repeatedly warn callers how many calls they have made.’

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    Ripped off by txt msg scam
    End of the line for telecom touts

    Read later
    Mail to a friend

    WANT TO KNOW MORE?Regulator set to kill off shows
    Crackdown on TV quiz shows
    Killer questions on TV quizzes


    I had a telephone bill in august for over £200 for channel 5 brain-teaser.A family member made only 4 calls. The billing started before the premium number had even been called-6 days earlier! One day 88 calls were supposedly from my line some lasting for one second in a block. My phone company weren’t much help,Icstis didn’t want to know, channel 5 just said contact my phone company!I’m banging my head against a brick wall.

    – Wayne Ross, launceston

    I have just received my phone bill which has calls to Mint for july 2006 (It’s now October.) totalling some £77. The family member who made the call says they only made about 5 calls. My bill showed 109 calls made same day with a few seconds between calls. It almost meant that the caller would have to have sat for an hour and a half pushing redial!
    Who can I complain to? This is so wrong!

    – Beryl Basson, Ilchester, Somerset

    Where stands our upright, prudent Chancellor of the Exchequer in this gambling fiasco?
    The son of a minister of the Church of Scotland?
    What of the pensions of the working class? The big City Bosses and our MPs have looked after themselves in this regard, while he has destroyed the pensions of the working man/woman who tried to look after themselves and not rely on state handouts.
    Gambling? His father will be rotating in his grave!

    – Jimmy, Glasgow

  600. yo-yo Says:

    people would just use other methods to gambling if quiz channels didn’t happen, people who have problems oversilly need help, they always say set yourself a limit.

  601. mick Says:

    Yo-yo your a souless moron. and i hope you lose everything when this fraudulant medium is brought down. The people dont need or want this shameful show.

  602. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Yo yo you make me laugh….set yourself a limit!!!! Like the limit they set for you of 150 calls what they don’t say is that if you ring passed your limit you will still get through or to a recording telling you you’re over your limit and this still cost you 75p. I pity people that are so dim witted enough to defend these types of shows it truly show the sad state of this country.

    A gambling addict will find ways to gamble but this is an intrusion into the home so for those people there is no getting away from it would you taunt an alcoholic with the chance of winning alcohol every night?

    I did read a funny story about one so called contestant who had won £5000 but it then went on to explain that in the 6 months he had been playing he had spent over 8 grand lol lol this is the exact logic that the people who play these show’s fall for.


  603. yo-yo Says:

    i am not a soulless moron mick, believe it or not i was in finical trouble and itv play help me out of it, the problem with people on this forum is the see the glass half empty, itv play could be the answer if people use it responsibly, and i believe that you don’t give the people in trouble enough credit, so on behalf on all of them i would like you to let us get on with our lives as we don’t interfere with yours, you seem got enough money this is not a worry for you.

  604. stan Says:

    I think the issue with ITV Play is not the fact that they are giving money to people, and in some cases changing a person’s life for the better, but the fact that they are misrepresenting themselves. The National Lottery has the power to change your life as well, but they lay all their cards out on the table – you pay your £1, then you see if you win. The Lotto doesn’t stay on TV for four hours at a time telling you “it’s EASY to win!” – it’s on twice a week, and the odds are one in fourteen-million, and that information is clearly stated on your ticket.

    That’s the con ITV are pulling, by convincing people that they have a greater chance of winning than they actually do. No-one ever criticises the Lotto, but no-one ever genuinely expects to win it either. If I won the Lotto, I wouldn’t go around saying “Well, it’s quite simple really, I just knew how to play the game” or anything even remotely like that.

    The only reason some people think that it’s easy to win on The Mint is that they’ve gotten LUCKY (lucky enough to get on the air in the first place, and lucky enough to get the answer to the question right, which, no matter how ‘obvious’ it is, is still down to luck) and they’ve believed the crap that the presenters all say about how easy it is to win.

    I mean, if you turn on your TV and someone is saying “come on phone in now, win big money!” and you phone up a couple of times, then get on air and win £40,000 you would think it was easy.

    But it’s just a coincidence.

  605. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    PEOPLE in trouble!!!!! when it comes to money people make there own trouble and like I have stated before in this forum that people with financial problems should not be looking to ITV play for the miracle cure as more often than not in looking for it they get themselves in deeper what I would say to anyone with financial trouble go to the citizens advise ITS FREE and they can help!!!

    JEASUS some people!!! “O I had financial problems so I turned to gambling (ITV PLAY) to resolve them” How totally STUPID is that and proves my point that people who get suckered into playing any of these shows is stupid and doesn’t know when they are being conned!!!! No wonder most of the people that play these programs have “financial problems”


  606. dan Says:

    yes i agree Steven gambling never solves money problems, it creates them..
    you might get lucky on the odd occasion but it never pays in the long run. ever.

    that Craig guy is probably the worst guy on there saying ‘it’s just 75p. one call to win 1000 pounds. just one call. what’s 75p if you win 1000 pounds’
    etc etc

    and then the woman, whatsername, Bev? she looks like a shark with her cold and calculating eyes..
    and she keeps going on about mancunians..every 2nd caller seems to be from manchester when she’s on.

    mint mansion my ****, more like ‘skint and no pension’, for all the senior citizens that seem to be ringing in a lot..

  607. Warlord Says:

    The presenters of the MINT – God, what a bunch of soulless immoral bastards. Whenever I see that idiot Brian and the big jugs Bev, I wish I knew where I could find a shotgun!!

  608. John Says:

    I wonder if Elvis could foresee the future? He used to love shooting his TV! 🙂

  609. Chris Says:

    Take the letters T, V and L out of ITV Play.

    I Pay. Yes conned, you have been warned. 🙂

  610. Leon Says:

    Why is it so difficult to ignore things you consider insignificant? Feel free to just switch over the programme and that´s it.

    There´s no point in raging against the digitalisation of entertainment – whether it be music, television or movies. Noone can impede progress – even though it´s sometimes of no use to most people.
    As for ITV, you just have to put up with the fact that apparently there´s a need for shady programmes like The Mint – otherwise they wouldn´t be broadcasted.

    I strongly object to the idea of banning these programmes – just because some people are not able to handle their ringing behaviour. I mean in all areas of life everybody insists on thinking of themselves not allowing other to make decisions for themselves. If you are broke you just have to get a grip. Don´t allow yourself to ring in. A minimum of self-discipline can´t be asking too much. What´s all that? Ringing 2000 times and then whining about a huge phone bill?

    May sound harsh. But you can´t ban something, just because somebody can´t cope with it, can you. You ban it, when it turns out to be illegal. These quiz channels are being supervised very closely, if they violated the law, the lawgiver would intervene straight away.
    So, it´s a legal thing even though it´s trash tv – just like nearly everything shown on TV. They´re looking for the lowest common denominator. That´s why trash tv keeps on spreading, just like this bigBrother and jungle-rubbish

    It´s plain to see that everybody dislike this type of tv in here – strangely enough everybody´s keeps watching. Obviously you can´t think of better things to do with your life but dedicating your precious time to absurd tv channels. If no one watches and rings those peculiar programmes, they´ll disappear fairly soon. But instead people keep watching, keep ringing and keep complaining. and itv keeps smiling and counting your money

  611. Chirs Says:

    [Quote]If you are broke you just have to get a grip. Don´t allow yourself to ring in. A minimum of self-discipline can´t be asking too much. What´s all that? Ringing 2000 times and then whining about a huge phone bill?[/quote]

    Valid point, I see a lot of people actually having the nerve to come on this little comment board and complain about their bill. If you are so utterly braindead, you honestly deserve to be cheated, because its people like you who phone up and keep these programmes broadcasting for those of us who are intelligent and dont watch these shows.

    I dont agree that these shows are supervised at all, we have already seen TV Quiz studios raided for cheating. Quiz Call even admitted to cheating the public. These programmes are very dodgy indeed, but the fact is what Leon says and that is, ‘people keep watching, keep ringing and keep complaining and itv keeps smiling and counting your money’.

    It seems most people here are actually becoming brainwashed by these TV Quiz Shows, you guys are coming on here and complaining, yet in the same post, you are trying to work out the answers to the quizzes. This way the show has enslaved you, and even though you hate the show, you are actually dedicating your free time to watching it and growing bitter and angrier. People who enter by Web are also slaves, continuous entering, continuously pressing a button… like the people in the hatch on Lost.

    It wouldnt surprise me if these TV Quiz Shows were a psychological and sociological experiment to see:

    A) How stupid people are.
    B) See if they will keep watching something repetitive.
    C) See if they will keep pressing a button over and over again to enter by web.

    If people genuinely want this crap off their precious Freeview space, they need to talk with actions and not post comments here where they will rot in silence. How about you all burn your TV’s and go for a walk, meet up and have a laugh, play football or read a book.

    Up to you guys really!

  612. Hubert IV Says:

    Those last two broad brush strokes are the pathetic contributions from people in the pay of itv and these shows or they wouldnt be so patronising in thier justification. Their greed will ruin them in the end. Its obvious social responsibilty means nothing to them just like it doesnt to the mint. We may not get them off the screens completly but with new regulations we may strangle them out in the long run. keep complaining

  613. Chirs Says:

    Nope Hubert IV, you are very wrong. I actually despise these TV Quiz shows and want them off the air for good.


    OFCOM havent done anything because whoever is responsible for running these Quiz Shows is obviously a higher power than them and OFCOM is powerless. These shows will close down when people stop phoning in and when they do… you can bet that someone like OFCOM wil try and take credibility for their closure, as they wouldnt want to release an announcement saying ‘everybody saw the light’.

  614. Mat Says:

    The character of ITV has changed so much since the franchise changes of the early 1990s. It’s our politicians who have let us down.

    We used to have regional TV companies competing against each other to supply good quality dramas, documentaries and current affairs programmes to the national network. (I can’t believe the astoundingly high quality of some of the repeats on ITV3 – ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘Rumpole’, ‘Survival’ etc – compared to ITV’s current output.

    Now all we have is one big, market led, money-grabbing whore of a channel.

