Back in business, baby (and how)

Thursday 17 August (2006)

site traffic, small version for glorious post

What you are seeing is a minimised representation of my site traffic over the last thirty days. I like this graph that wordpress produce for me, but I don’t like the fact that the scale jumps up if you have a scary day of intense traffic – what I mean is; if I average forty hits a day and then I suddenly get eighty for whatever reason (usually misguided search engine returns) the scale goes up in such a way that it looks like my constant forty hits a day are, well, nothing. Well, it has happened here – I looked at this graph and saw how low it was and I thought ‘well, hell, I haven’t updated for three weeks because I’ve not been connected to the internet – this is fair enough.’

Then I looked at the scale. What the creeping hell?! Whilst one-hundred and fifty or so unique hits a day are mere trifles in the scheme of things, this is a bloody lot for me. It’s historic! I mean I’m reaching an audience! Hell, the director of Sharp’s Brewery has been here personally because I reviewed one of their beers! I’m basically kind of an Internet legend, in my own time.

Except, no. Not really. There is but one reason why my site has suddenly become the hub of the internet, and that is because I recently posted a long rant about that most dastardly of TV shows; The Mint. People have been finding my site out of a combination of trying to find solutions to the puzzles (and why shouldn’t they) and trying to find out if the whole thing is legally some sort of con. Well, I love you people – thank you. Because it’s good to know, in my heart, that if one lone idiot with a computer like me can lament the loss of quality television, no matter how insignificant I am people will seek it out and rally around me. Together we can beat the bastards!

Or, as it happens, not. I’m tempted though, if anyone comes across the solution to their puzzles, to make a page about it and see if I can figure out how they got the solution. We’ll see, I guess. Anyway, this post is just to say I’m back, etc., so expect more quality content soon! Or, failing that, another post about my visitor statistics complaining about they have dropped back to a more realistic seventeen hits a day. Bah.


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