    Why was the franchise bidding of the early 1990s carried out on a ‘highest bidder’ basis rather than the earlier ‘beauty contest’ method? (For example, Carlton v Thames – no contest!!)

    Why were the separate regional companies allowed to merge? Why did the Broadcasting Act of 1996 relax these rules even further?

    I feel sorry for those who have lost large sums of money playing games on these TV quiz shows. However, I’m even more sad about what has happened to the state of British TV over the last fifteen years.

    Anyway, I don’t know why these quiz shows and channels are allowed to be broadcast. Surely, ITV has an obligation to entertain with its programming output. These quiz shows do not have any entertainment value and they certainly are not informative.

    As far as I can see, ITV (all the other channels who broadcast these quiz shows) is abusing the power they have been invested with as broadcasters. It’s not even as though there is any risk for them in operating these quiz shows. They control the questions, answers and number of callers that they allow on air.

    I just hope that the BBC output isn’t forced to dumb-down too much in order to have to compete for ITV’s audience. Although, I know that this has happened to a large extent already, particularly in the 7pm to 9 pm weekday slot on BBC1. How many episodes of Eastenders do we need each week?

    I don’t blame Ofcom, as I said at the start, I blame our politicians – all of them over the past 20 years or so. I want to live in ‘Ascent of Man’ Britain, not ‘Footballers’ Wives’ Britain. The quality of our TV is an important factor in the quality of our nation’s culture. Its a thing to be treasured, not sold off to the highest bidder.

  615. Mat Says:

    I wrote my (above) rant quite quickly. There a one or two errors in it but I think you get the gist!

    One thing I forgot to mention. I’m quite a big fan of old movies, particularly Hitchcock and the like. ITV used to show these types of films late at night, in the slot now occupied by ‘The Mint’ etc, and I used to record them to watch later on.

    I know that some people have argued that 12-4 am is a time when hardly any one watches TV. Even so, now why does the standard of programming have to be so low, when before quality alternatives were being shown that were of value to some people.

  616. Eric Says:

    Why do these silly presenters constantly ask callers how they are? Do they really try to convey the impression that it is matter to them how people are doing? They definitely don´t give a damn.
    The same goes with their constantly recurring question where people call from. Why do they bother? Do they want to visit the callers? This is nothing but mendacious and hypocritical. Yes, yes, I know, they´re just doing a job. Just like the nazis did (ok, not that bad), but with a similar attitude.

    Those presenters are indifferent and cynical. God bless them.

  617. Alastair Says:

    I have to say that this idea of “don’t ring in and you won’t get a huge phone bill” is all very well and good. But a lot of the people who end up ringing in, as has already been shown in articles posted on this board, are the people who are in financial trouble or are lonely or who cannot resist phoning up for their chance to win quick and easy money (as the presenters constantly convey it). Simply saying “well don’t ring in then” really doesn’t work. It is a bit like saying to an alcoholic “well, don’t drink then – that’ll solve your problem”.

    So yes, we all sit here and say that people should not be phoning in to these shows and that if people stop phoning in then the show will stop running. But the problem is that people will still be tempted.

    I’m afraid that until people experience being an alcoholic or being depressed or lonely or having gambling addictions, they really can’t sit there and say “well, don’t phone in”. The temptation is always there for people and the only real way to get rid of it is to throw the TV out of the window.

    I’m glad to say that I have never phoned in to this show. But it doesn’t stop me from thinking about other people wasting their hard earned money trying to win some hope. Some people do get lucky and they will always say how great these programmes are. But most people will not get lucky and will then face a very large phone bill.

  618. yo-yo Says:

    yes, i have to say don’t phone, when i have phoned they always say you were not sucessful this time but you were so close, the same message comes up every time to try and make you think that you are getting some where, if you are phoning try turbo rounds that’s the only time i get through, and try the mint extra when make your play is on, but only try the free web entry, i never phone now, i was going to use my winnings to phone again but instead i’ve put them in premium bonds, i’m glad to say i’ve woken up to their tactics since reading this forum, thanks guys, i’ve realised i had a problem and sorted it thanks to reading these messages. i only hope we can save more people from this!

  619. dan Says:

    well i can see Leo’s point on one hand..everyone is responsible for their own lives so they can’t really blame a tv quiz show for any debts they might get themselves blaming the government, parents or generally everyone else when things don’t go right in their lives.

    however, i think there is a certain percentage – however small – of callers that have to be protected, who genuinely have mental issues that makes them unable to stop calling when being constantly encouraged by those fake-friendliness-vomiting presenters..

    rather like Alastair says – you couldn’t say to an alcoholic ‘just stop drinking’..but at least the alcoholic can choose to minimize temptation by avoiding all alcohol at least in his home – the tv is always there and you will always come across the quiz shows while flicking through the channels, so really for the people with serious gambling issues it is worse as they can’t get away from it..
    unless they are prepared to cut the tv out of their lives altogether which in my view is not really a fair solution.

    but as for the majority of people, who ring in without having those issues, i do believe they have to take responsibility for their own actions – and only blame themselves.

    i called in as well when i first came across the mint – i called on exactly 2 days exactly 10 times each..without much thinking involved beforehand i have to say so it’s my own fault..after that though i actually switched my brain on and watched the show closely and realized that it’s all a big con, and i haven’t ever phoned in again or ever will in the future.
    i am happy i learned my lesson, even if i made the mint a little bit richer – but they will deserve what’s coming to them one fine day.

    i believe everyone with some common sense must realize (after maybe an initial flutter when they’re new to that kind of thing) that it’s an obvious rip-off, and if they know that and still keep calling then well they should only blame themselves.

    anyway, happy x-mas to everyone and don’t call in despite them lot saying ‘uh that money would be so handy for christmas, make one call and you will receive a cheque in the morning..’

  620. WENDY Says:

    i Have to say that there should really be some limit (and not this farcical amount) to the number of calla that anyone can make to the programme.

    however I have to say that if you enter by the web site then it does not cost you a penny.

    It is addictiveI have to admit but then if you really wish to enter competitions then find a magazine that helps you do this (if I say a name here i shall be accused of advertising)
    over the last two years i have won

    a case of wine
    £500 from catalogue
    day at Ragdale hall
    £50 jewellery
    several books
    day at Rockingham – racing a car
    hairstyling stuff
    garden lights
    years free access to madame tussards group (alton towers etc)
    various kids toys
    washing powder


    a £2500 holiday

    all inclusive 5 star etc etc

    before you say – lucky cow

    the golden rule of competitions is……

    enter at least 30 comps a week

    does anyone else do that??????

    well stop whinging then

  621. yo-yo Says:

    Yes I have used the free web entry on itv play and other quiz channels, and I’ve been playing since about July, I was adding up what I’d won and it came to; £4,520. I was really in trouble at the time so I think it was a gift from above, it just matters on luck really. Congratulations Wendy how did you win the driving as i love motor racing and would love something like that, i was lucky enough to get tickets to the british grand prix because someone on my course is married to the guy who interviews for itv and it was brill, i used to think it wouldn’t be me, but this year i’ve tried and it’s paid off, yes it didn’t happen straight away but if you want it hard enough and all that.

  622. Warlord Says:

    Wendy – Can I have your address? I may need to borrow your BBQ set some time. Also can you tell me on which hours of the day you are not at home?


  623. Simon Says:

    Wendy you really must get a life! Washing powder? Haircut? MADDAM bloody TUSSAUDS? !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus f****** Christ!

  624. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    All Clear for Big Game Television
    Published: December 21, 2006
    Print Email

    Big Game Television has been cleared of fraud allegations after the charges against it were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

    The offices of the channel were raided by police in May over claims that it had been defrauding viewers by running up their phone bills.

    Officers from the City of London police economic crime department have been investigating the claims alongside the crown prosecution service and Ofcom for the last six months but this week announced the charges would not be pursued.

    A police spokeswoman said: “The City of London police recently conducted an investigation into an allegation of fraud against Big Game TV. During the investigation officers from the economic crime department worked closely with the crown prosecution service and Ofcom. There has been no evidence of any act of criminality and therefore the matter is currently with Ofcom for them to consider any regulatory issues.”

    The claims against Big Game TV were made by a former freelance telephone operator who called into Radio 4’s You and Yours programme on Friday (19 May). He claimed that producers at the channel instructed him not to answer calls in order to increase the channel’s premium rate telephony revenues.

    Big Game TV runs on Sky from 3pm to 3am and makes content for broadcasters including the Hallmark Channel in the UK. Its directors are David Sanderson, a former Carlton director, Fergus Lawson, Barry Watts and Tony Prior

    In June NTL removed the channel from its platform pending the result of the inquiry.

  625. kev Says:

    and we pay for the our tv licence for companys like this to rip the vunrable people off. 1 law for them give us your fucking money plain and simple.they can all pretend to be something that there not with there big and high an mighty freinds licking each others arses living on the vunrable an as for the presenters your the worst because you no the job your as for brian dowling who won big brother it was the public that put him were he is today and this is how he repays us thanks mate wanker

  626. kev Says:

    nice one warlord

  627. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Quizmania – The end of an era
    Published: January 3, 2007
    Print Email

    The news that nobody wanted to believe has now been confirmed, Quizmania will end on Sunday 14th January. The show that invented the Tower games will be no more.

    Why? will be the most asked question, well I don’t know the answer, maybe the boss at ITV Play does not like entertainment? Looking at his recent commission Make Your Play that would appear to be the case. Why not drop William van Rest an email and ask about this statement he made prior to the launch of ITV Play “The Play brand will be a gold standard for quality, entertaining and original interactive programming and I look forward to building on the success ITV is already enjoying in this area.”

    Quiz Telly needs to be entertaining, of course channels have to make money and keep shareholders happy, but it is my belief that if all the entertainment aspect of Quiz Telly is removed then the industry will have a very short shelf life.

    I hope now as fans of Quiz Telly you will join me in supporting shows like Quiznation, The Great Big British Quiz, Big Game TV and Quiz Call and not let ITV Play destroy something that can be enjoyable to both play and watch!

    Quizmania we are going to miss you!

    NOT!!!! One down loads more to go but just when you though it was looking good that they are shutting one of these programs down this happens….

    Quiz Call has taken a break and will return on Monday 15th January 2007 when it will relaunch on five channels.


    I do like how they put that “taken a break” in other words it went off air due to the police investigation.


  628. Rob Says:

    I was watching ‘The Mint’ last night and the question was:

    20 minutes after it starts some guy wins 10k with his answer White Teeth, seems simple enough. But after another hour, no one had guessed any of the other answers, and there were a few good answers e.g. white house. But what got me was the fact that the presenter said ‘You could win 10k, what’s that? A years salary’ If ITV’s audience are only on 10k, then they really can’t afford to call in.

    And don’t even get me started on those number rounds, biggest scam ever.

  629. x_sassey_x Says:

    QUIZMANIA is being AXED on the 14th JANUARY…!!!

    Out of ALL Itv Play…..QUIZMANIA is the BEST…..!!!!!


    GET EM OFF…!!!


  630. x_sassey_x Says:


    My Partner and I have won over 10,000+ since April 2006…!!!

    We ALWAYS used the WEB ENTRY…!!!!

    SO my advise is NEVER use the premium rate number….cos you can get through by using the FREE WEB ENTRIES…!!!!

  631. Clement of Alexandria Says:

    I have been out of the country for a few months. Has the


    puzzle been solved??



    Greg Says:
    August 11th, 2006 at 23:37
    You don’t have to enter with a phone call, you nincompoops . You can use the internet and enter for free at the link below. I believe they MUST offer a free entry mechanism by law, otherwise they are running a lottery and not a competition, BUT they are figuring that most people are too stupid/lazy to realise this. And of course, they are!
    Only stupid weak-minded chavs who don’t have a computer or internet connection are are too stupid to realise this are paying 60p. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  633. c'monthehoops Says:

    Web entry can work if you read back the posts you will see different people have won various amounts.

  634. alex Says:

    cmon people be serious anyone who believes web entries will cash in is a liar..imagine if noone phoned in and everyone done free wen entries i think the prog would be off air within 24 hrs..word of mouth spreads like wildfire and thats why NOONE will win on a free web entry its a con and the retards here who claim otherwise are dubious as to there motives here.

  635. c'monthehoops Says:


  636. H2 Says:

    Been reading the thread and totally agree that the show is bullshit. Just want to say that bird hosting it tonight is hot and has fabulous tits, I want to bury my head in them lol

  637. Dave Says:

    I would just like to add to the rest of this that I only do web entries to all of the ITV play progs and so far have won 14 times mostly small amounts but overall add up to £820, so playing via the web it is possible to win, and I will continue to do it that way 🙂

  638. Warlord Says:

    Dude – You’re too late. I shagged her!

  639. x_sassey_x Says:

    I AGREE WITH…c’monthehoops….!!!!!


    READ THE ABOVE…..!!!






  640. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Email the Boss at ITV Play and let him know what you think of his con and rip of ITV Play channel is.


  641. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Well if this is true at least the mint is going!!!!

    A source has confirmed to that The Mint Mansion will be closing it’s doors for the final time on Wednesday 28th February.

    The Mint is to replaced by a brand new show called “The Glitter Ball”, this will be made by the same company that currently produces The Mint.


  642. x_sassey_x Says:








  643. Warlord Says:

    YES! Steve I hope what you say is true – I can’t wait to get rid of those jackoffs!! (i.e. The Mint)

    X-Sassey, although I cannot share your enthusiasm for Quizmania – I do agree with you that Greggles was the funniest of the lot.

  644. alex Says:

    geee steve thats devastating news about the mint and co…NOT

    wonder where the retarded presenters are gonna go now maybe to the jobcentreplus site i hope for a lot of refusals…lol

  645. The Mint presenters can all go to hell! Specially the one that sounds like a f****** car salesman. And the gay Brian – and that whore Kat Porter.

    So long c***suckers!!!!

  646. jim the big tim Says:

    thank god cock suckers of the highest order.
    that is all

  647. Kate Says:


    I’ve never left a message here before, but frequently watch the mint, but then fall asleep before it ends!

    basically, it is a total con! the only time i’ve ever got through was from free web entry which put my boyfriend and i through faster than a shot before we could even think of an answer because we’d never got through before, and the puzzle was one of the tower ones and was TEA_____ . anyway, turns out it doesn’t matter our answer was shit becasue the top answer was tea dust. what a fucking joke.

    apparently it is the dust generated by tea leaves, obviously the fact it doesn’t feature in the dictionary doesn’t bother them.

    basically, i was wondering (and i know this was a while ago now) but what was the answer to:

    Nineteen minus five =
    4+ 3×2 =
    6-5 =

    because even though i shouldn’t care, i kinda do! it’s driving me mad! i’m reasonably good at maths and ev ery answer that i could possibly contrive the numbers to add to just wasn’t right!!
    thank you for any imput anyone could give me!

  648. stan Says:

    Hi Kate. The answer to that puzzle was suggested back in October by Steven Holdsworth – if you look on Wikipedia it is being cited there as the only plausable answer, in lieu of an official one. I know scanning through 650 posts is a pain, so I dug the link out for you: the solution!

  649. Kate Says:

    Hey Stan, thank you!

    my friends and i thought it might involve roman numerals in the words but still…. that’s so retarded. i bet the person who won just pulled a random number out the air and decided to go for it! 🙂

    goddamnit i hate the mint so much, last night the puzzle was like BLACK______ and the top answer was black leg. the others were mascara, leather, hole, ink, spot and gold. my friends and i play along by taking the piss at home, we came up with mascara and laughed because it’s a stupid answer.

    black leg is totally retarded.

    i bet tomorrow it’s BLUE_____ and they just reuse the answers from last night.

    i need to get a life and stop watching this show!

    Thank you so much for the numbers thing! although now i’m pretty angry at the stupidity of the whole thing, and the hours of my life wasted watching to see if anyone got it right!
    thanks though

  650. Susan Says:

    I just heard on the radio that Brian the gay presenter of the mint confessed to being HIV positive.

    Is that true? If it is I think we should stop making fun of him, he is ever so sweet. I do love him so much.

  651. Jay-D Says:

    Yeah it’s true – I heard it too that Brian has AIDS. shame.

  652. alex Says:

    its a shame anyone has aids but if your a homo and dont practice safe sex then you run the risk…now we need to make him screw kat:D

  653. stan Says:

    Jesus… come on guys, don’t make this personal. I don’t like The Mint and everything it stands for either, obviously, but the presenters are just the front. If the producers told them to give away £100,000 every ten minutes on their own whim they’d do that and you’d all love them. You can argue that they are just as bad because they support the whole thing, but the fact is that if they didn’t do it someone else would.

    If the guy has AIDS then you shouldn’t add insult to injury here. If you truly believe that the presenters are ‘evil’ then you can just satisfy yourself by assuming that this is a punishment from God or something. I’m going to delete any further comments that are ‘pro’ presenters getting AIDS or similar.

  654. concerned Says:

    If Roman numerals are, sometimes, mingling with Arabic numerals then could they possibly interpret ( just an example ) 1101 in Binary notation as 13 when they so elect?
    It cannot be a game of skill when the Methodologies and Game Rules are never clearly set out – it is the purest luck and hence a Lottery.
    And the other night on CH 5, after running an impossible ” computation ” question for about 5 hours or more they had the impudence to close the programme by shouting to the final callers ( a la Play Your Cards Right custom ) – “Higher” – “Lower!” Quite unbelievable ! What started off as a possible £60,000 “prize” was finally whittled down to a meagre £5,000 ( a fraction of what they must have made ) and given as a gesture to the person who finally condensed the number to the correct one. Now that is simple Guesswork, period. Oh yes, I am totally aware that the alleged winner, anyway, may have been nothing else than a Studio ” plant. ” All very disturbing if an indication of future trends.

  655. alex Says:

    I tend to agree regarding studio plants..the other night on the mint an woman won £12,500 and to be perfecty honest showed little or no emotion whatsoever and lets be honest if anyone who plays that won that it would be cos for celebration but this woman just answered a few quick questions and that was it all very made up if u ask me..

    As for the numbers games that isnothing short of a rip off they can have 100s of ways to come up with theright answer and the fact OFCOM knows that they dont even have to tell you how they worked it out makes it all play is nothing short of one massive con and i wish the people of great britain realised this and stopped calling immediately.

  656. alex Says:

    just done my usual 100+ web entries tonight 4 codes and no studio…another £75 saved:P

  657. shaun Says:

    Can anyone think of a good word to follow water…i’m off to spain to live tomorrow and not telling BT

  658. alex Says:

    shaun howabout water diviner…ive used up all my free play entried for tonight …

  659. shaun Says:

    I note that no one has mentioned water softener ??? How many free plays do you get online ??

  660. alex Says:

    max is 150 ,,i mistakenly once put in the wrong number i missed out a digit and by chance got an pin code but when i called it said sorry we have not recognised your number so they count obviously everyones amount of plays…retards

  661. alex Says:

    it seems also that “water ice” is found on mars which sums things up that the answers on this pile of keech are so outta this world ….lol

  662. Camster Says:

    Very recently, I had to complete work for the coming week and was busy at my laptop. At the same time, I was watching Mercury Rising (starring Bruce Willis) on ITV1. It ended, and ITV’s Make Your Play came on.

    I decided on a break and put myself in front of the couch. Now, I am an ardent believer that LUCK stands for Labouring Under Correct Knowledge – nothing comes easy and for free!

    Saying that, the 9-letter anagram was easily figured, and I made the call. The first call, did not get through. I gave it another go and was put on hold – there was a ringing tone. Imagine my surprise and joy when I was put through to the studio – and I won! Now, I am a realist (not pessimist) and will only confirm once I receive a cheque from ITV which my bank successfully clears! Can anyone here confirm receipt of their winnings?

    I put this down to pure good fortune – it was my first time watching Make Your Play! I reckon that the viewing public do have a chance to win – albeit a slim one! But isn’t this the case with most?

    In wanting to learn more about ITV Play, I chanced upon this blog. Wendy’s postings make sense. Use the free web entry. If one cannot control the urge to call the 0901 number, get BT or your mobile operator to block these numbers. Having a go at the presenters is just plain silly.

    I could go on… and it will lead to my opinion that our two main political parties started out on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but it’s like a choice between a wet towel and a damp cloth these days… but I think I’ll stop here.

  663. alex Says:

    I have to say im not an disbeliever but after another 100 + entries tonight 2 pin codes no studio i find first timers coming on here saying otherwise a little too errmmm planted…lol…if it did happen good luck but after 1000s and 1000s of web entries im sure you would also find it hard to believe…

  664. Camster Says:

    I agree with you – it’s beginner’s luck!

    And like I said, I will only confirm this when I get a cheque that clears. Maybe I ought to scan the cheque when/if it arrives for your perusal?

  665. Camster Says:

    Big Brother is generating all the publicity now – can’t believe a reality TV show can cause so muh consternation but the daily death toll in the Middle East passes without a whimper!!!

  666. yo-yo Says:

    Hi Camster, i won £2,000 on a simalur game on Make Your Play and the check cleared prefectly well, so don’t worry.

  667. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Are quiz questions like this all too familiar?

    If so have you called in a TV quiz show – and as a result have sent your telephone bill soaring? Millions have called the premium rate numbers -and the Culture Media and Sport Select committee has been told of allegations that call handling is manipulated to ensure callers do not get a chance to answer. In one episode of the ITV show, The Mint 400,000 callers phoned in over four hours but only 1 in 400 had a chance of getting through. But it appears that despite the DCMS opining that TV quiz shows border on fraudulent there is nothing they or OFCOM can do unless the shows are reclassified as gambling. Paul Mason has been hanging on the telephone.


  668. alex Says:

    steve i know its been said before but anyone with an ounce of sense will see that its all a con and of course calls are manipulated..if this was not the case why do they put a clock on for say 2 minutes and alas at the stroke of the 2 mins a caller comes thru just by chance maybe????

    I will go on to say i work nights and spend a lot of time on the pc and do free web entries to which i must now have amassed easily 1000s with 0 studio and id say about 2% pin codes made availableso say 10000 entries at a cost of 75p thats £7500 loss .so quite clearly an good money making sceme for us poorer people…lol

  669. Neil Says:

    I spent the time last weekend using (and only using) the free web entry – if you are selected then you get a free 0800 number to call, you skip level one entry and go straight through to see if you are asked to hold. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, i entered a total of 346 times, i got asked to phone in for a chance to hold 23 times and NEVER got asked to hold.
    I asked ITV Play about these findings and how the selection process works, amazingly they replied but, predictably, they skirted the question. They did say on the last email however – “It really is a matter of being online or on the phone at the right time when the computer selects someone”
    The point of these games not needing a gambling licence was the fact that they were billed as games of skill, they have said that your odds of getting through change and therefore the game is now a game of chance and a gamble if you get through or not. being a game of chance ITV Play are subject to gambling/lottery regulations and by not having a licence, are wholey breaking the law.

  670. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Neil a fact you missed out is that in the current legislation the fact that they offer free web entry enables them to operate via a loop hole in the law of which none of the regulating bodies that are supposed to regulate these shows will take responsibility. Its funny that OFCOM has its funding provided by BT and no one has mentioned what a killing BT are also making out of these shows make you understand why OFCOM have done nothing!!


  671. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Quiz Telly faces tough new regulation
    Published: January 29, 2007
    Print Email

    Premium rate phone line regulator Icstis plans to introduce a raft of tough new rules governing Quiz Telly that will see more spoken price announcements, call warnings and greater transparency. Six weeks of consultation with the industry began today.

    The three main proposals are:

    for presenters to speak the price charged for calling the premium rate service of intervals of no more than 10 minutes, making it clear that the cost will apply regardless of whether the viewer gets through to the studio;

    new measures that will see the channels obliged to inform callers when they have reached the £10 mark each day, reminding them as to their cumulative call spends;

    greater transparency about the actual chances of callers being successful or rejected in getting through to the studio.
    The last point will be the hardest to monitor, the regulator said. “We recognise that how this principle to be achieved is challenging but we believe it is the right and proportionate regulator response.

    “We present some proposals of how this could be delivered but we would like to hear from stakeholders on other alternatives on how the principle can be delivered in a way that is meaningful to entrants and in way that can be delivered fairly and with a minimal administrative burden.”

    However, Icstis said it does not think introducing onscreen odds is “objectively justifiable and proportionate”. The report added: “Nor do we believe that it would secure the consumer benefits that many have called for.”

    Icstis chairman Alistair Graham said: “A key focus of our review considered whether the transparency with which these services operate, both in terms of their cost and the chance of being successful in getting through to the TV presenter, is sufficiently clear so that consumers can exercise choice fairly and in a way that provides them with trust and confidence.”

    Icstis opened its consultation in October last year and as of today six weeks of consultation will begin and close on 12 March. This is half the usual time the regulator gives to discuss proposed new measures with the industry.

    An Icstis spokeswoman said it wants to “push through action as quickly as possible”.

    Graham added: “This has also been a matter, understandably, of much media, political and public interest. The proposals we are publishing today in this consultation paper should address these concerns, while, at the same time, be proportionate to the actual problems evidenced.”

    The move comes in the wake of MPs last week calling on the government to reclassify Call TV quiz shows as lottery games, meaning broadcasters would have to donate up 20% of their revenues to charity.

    The select committee’s conclusion followed a string of negative reports into the way quiz channels are run by broadcasters.

    ITV Play was recently rapped by Ofcom for unfair conduct after interactive gameshow Quizmania rigged quiz questions with unlikely answers. One show broadcast last September asked what items might be found in a women’s handbag. The correct answer turned out to be a balaclava and rawl plugs.

    The Gambling Commission is currently nearing the end of its own consultation and there is a growing feeling it is planning to reclassify quiz channels as lotteries.


  672. Camster Says:

    Thanks Yo Yo.

    Indeed, I can now confirm that I received my cheque – and it cleared.

  673. Camster Says:

    They have a new number puzzle tonight. Can’t be bothered!

  674. Robin Says:

    Hey everyone. Have watched The Mint, and Make Your play for months and never been tempted to call. I was hooked on trying to work out the nineteen minus 5 one last year, as i have always been great at workin maths puzzles, but it was a complete joke.

    However, I decided to enter online the other night with one of the word puzzles, and got myself £2500 within 8 tries (and 2 08000 calls). The word was Down, and I answered with payment. I think I was actually a) extremely lucky to get through, and b) very lucky that the answer i stuck with was there, and c) extremely unlucky to win it before it went to double money lol!

    I figure if you are a late night type person (like me), you should use your web entries during turbo rounds (like i did) and only answer the puzzles you have a better chance of figuring out.

    I have seen people on The Mint who have won a few times.

    I don’t think these type of shows should be stopped, but that people shouldn’t be so stupid as to phone through when they can enter for free!!


  675. leon Says:

    I still don’t get the add the numbers game, in the explanation where the hell are all them numbers coming from lol i feel like an idiot :s

  676. yo-yo Says:

    Thanks ok Campster, wd Robin, yeah i’m a night person anyway so it’s just something to do for 20 minutes or so, if you don’t get through u don’t lose anything, turbo rounds are the best way to get through and the only usual way i get through so i have the show on in the background and just try when the turbo rounds r on. nearly reached the five grand mark, it’s like having an extra job, or an only job if u’r like me lol, good luck guys 🙂

  677. Robin Says:

    Oh, I know I wont get this one right, but the stupid add the numbers on make your play has got an 8 written like a digital clock. This means, in theory that the numbers 0-9 are contained in that part of the puzzle.

    Am not going to bother using any web entries other than a turbo round, and when the money is good, but am certain thats gonna be the trick they use on this puzzle.

  678. Andrew Says:

    Can anyone tell me what the answer was last night? I couldn’t be bothered to stay up for it but am itching to know what it was………

  679. Mike R. Says:

    304 !

    I managed to successfully work it out but I’m also considering an OFCOM complaint as their method is simply ridiculous. I would never normally watch this rubbish but couldn’t sleep last night after a double (actually nearer triple) espresso coffee. I’ve been Googling for people discussing this prog this morning and that brought me here.

    Any advice about how to proceed with OFCOM would be very much appreciated.

  680. Robin Says:

    I have tried to apply a formula for similar number games, and get very close usin the same method for all of them – the method i am applying to all of them is crazy, but is neaarly working. If I can find a common method, which they have to use in the similar games, I can prove how impossible it is for the average bear to calculate – even if you know the method you are supposed to use! (I have been an expert at maths puzzles since I was a kid, and still find it diffcult, even with 3 of the puzzles and the “supposed” answers)!

  681. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Its pointless complaining to OFCOM as I ahve done so and nothing happens well its no shock really when OFCOM are financed by BT and BT are making a tidy profit out of these quiz shows as well.


  682. Zacatecas Says:

    Hi Mike

    Would you be kind enough to show your working out?

    Best I could do on the most recent Make Your Play puzzle was 305 (1 away), but that includes 58 (and 5,8) from the SIXTY-TWO line, presuming it to be 60 MINUS 2 (as well as 62, 2, and 60).

    Did whoever dreamed up the puzzle omit the i (as 1) for whatever reason?


  683. Mike R. Says:

    Here are the numbers they gave verbatim:

    Count it as 62 and the ‘x’ counts for 10 as a Roman Numeral = 72

    “19” “5”

    These two items were in the same font and if you consider them together = 195

    I like the ‘it represents all digits’ approach due to it being in a calculator font but that interpretation wasn’t needed here.
    Count is as just = 8

    Count it as: 17, 7 and the Roman numeral ‘v’ representing 5 = 29

    72 + 195 + 8 + 29 = 304

    What makes it really sneaky – if this *is* how they did it – is that the “seventeen” represents both 17 and 7 but the same method doesn’t apply to the “sixty-two” (so it doesn’t equate to 62, 6 and 2). So their interpretation is utterly arbitrary and in no way predictable. There’s no way a caller could guess their answer and if they did guess it early on I can imagine that the people behind the scenes might just switch to a different “correct”, and arbitrarily-derived, answer.


  684. Zacatecas Says:

    Hm, the 195 didn’t occur to me.

    I note you’re not counting i (in “sixty-two”) as one or the (ix in sixty-two”) as 9.

    Also if they did it your way they’re not breaking down the 19 & 5 [or the 195].

    Totally share your irritation, of course.

  685. Mike R. Says:

    I ignored the ‘i’ in sixty as the Roman numeral would not have a dot atop it. They’d have really been stretching it they’d done that, IMHO.

    Anyone else ‘agree’ with my method or even found it another way ?

  686. Zacatecas Says:

    Well all the proposed solutions to the long-running Mint puzzle included Mi (in Minus) as 1001. So I don’t know.

  687. Zacatecas Says:

    Unless MINUS was capitalised. I don’t recall.

  688. Zacatecas Says:

    Behold the latest abomination from Make Your Play:

    Add the miles

    Derby 7 miles
    Leeds 82 miles
    Durham 155 miles


  689. Tim Says:

    Add the miles

    Derby 7 miles
    Leeds 82 miles
    Durham 155 miles

    This made me hit myself.

    Why dear God, why!?

    The presenter made me hit myself a second time… there is basically no way working it out… so many possibilities -_-… stupid crap.

  690. Brad Says:

    Who wants to make a bet that when its all over, they don’t tell you how it was worked out?

    Enough of this, I’m going to bed!

  691. Zacatecas Says:

    Oh they definitely won’t tell you. They never do.

    As was mentioned earlier in this thread there waa a previous “add the miles” puzzle, but no one has suggested how the answer was arrived at. And I can’t work it out.

    So this is a numbers guessing game and nothing else.

  692. berni Says:

    I have sat and read some of the posts on this site and cant quite believe how rude and ignorant some of you people are!

    I am a single mum of four children, and the christmas that i have just given them is all down to the mint, quizmania and make your play. I enter via website and phone calls and have got to say i have been more successfull with the web entries… to date i have won several thousands, so has my mum (also with phone and web) and my sister in law has also won thousands through web entry..

    just cause you try a few time and dont get through.

    But then maybe your rude comments about people mean you dont deserve to get through

    I am not a tv plant, i am not related to anyone belonging to any of these shows. I am just a mum who started playing along whilst sitting up nursing my baby and thank heavens i did, as (fingers crossed, with a few more wins) i hope to be completely out of debt in the near future.

    Thank heavens for these quizzes for giving us the chance to win money that we are never likely to get our hands on.

  693. Mikey Says:

    Just confirming what we already know…this is a direct quote from the people that supply ITV play with their telephone system:

    “Eckoh’s proprietary production console, (Viewer Interaction Statistical Analysis) gives ITV Play’s production teams a comprehensive real-time snapshot of all calls to the show, allowing producers to change and modify the progress of a programme on-the-fly, depending on the level of viewer reaction.”

    So basically what this is saying is your chances of getting through are not equal they alter at the whim of the producers and you are never informed that your odds have changed. This also seem to suggest that the producers therefore PREVENT people getting through at certain times.

    Surly this is illegal.

    Also, does anyone know if Ofcom have asked ITV Play to “show their workings” on their so called maths problems, as presumably ITV Play have to show that there is a “logical” solution to their questions?

  694. Steve Says:

    This is the first time i’ve stumbled into this site.. and reading through it… Jeeeesus!! You guys like to moan!

    I’ve previously won £1000 from the mint… but… I want to tell you all about something else that happened to me…

    Remember this puzzle?

    4 + 3 x 2 =
    6 – 5 =

    I know it was a while ago now, but I had the answer to that puzzle for about 3 weeks before Jo from Evesham won it. Not a big deal I know, she also had it for 2 weeks .. However…

    On one night it was on over £50,000 (I think it was on £54k but can’t remember)

    I called up, and I got through, I’d had the same answer for a week by this time… BUT… as they answered the phone to me in the studio (Bev and Brian were on the show), I tucked my phone onto my shoulder and held it in place with my check while I reached for my TV remote to mute the TV.

    While i was doing this my cheek bone hit a button on the handset and cut me off!!!!

    I was tempted to email in and say I was cut off can you call me back, but I didnt know if my answer was correct or not so didn’t bother.

    2 weeks after that Jo called up and gave the same answer I had. She won £36,000!!! I was gutted!

    Since then, Jo has also won an add the numbers on Make your play too. I missed that show but she won £10,000 and tonight she just won £15,000 with the add the miles quiz.

    I’ve had the right answer several times on the ‘add your numbers’ quizes, so I know I am using the same technique that the people that develop the quizes use. So is Jo from Evesham!

    I enter online.. it’s 150 entries a night for free and the chance to win huge amounts of cash! How can anyone complain about that? I have got through to the studio several times on both shows.

    You might have heard me win a phrase word that was ‘Practise Makes Perfect’ on the mint in about November last year. Craig Stevens was presenting and I said I’d use the money for a snowboarding holiday with my girl friend. Well the holiday is booked and paid for with that grand and we go on 17th March.

    If you think it’s all a con, you’re sadly wrong! Wake up and realise that if you’re going to win you have to have your wits about you and realise that these are puzzles!! So you have to puzzle them!

    I don’t spend any money entering.. its all free online. And I have won a thousand pounds… and if it wasn’t for me cutting myself off I would have won over £50,000!!!

    I strongly advise anyone that thinks this is a con to start back-working all the puzzles until you find out how they create them. I would give you the formulaes I (and obviously Jo from Evesham) use, but we had to work it out, so you can too!

    Think about it… a puzzle that offers over £20k isn’t going to be simple, but it is definitely possible.

    If it was as easy as you all seem to want it to be then every puzzle would be won within a few calls. The show simply wouldn’t be able to support itself. Most of the people that do call in repeat answers just given. It’s no surprise that the shows make such a huge amout of money but it’s only the fault of the people calling if they expect to add three numbers together in the most obvious way possible to win over 20 grand!

    If you put the same amount of effort into the puzzles as you put into complaining about them you might have won one by now 😉

    I’d be gutted if these shows are taken off air, Its a fantastic way to make some extra cash with no cost to yourself. Jo has won well over £60,000 since mid last year… I bet she enters on the internet and doesn’t have a huge phone bill!

    Anyone of you could easily be in her position, all it requires is a bit of effort and a little luck getting through.

    The puzzle i mentioned at the beginning of this post was not difficult to work out, it just required some logic…. I won’t tell you exactly how it was done, but here’s a couple of hints to get you thinking:

    “NINETEEN MINUS FIVE” does NOT = 14 it equals “FOURTEEN” there’s a big difference!

    “4 + 3 x 2 =” isn’t just a ‘sum’ it also contains the roman numeral for the number ’10’ (x)

    with those ‘hints’ alone you should be able to get to the correct answer with a little bit of effort. Now apply some of what you’ve learnt to some of the other puzzles, stop moaning and start playing like a winner!

  695. Steve Says:

    Hi Bernie.. and hi to your mum!! I hear you both on my telly so much I almost feel I know you!! Well done on all your winnings and it’s great to see someone with some sense on this forum!!!

    My sister has two kids and can’t wait to start playing… you’re an inspiration to her!!

    She’s avoiding the phone calls, but as soon as her internet is up and running she’ll be entering online every night!

    I also want to say you’re bang on with your ‘don’t deserve to win’ comment! People get exactly what they focus on and expect in life… which is why you win so much!!!

    I always give 10% of my winnings to charity… though to date thats only £105!!! But winning £1050 for free is not only fantastic it’s exciting too 😀

    Oooh… times ticking and I have stacks of free entries to use up!! Good luck to you and your mum.

    Take care,

  696. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Im gald to see you have read this forum well as the answer and the way it was worked out for the

    4 + 3 x 2 =
    6 – 5 =

    I posted ages ago.


  697. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Steve and Bernie I strongly disagree with your position on these shows for a number of different reasons in my opinion they are legal fraud but not for much longer.


  698. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    The part you missed out about Eckoh’s proprietary production console was:-

    “Thanks to CRM technologies embedded in the VISTA Play system, production teams and programme presenters are able to recognise and acknowledge regular callers, referencing personalised information about their previous involvement in the show.”

    or to put it another way they can select pre select who gets on air to give their answer.

    Makes you wonder how so many people are repeate winners , its one big fix/con


  699. Zacatecas Says:

    Blessed Steven,

    Have you any insight into the Miles puzzles?

  700. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Special hi to Bernie, not heard you on for a while.

    Last night on Make Your play they had this puzzle;

    Add The Miles

    Derby 7 miles
    Leeds 82 miles
    Durham 155 miles

    Someone called up with the answer = 619 and won £15k. The presenter congratulated, announced it was a previous winner who had won £10k on add the numbers etc and then very quickly moved on to the next game worth a very lot less.

    Later in the show, there was a stack game with £1k prize on all the answers and I noticed that when a couple of the callers won £1k the presenter made a big fuss saying “you’re a big winner”, “can you believe you’ve won”, “what do you do for a living”, “what you gonna spend the money on”, etc.

    The point is; Why didn’t they make such a big fuss when the £15k was won? Its 15 x bigger than the £1k and you would think that they would have a field day with that and spin it out for much longer to tempt more people to call up. There’s something not quite right there, don’t you think?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the shows and have won thousands purely through free web entry. I have tried calling the number about 20 times over several shows but never got through, I even tried texting about 10 times also with the same result.

    Another point; I am a real person and a real winner and cannot be happier with the money I have won for the relatively small effort it has taken. Some people would have to get up early and travel to/from work everyday for a year to get what I have won in the space of a few months. I am truly grateful to ITV for the money which came just in time and helped me out of a really big financial mess.

    As I said, I am a real person who has won real money and every time I did, the presenter really spun it out to maximise the impact of the win to other viewers, but in the same shows other winners with much larger sums were very quickly congratulated and dismissed. On the shows where I won, they even kept mentioning throughout the rest of show that I was was a winner, etc… but not a word about the others that had supposedly won much more than me.

    You can draw your own conclusions from this, but for me, it seems that some of these big winners who come up with the answers to extremely difficult puzzles may just be “plants” to wrap the game up when its getting a bit tired or when they have reached sufficient income to fund the show. They always move on to a game with much easier answers afterwards.

    Some may think its a big fix/con and unscrupulous, etc., but what the heck, I am a repeat winner and proof that real people can and do win real money. Long may they continue to broadcast these shows and give people this opportunity to win big money for little or no outlay. Thank you, thank you, thank you ITV.

    My advice for the moaners and groaners; don’t call, don’t watch – turn off the TV and go to bed!

    Back to the last puzzle;

    Add The Miles

    Derby 7 miles
    Leeds 82 miles
    Durham 155 miles

    Answer = 619


    Can anyone enlighten me? I have A-level maths and have deliberated over this for hours, still none the wiser as to how to arrive at the answer given.

    Regards to all,

  701. Zacatecas Says:

    I figure roman numerals aren’t involved this time, what with Ds being equivalent to 500 and all.

  702. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    I haven’t even tried to work out the miles puzzle.

    I have also noticed the winners that post on here that claim not to be affiliated with the show or production company seem to have the most to say and make these shows out to be a god send when for every one winner there is another god knows how many getting in debt and the last time I check it is a free society so we have the right to “moan and groan” as it was put although wrongly as the “moans and groans” are a moral stand point for what is fraud… least Dick Turpin wore a mask!!.

    It will be interesting to see if these so called quiz show get reclassified as lotteries will they keep going as they will have to give a large portion of there revenue to charity.

    You dont see the BBC running scam show like this do you.


  703. DanFookes Says:

    I was also pissed off by that miles one last night. I can’t for the life of me figure out HOW they got 619 (much less how someone else would be able to get it). My brother reckons it’s something to do with races, like the Epson Derby, but that’s far too much effort for me to suss out

  704. cLaRt Says:

    I thought maybe its the number of miles travelled from the point of origin, i.e. to each location and back, but that doesn’t add up either;

    7 x 2 = 14
    82 x 2 = 164
    155 x 2 = 310

    14+164+310 = 488 ( Answer was: 619)

    You can get to the answer this way;

    (2 x 7)+(2 x 82)+(2 x 155) = 488
    (7 x 7)+82 = 131

    488+131 = 619

    can this be right, what’s the logic?

    ..still stumped !

  705. cLaRt Says:

    Free society ?.. stealth taxes, phone taps, email scanning, ip traffic monitoring, cctv everywhere, satellite surveillance, etc. etc..

    Morality ?.. War in Iraq, 911 conspiracy, etc. etc..

    Whatever may be thought about the morality of TV quiz shows, there are far more bigger issues to worry about.

    The miniscule amount of freedom we have left in society is limited choice.

    Its very easy to exercise that choice by; choosing not to stay up all night, choosing not to call the TV show and by choosing not to watch it, after all, there are plenty other channels to choose from.

    I choose to stay up half the night and watch the show, I choose to use the free web entry and not waste my money on the phone and lastly, I chose the correct answers which won me the money which Im now spending how I choose.

  706. berni Says:

    No the BBC dont have shows like this cause they get money out of us by charging a ludicrous amount of money for a tv licence for the privilege of watching repeats

  707. cLaRt Says:

    Well said Berni, I would much rather the BBC did have shows like this than be forced into paying the exorbitant £130 licence fee. Why should I have to pay it when I never watch BBC ?
    Why would I want to watch naff BBC when I can win money watching ITV.. ohh and Corry and Emmerdale or course !

  708. Steve Says:

    Steven Holdsworth… after I posted I read more of the forum and saw your explanation of the numbers puzzle.

    Got through again tonight with free web entry 🙂

    I went for Lovely Jubbly… but it wasn’t there 😦 My second choice was Love Is… but that’s my free entires all gone!

    Don’t know if anyone has said Love Is.. cos I’ve not been in all night. If anyone wants to use it gooood luck!

    BTW.. I got to 619 the other night like this:

    Derby 7 miles
    Leeds 82 miles
    Durham 155 miles

    first line:

    seven = 7

    second line:

    eighty two = 8+8+82+2= 172

    third line:

    one fifty five= 1+150+155+50+55+5=416

    Roman numerals:

    seven = V = 5
    eighty two = I = 1
    one fifty five = I+IV+I+V = 11
    The 1 in 155 could be read as an I = 1

    The word ‘mile’ 3 times =3
    The word ‘miles’ 3 times =3

    Add it all together = 619

    I’m not saying it’s the way they did it… but it works 😉

    A special hello to everyone that supports quiz shows 🙂
    to everyone else…. stop moaning! You don’t have to play, you don’t have to watch… and if you’re moaning and still phoning.. stop it! It’ll increase my chances of getting through!

    I like Zo’s jumper tonight… goes nice with her hair!

  709. Steve Says:

    oooh jsut noticed a typo in my last post… in the ‘eighty two’ line i put:


    It was ‘spossed to be 8+’80’+82+2… which does equal 172 🙂

    Thought I’d better correct myself before everyone else does!

    Don’t you think you’re all just looking for ways the shows ‘could’ be fixed. For example, i’ve read a few times on forums that people think winning answers change. But on cheaper shows.. that use a board with answers stuck to it that the presenter peals off, they obviously aren’t doing this.

    Maybe the mint and make your play should do that to shut some of you up.

    here’s something else to consider…

    Imagine that your the fat cat at the top of these shows. the person that stands to profit most from all the calls. You have two choices…

    You could run a leggit puzzle, do everything above board, give people equal chance of winning, stick with answers throughout puzzles and do everything you have to to make sure your entire business is completely legal.

    If you do that… you’ll make a ridiculous amount of cash…


    You could ‘fix’ puzzles so that people only win when u want them too. You could fix it so certain people win and others don’t. You could fix it so that some people have no chance of getting through and others get through really often. If you did this… you’d be able to give away less money, so you’d make more profit. But obviously, to make it look leggit you’d have to give a bigger win away every now and then.

    So… lets say you go for option two.. well actually thats what most of the people on here are convinced that is going on… what happens when someone finds out?

    A full enquiry would most certainly be undertaken, you’d lose everything and probably end up unable to run anything like this again… you could even end up with a criminal record.

    for what??? So that you make a little bit more and pick and choose who wins?

    Do you really think anyone would be so stupid as to risk all this.

    If you have a business that makes you millions and it’s legal, why risk it? Lets for one second imagine your wild accusasions are true.. even just one of them. If they could be proven.. which I am certain they could… then how stupid do you think the people behind these quizes must be?

    They make so much money as they are… they don’t need to be fixed.

  710. berni Says:

    hi steve

    my god you have crushed my brain with your workings out with the add the miles….. never was good with numbers…
    will have a look tomorrow when i have not had a drink of baileys, naughty i know….

    good luck to your sister, when will her internet be up and running?

    tell her to keep at it, i often get it wrong but sometimes you fall on a lucky answer and she will be lucky if she is persistant.

    I must say i loved the lovely jubbly answer…. and you never know steve, this time next year we could both be millionaires…

    good luck

    love berni x

  711. Zacatecas Says:

    I’m not with the conspiracy theorists who think the answers change as the producers see fit.

    I think super-winner Jo has shown this to be naive. She saw the first ADD THE MILES puzzle, worked out a method and waited patiently for the next opportunity to test it, which came the other night and earned her another £15k or whatever it was.

    What one HAS to do before even bothering to play is figure out the method so that it can be consistently applied to other puzzles OF THE SAME TYPE. If you find that your method works for every ADD THE NUMBERS game they’ve ever used you know you’ve got it. That doesn’t mean that the method itself is consistent (it may omit things or treat things in odd ways) but I’m totally sure that they don’t change the method puzzle to puzzle (though of cours each puzzle type has its own unique method). If you can’t manage the above, I wouldn’t bother entering on these more obscure puzzles, since it’s essentially then just a guessing game.

    That said there has been an occasion recently on MYP when someone gave the correct answer [438] only to be told that it was incorrect, yet it was revealed to be the winning answer later!

  712. cLaRt Says:

    Did anyone get the answers from last nights MYP;

    I feel asleep and missed the end of the show, it got boring with nobody winning for ages.

  713. berni Says:

    yes clart,

    the answers, were: child, chair, damage, blushed, worship, beam and top answer was rash

  714. cLaRt Says:

    Sun-blushed, Sun-child ? wonder there were’nt many winners, I didn’t have them in my list.

    Mega thanks for that Berni, I’m trying to collect all the previous answers for a new web site coming online soon. Next time I’m sleepy I’ll remember to press record before lying down.

    Cheers again and best of luck tonight !

  715. yo-yo Says:

    hi ya Berni, here you getting through quite a few times on the puzzles, are you a member of quiz telly .com

  716. berni Says:

    hi yo yo

    i am not a member of quiz but i look at the site to keep up to date on whats happening in the quizzes.

    Are you a quiz winner too?

  717. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Berni, just watched the best bits compilation at the end of the Mint, there was a couple of seconds of you and your mum receiving a great big cheque. Shame I didn’t see the original show, bet you had a great time. Will miss the Mint lots, I won a couple of weeks ago, still waiting for the cheque to arrive.
    I hope they keep MYP going, I managed to get on air about 15 times so far through web entry and was a winner last year, isn’t it great to win!

  718. berni Says:

    Hi Clart

    I will also miss the mint and the presenters, they are all such fun and i always have a giggle with them all. It is great that myp is going 4 nights and I hope that glitterball is not a let down, good luck to craig and yolly on the show. Well done on your win clart and hope your cheque arrives soon. It is a fantastic feeling when you win, good luck tonight on myp

  719. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Berni,

    Glitterball sounds like its more about prizes, I’d rather have the cash than go to USA to watch Beckham play football.. Guess we’ll find out on Monday.

    Just heard you on MYP, I’d been trying to get through for ages with the same answer, sorry it wasn’t there for you. I don’t think anybody has said OWNER yet, worth a try. Good luck!

  720. berni Says:

    Hi Clart

    what name do you say on air and i will listen out for you, good answer by the way…. these are probably gonna be really obscure answers like….. house flamingo…. lol dont know where that came from…(dont think i will say it)

    good luck

  721. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Berni,

    I was just on air and tried OWNER, wasn’t there – boo hoo !
    You will recognise my voice, quite distinctive – Rob in Bolton, did you hear me?
    Next one to try is DRESSER, nobody said it yet, good luck.

  722. Michael Says:

    if anyone fancies coming to scare the shit out of the producers at the named addresses on ITV’s website then i’m up for it 😀 hahahaha

  723. Michael Says:

    evidently a company called PromoVeritas moderates the whole thing, we should go and bang on their doors to and find out exactly whats going on. all i need to know is how the puzzles are worked out, once we know then then we know they are not lying to us.

  724. richard Says:

    hi all ,
    actually won money playing via the web (not much)
    and yes it is a con … and i feel for people who have lost money. but to be fair its their fault as it is clear it is a lottery (con)…

    its the number one’s that have got me and was just wondering if some one had the answers to some of them …. tonight someone got the answer to add the numbers seventy-six 7 32 3(digital) and nineteen …. if anyone has the answer can they post it as i missed it …… really annoying ….

  725. cLaRt Says:

    Add the numbers:


    Answer = 354 (winner got £20k)

    Anyone got a clue how to work this out ?

  726. richard Says:

    thx … not a clue best i could do with logic is 332

  727. yo-yo Says:

    hi Berni,

    i am a quiz winner with itv play mainly, biggest win was a myp snakeword (2 grand), hear you quite alot good luck, myp is only on 4 times this week i think, glitterball should then have the regular mint slot, also a show called the zone don’t know to much about that yet, and a debbie king show

  728. cLaRt Says:

    I think I have it..

    Add the numbers:

    32 7

    Seventy-six :: 70-6=64+RomanNumerals(5+1+9+10)=89
    32 and 7 in same font :: 32×7=224
    3 in digital font :: =3
    Nineteen :: 19+9+10(word ten written backwards)=38

    89+224+3+38 = 354 Bingo !

    There seems to be no logic to this method and consequently, I would therefore assume it to be illogical that the same method will be applied to the next ‘Add the numbers’ puzzle.

    Still, there’s some food for thought here as I would guess that the next method used will be a variation of this one.. Good luck.

  729. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    I see Eckoh’s are at it again (the people who provide the caller selection software to ITV/ITV PLAY) they have been caught with the fingers in the pie with Richard and Judy’s you Say, We Pay. Basically they had already selected the chosen few that made the final list for the studio but didn’t bother to tell the old public instead they just kept them calling in and raking in the cash!

    Full details are on

    Anyone who says these things are not a con needs their marbles checking.


  730. sophie Says:

    well i think that maybe the glitterball could possible be ok as long as they dont pick up the annoying habit of the number puzzles or the crossword puzzles cos they are a rip off

  731. Paul from Sussex Says:

    Have just come across this forum and have found it very interesting. must confess the programs are boring but do povide a source of income.
    Since starting homeworking in December I have been able to concentrate on my hobby of competitions.
    In Dec won three times on a daytime quiz show. won £500, £1,000 and £10,000. In Jan Just won £500, but also won ywo other net comps (not TV) of £1,000 and £1,200 plus a Canadian break.
    In February, gf won £1,000 on same daytime show and following day I won £1,000 on MYP.
    Naturally all wins were via the web.
    I have been putting a maximum number of entries on MYP for neary two months.
    I have reached the studio four times, once winning the £1,000 as mentioned earlier.
    My greatest fear will be these programs will be axed.
    Hoping for another win soon.
    good luck to all


  732. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Take them all off the TV this is legalised fraud.

    Cant wait for the change in legislation that will put these programs (i use that term loosely) in their place.


  733. john Says:

    lol u ppl r so narrow minded you seriously think i would have won over £80000 on itv, quiz call and the great big british quiz if they were cons, perhaps if you open your eyes and look at the previous puzzles with revealed answers you will be able to find a solution to future puzzles.

  734. Nerys Holding Says:

    Of course the calls are manipulated. I think it is disgusting that there are presenters invigling people to call in when they know full well there is no realistic chance of getting through.

    These programs make their profits from those who do not get through. They have a few people which they select from certain parts of the UK on hold and they are the ones that sit there half the night, waiting to get through. The rest of us do not stand a chance.

    I think these programs should be banned they are nothing glamourous con artists. They are a disgrace.

    A friend of mine once spent £35.00 one night trying to get through, I had a good talk to her about how they rip people off and she hasn’t rung one since although she did feel a fool.

  735. berni Says:

    How can anyone single out the itv play quizzes as lotteries, surely any show that has a competition is a chance of winning and absolutely better chance than ever winning the lottery!

    I have tried several competitions on tv, deal or no deal, this morning with philip and fern, loose women, david dickinsons real deal, x factor competition to name a few… all these shows run competitions whenever their particular show is on… I HAVE NEVER WON ON ANY OF THEM!

    the only difference with all the itv play quizzes is that the whole show is about ringing through with an answer and if you are lucky to be right you win money, all these people who are slagging off the quiz shows have probably entered a tv quiz at one time or another, and yet cause they have not YET won on MYP, The Mint, QM, GB etc they are complaining… persitance pays off, i was like you all when i first saw the quiz channels, i thought no way is that gonna be easy to get on to and for months i kept getting through but always wrong, it took about 6 months before i got a right answer and OMG what a feeling that was.. I was shaking so much and rang nearly every one i knew. for those of you who recognise me will know i still get through and am nearly always wrong, but every now and then i get through and am right.

    My Ex left me nearly two years ago, with four children and sky high in debt and thanks to these quizzes I am gradually getting rid of my debt and making my childrens lives a bit nicer.

    So all you whingers! stop moaning and start quizzing and maybe one day you will be on here telling your success story, and if you are reading this then you have internet so you are able to enter for free, (just remember though, if every one entered for free there would be no prize money, so call the show too and that way the prize money might go up on some of the shows that offer very little money)

    I know this entry is a bit higgledy piggledy but i do get really frustrated with those who complain when they have not really tried.

  736. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    I am sick to my back teeth of reading things like this on here “My Ex left me nearly two years ago, with four children and sky high in debt and thanks to these quizzes I am gradually getting rid of my debt”…..gambling is no way to get out of debtif anything its a road to ruin. The only real way out of debt is hard work and keeping your eye on every penny….these so called shows are not a quick get out of debt free card and anyone under the missconception that they are needs to grow up.

    As for entering all the other above mentioned quiz show the one thing that people seem to miss is that all these call in show are run via the same company and they are Eckoh.


  737. phil Says:

    We all know itv play is a lottery scam.

    I can,t belive sad fuck ring in a 75p a go.

    The internet is the only way to ring in.

    They must give free web enty by law.

    Plus berni your talking bullshit if you think itv play is fair, there misleading and very hard puzzles.





  738. berni Says:

    steve, i did not say it was a way out of debt, i said thanks to my wins i have paid off a lot of debt, without running up a huge phone bill

    and phil, some of the questions are hard, if it was too easy it would be boring, but i am no genius and i have won, I object to you swearing at me and i am in debt cause of my ex and he is spending his money on his new wifes visa, not his kids and not his debts.


  739. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Correction if it was easy and fair and everyone could get the answers then ITV PLAY would not be making millions of the backs of some people rather they would be loosing millions.

    And i dont watch these shows anymore as the whole concept makes me sick the way they are ripping people off and besides i cant spend while 4 in the morning watching tv as some of us have work to go too.


  740. Paul from Sussex Says:

    rather play glitterball than sign petitions
    won £1,000 about have an hour ago
    with a free net entry


  741. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Berni,
    Just heard your mum on Glitterball, bad luck she didn’t win.
    I’m not very keen on Glitterball, the prizes are much lower than the Mint and they are not taking half as many callers..
    Roll on Thursday for MYP !
    Sorry to hear you’re not well, hope you get better soon.
    Best wishes and regards.

  742. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Something that has had me wondering is how so many people can stop up while 4am in the morning playing on these programs? Do you people not have jobs to go to?


  743. Paul from Sussex Says:

    I have a full time job. This week I have been leaving home at 8:00am. We don’t all need 7 hours sleep.
    Also I have to work some shifts, I sometimes work 12:30 to 21:00.
    Must confess I am tempted to give up job as for the last three months, my “net” income is greater than my work income.
    For this month Feb have collected £3,250 from three different programmes.

  744. cLaRt Says:

    I go to my job by switching on the TV at midnight and playing on these programs.
    No commuting, no boss to answer to and only work when necessary; salary – £24k tax-free in less than 4 months..
    ..probably the best job I’ve ever had.

  745. Dave Says:

    Here is a possible solution to the problem…

    Add the numbers:


    From the line ‘seventy-six’: 76+70+7+6+64=223
    From the line 32: 30+3+2+32=67
    From the line 7: 7
    From the line 3: 3
    From the line nineteen: 9+19=28

    Considering contributions from Roman numerals, we also have 5+1+9+10+1=26

    Adding these gives a total of 354. I hope that makes sense

  746. Dan Says:

    Hey everyone! its been an interesting read here, I just want to give my opinion, I turned 18 In December and always wanted to enter these quiz shows on ITV! I wouldnt dare ring as it is 75p per call, to me that is alot of money just to try and get through, the other night I used free web entry for the first time to try and get through to Glitterball (the new ITV show) I input my details and the 3rd time I got through! straight to the studio, I think this is great if done through free web entry, it is ideal for an 18 year old to try and win money for free entry! infact to anyone of any age! try it and good luck!

  747. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Berni,
    Did you get the answers from last nights MYP?
    Doh, I missed them again !
    Hope you’re well.

  748. berni Says:

    hi clart

    thank you so much for you concern, am feeling a lot better, although still not quite right, but i am so gutted to go back playing the quizzes to find that they have limited the entries again. I can only imagine it is because all these idiots complaining to ofcom about it being a lottery.

    If people want to call then surely it should be their own choice, most adults are big enough to make their own decisions rather than being told when they can enter or not, it has certainly limited again the chance of winning, tonight fri night/sat morn i have struggled to stretch my entries and have run out.

    I cannot say it enough on this forum.. to those people who do not like the quiz… dont watch it… leave it to us people who did not want to watch night screen for four hours and love stretching our brains in the early hours.

    good luck clart
    will listen out for you 🙂

  749. berni Says:

    hi clart

    the stack game answers for last night were

    in order

    sea passage
    sea legs
    sea ice
    sea biscuit
    sea rat
    sea floor

  750. cLaRt Says:

    Hi Berni,
    I agree with you, was gutted to discover daily entries cut down by 33% after waiting a week for MYP to come back.

    If the people complaining don’t want to watch it why don’t they just go to bed or better still, watch teletext on BBC2. They probably think thats better entertainment LOL ! – oh and well worth the licence fee – yeah right.

    I ran out of entries last night too, thats why I fell asleep and missed answers.. Thanks for them, will put in the database with the rest.
    Gutted tonight also, was on phone listening to ‘lets see if we can put you through to the studio’, when someone else got in with the same answer ‘JOWL’ and won £15k.. eeek!

    Hopefully, when ITV check their profit margins and see a sharp dip, they will put daily entries back up.

    In the meantime, keep an eye on Quizcall CH5 for some big money games, I have already won £4K on there, web entry of course. The game was: name the car manufacturers – easy !

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend and wish you the best of luck.

  751. alex Says:

    at last sense has prevailed..hope your 24k you make a year lasts a long time go find real work now this scum has been taken off air..HAPPY DAYS

  752. Mick Says:

    Here here. anyone defending these heartless robing shows are probaly desperate stooges trying to save their pathetic jobs. These shows are vomit and presented by untalented wannabees who kind find media work anywhere else. I hope this move by ITV isnt an attempt to legitamise their latest lump of vomit ‘Gliterball’ as this is dissapointingly still on air. This reckless type of socially ignorant programming shames our media and destroys peoples lives by taking advantage of thier aspirations and circumstances. and for ITV to be involved is a scandal

  753. Proofreader Says:

    Mick, it should be “hear, hear”, not “here, here”. And the rest of your spelling is pretty awful too.

    Shouldn’t you put your own house in order before criticising “untalented wannabees who kind (can’t?) find media work anywhere else.”?

    Not a lot of talent in your post, I’d say!

  754. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    Proofreader….so Mick has some grammar errors and spelling mistakes….so what did you ever stop to think he may be Dyslexic rather that poking fun….all that said even though Mick’s spelling and grammar was off it didn’t distract from the point he was making…..anyone with half a brain could work it out but as I say some people would rather poke fun in order to make themselves feel superior.


    Herr Here and Hear Hear i too am glad that for the moment ITV have seen the light and Im sure after the audit these shows will be back I just hope that they are more transparent to the consumer in what your odds are of really winning.


  755. alex Says:

    well said steve excellent post and your right they will be back and i hope this is not just an move by ITV to make it look good cos they sure have had over the past cpl days loads of free advertising these scumball programmes.and as for proof reader well only a retarded halfwit would make a post like you did so perhaps you oughtaget on that tripe show as a presenter cos u seem like the sort of retard that could fit in there perfectly:p

  756. Steven Holdsworth Says:

    What still get me is when you call these programs a rip of and a con there are too many people willing to defend them when it has been proven time and time again that they are conning people for example Quiz call was taken off the air due to a police investigation then Richard and Judy stopped their quiz due to people being encouraged to still call in when short list of contestants had already been picked and not to forget the x factor that over charged a whole load of people resulting in it costing 400K to ITV and the best one was Saturday kitchen where people where encouraged to call in to vote on a pre recorded show and the viewers where under the impression it was a live TV show so if this is not a rip-off or a con I don’t know what is!


  757. Steve Says:

    Hey Berni!!

    Congratulations on your win with the Add the Numbers the other night!!! I had 635 too… me and my sister used up all our free web entries but didnt make it through 😦

    Guess we should have waited for a turbo round!!!

    …and it looks like you beat Jo too!!!

    WELL DONE!!!

    Hopefully they’ll have another Adder this weekend. 🙂

    Take care! …You can get a LOT of Baileys for £5G’s!!! Oooooh… it’ll feel like Christmas!!!

    PS.. I got through on Biggame TV about 8 times last night!! Didn’t actually win anything but it’s nice to get through so often… And Rob from Norwhich must have made it through at least 10 times, if not more… and had the opportunity to plug his mySpace site! ….hmmm… there’s a thought, I run a couple of internet based businesses wonder if I can slip my URLs out on air 🙂

  758. Mick Says:

    You can beat me with a grammar stick all you wish, it only goes further to prove the ignorance and uncaring nature of those who support these shameful programmes. My only wish however, is to help protect those who are unable to recognise what a con these shows truely are. And lets be honest about those presenters, if they had any ounce of talent they would of been cherry-picked or have moved on to bigger and better things. Its not clever enough to have a fast tounge if its used to lie, cheat and manipulate the vunerable. And thats exactly what they do! But whos going to employ these morally corrupt people now anyway? There resented and a laughing stock within the media and thankfully they know it too. And that craig of glitterball has studied and copied johnny vaughn style so closely he could be sued. As for the women….well, i wouldnt want to be mean would i.

  759. berni Says:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for all your good wishes 🙂

    tried BGTV tonight, got on once but it was the wrong answer 😦
    never mind tomorrow is another day

    I see some things dont change, still idiots on here slagging quizzes off… how many times do we have to say it, DONT WATCH THE QUIZ AND STOP WRITING IN TO QUIZ FORUMS.. AND ESPECIALLY STOP SLAGGING OFF PRESENTERS WHOM YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE LIKE… GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE..

    Chat soon Steve x

    Big Hi to Clart x

  760. Steven Holdsworth Says:


    Are you wrong in the head or something as the whole point of this forum was to expose what a con and rip off these shows are.

    And i totally agree with Mike the so called presenters have a total lack of talent , their script must be all of a page long as all they ever do is repeat themselves.

    I wonder what it must be like to win money off these programs as you have to know that some other fool has suffered for your win…..blood money thats what it is…..people should get off their back side go out get a job and stop mooching around its just plain lazy.


  761. alex Says:

    as steve said the total purpose of this forum is to spread the word of what an TOTAL con this is..If you wanna go celebrate the fact you think that these are great money making schemes i am sure with your lttle intelligence you seem to have you will find one.Bu remember itvplay made over £20m last year have you thought for one single millisecond where that £ came from????

    Or maybe you did not realise that the sunday mail done an investigation into the programme and well look for yourself

    Now look at the “presenters” or liars as i prefer to call them why on earth would they go back on a showthat had been under investigation for criminal activities??? surely if they wanted to protect there”career” they would stay as faraway as possible huh??? But alas theyre mindless talentless and know that there next job would be for the guys renting there asses and for the girls loitering under coloured lights..

    Periodically on here we get when theres any controversy on that “thing” idiots berni like you who come and ytell us how wonderful that show is and what grandeur it has brought them when you know i know steve knows the majority of the sensible people in the uk know ITS A CON..lets look at who in my opinion is the most ridiculous presenter mark..who stares at the camera saying these EXACT words constantly..” YOU MUST PHONE NOW TO GET ON HOLD IT IS YOUR MONEY IF YOU DONT WANT £30K DONT BOTHER “now need i say more??? for someone watching first time it appears this man is waiting for your phonecall and all you have to do is phone to win but then the catch he goes on to say”IF YOU DONT GET THROUGH THE FIRST TIME YOU MUST KEEP TRYING I AM HERE TO GIVE YOU THAT £ ITS YOURS IT BELONGS TO YOU” i mean ffs berni you really that simple minded????

    I work a lot at night and do 1000s of web entries get pin codes 2-3% and never once been put through to the studio just does not add up huh if they say web etries have same chance of getting through as phone entries then errm id be £1000s down all to try win a cpl 1000£ good goin huh…anyhow a long post just to say berni FO back to the hole you crawled out of and go to a forum where youll be made welcome like retards annonymous or something….

  762. alex Says:

    Thought id just add today that anyone who has not seen een the news that CHANNEL5 have admitted that production staff posed as PRIZE WINNERS…this forum vindicated and idiots like berni go lick your wounds surely this is the end of all premium rate callins on tv….

  763. berni Says:

    Even if this is the end of the road for quizzes and premium rate call shows and i truly hope not! ….

    I am still sitting with a very healthy bank balance having entered with an answer to several questions and NOT running up a phone bill… and you have the audacity to insult me!

    At least, i have a life and dont spend my time complaining about channels that bring a bit of entertainment to some peoples lives, this is not 50 years ago, we do have several channels you could watch…. TURN OVER! YOU BRAINLESS IDIOT… YOU PROBABLY DONT HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE TO WIN ON A QUIZ AND THATS WHY IT BUGS YOU SO MUCH

  764. Mick Says:

    Id just like to take a moment to thank Steve Holdsworth who has, since the beginning of this thread, consistantly warned and commented on the dangers of this show. In my book its people like Steve who deserve recognition for their tireless commitment to truth and justice. Whitout people like steve these shows would have had the public paying a pound a call with no chance of success whatsoever, seing as the stooges affiliated with these show are ringing up and stealing the publics money. Im not a bible basher but the good book warns of greed and deciet and what happens to those people who indulge in it. But in the meantime i hope those people involved in these shows, whether they are presenters right through to producers get some sought of british justice, hopefully a jail term. Looks like John was right:

    john Says:

    November 24th, 2006 at 4:26
    Their all morally corrupt bastards who will eventually get whats coming to them. The laws will be changed regarding these type of shows. Until then i recommend that you resist ‘paying’ this show any attention other than to complain to your local MP and ofcom as to what an in your face con it is. Answers are determined at the producers discretion at a time they determine and most big winners are related in someway to those who are involved in the show. Sooner rather than later someone will blow the whistle on this house of cards (i have this on very good authority) and a lot of peoples shameful carrers will be over. The Great British Public shall not be used in this way anymore. FACT.

    Well done everyone who has stood up against these shows. I really hope this is an end