The Wii is the best console of all time

Friday 15 September (2006)

It has been brought to my attention this week (thanks Ryan) that the basic facts about Nintendo’s new console, the Wii, have been confirmed. Whilst this includes the boring essentials such as price (£180) and release date (8th of December), it also includes more elaborate nuggets of information which, when put together, make the Wii look like the best piece of home entertainment hardware ever released.

Let’s look at this in more detail. First of all, the size of the console – this thing is tiny. Its largest dimension in any direction is less than 22cm, which basically means you could hide it behind a piece of A4 paper. Secondly, the control system is completely revolutionary (pardon the pun.) This isn’t a gimmicky addon or an optional extra; it’s an entirely new way to play games. Whilst the obvious uses have already been leapt on (swordfighting, tennis) in time developers will come up with all kinds of bizarre and ingenius uses for the Wiimote – and because it’s so naturally intuitive, it will lead the way towards ever more absorbing gaming experiences.

But still, this is all just so much faff. The real reason why this console will be the best one ever made is the fact that it’s Nintendo. Nintendo are the only company in gaming who can release games which are essentially updated versions of their previous games, yet still make them completely unmissable. Check out any ‘greatest games of all time’ list you like and you’ll undoubtedly find Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario World and Mario 64 on there. Yup, all four of them. Because the gameplay dynamic has been improved every single time without sacrificing the playability of the game – hell, most of the time the playability has been increased. As such, it follows on that the new Mario game, Super Mario Galaxies, will be the new ‘best Mario ever’ – and even if it’s not, like Sunshine failed to be, it’ll still be a brilliantly entertaining and most importantly fun game – just like Sunshine was.

Factor in the other first party titles like Super Smash Brothers Brawl (the sequel to the most fun multiplayer game of all time) and Twilight Princess, as well as the new avenues open to enterprising third party developers, and we’ve really got the ball rolling. There’s even a classic control pad for those die-hard skeptics, which will allow ports of multi-console games which can’t utilise the Wiimote to transfer across – or if you prefer, you can plug an old-fashioned Gamecube control pad in as well (as well as Gamecube memory cards).

This is just as well, because the Wii is backwards-compatible with the Gamecube. That’s right, you can stick your old Gamecube discs in there and play them just like you used to. But this backwards compatibility goes even further than that – you can play Nintendo 64 games on the Wii. You can play SNES games on the Wii. Shit, you can play NES games on the Wii. Nintendo realised that things would get a bit confusing if they had to add ports on their state-of-the-art machine for twenty year old cartridges, so in a move of genius they created the Virtual Console. This concept takes the idea of gaming emulation to its literal, and legal conclusion – much like iTunes has done for mp3 downloading. What it basically amounts to is that you can download pretty much any classic game from your childhood, and using a Gamecube controller or a Classic Wii pad, play it on your TV like it’s 1993. It even includes Megadrive games, thanks to SEGA pulling out of the console market several years ago and allying with Nintendo. Sonic The Hedgehog? Yes please.

So of course to use the Virtual Console you need to go onto the Internet. So, in accordance, Nintendo have created a costly ‘pay per minute’ online system whereby you buy an account and then use your minutes as you wish. No, wait… that idea sucks. Nintendo clearly realised that too, which is why what they’re actually doing is enabling the Wii to use your current home Internet connection, at no extra cost to your monthly bill. The same connection you’re using to read this is the one you’ll be plugging your Wii into – and if you’re on an unlimited access broadband account (which currently costs from around £15 – £35 a month, depending on your speed) that means that you can use your Wii whenever you like, as much as you like. It’s all wireless of course, so assuming you have a router already then you really don’t need to do anything at all – the Wii is essentially plug and play 🙂

You’ll need this Internet connection of course, because you’ll be using your Wii to surf the web. Or not, if you don’t want to – but it’s nice to know that you can. What might be more useful are the Wii Channels. You can check out a local weather report, or catch up on all the important news of the day. These little touches are completely unnecessary, but the fact that they’re there all the same is great. You won’t even have to turn on your PC to see if your favourite site has been updated before getting into a Mario Kart session.

Oh, yeah – the games. See, they’re all online too, obviously, which enables you to play the most addictive multiplayer games of all time (Mario Kart and Smash Bros.) a lot more often than usual – because really, organising a four-player multiplayer in real life is a pain in the ass, and you need to own four control pads. You can even make your own little ‘Nintavatar’ which is the same kind of thing as an MSN profile, which is stored on your Wiimote in case you go to a friends house for a game.

All in all, the Wii is the greatest console ever made. Instead of concentrating on graphical power like Sony, or merging consoles with PCs like Microsoft, Nintendo have done what they did with the Gamecube – they’ve made a machine for playing games. Unlike the Gamecube however, the Wii is truly next-generational, and as such represents the new benchmark for console gaming.

I think the world has just become a better place 🙂


52 Responses to “The Wii is the best console of all time”

  1. A superb article.

    And yes, I think an often overlooked fact about the Wii is that is in fact a Nintendo console. I don’t give a shit what the Sony generation says; Nintendo games are excellent. While I’m not condemning the Xbox 360’s style of games, most of them are really gritty/serious and basically just not that enticing.

    Nintendo games are bright, full of colour, fun as hell and always striving for innovation. What more could you want?!

    • asdfasdf Says:

      Wii has the least AAA/game of the year games, worst reviewed games, worst graphics, most backwards online, is least powerful console, has the least multi-platform games.
      ITS A FACT.

      And yes power does not only mean better graphics, its also used for AI, pop-ins,number of things on screen, and more.

      After getting a good graphic card for my PC, and a ps3 I never played my wii in well over a month.

      • person Says:

        Those facts alone don’t change much. I think that it really depends on the person. I love games such as new super mario brothers, which can only be played on Wii, but there are other people who, like you, wouldn’t play Wii for games they like better on Xbox360 or Playstation3. All of these consoles are great for different people.

      • muhib94 Says:

        I’d like to know where you found your information for the “worst reviewed games”

  2. Esteban Says:

    Hi All Experts,I need help…
    1. what kind of cables does the Wii come with?
    2. Is there a VGA-adapter coming out anytime soon?
    3. If i use the s-video cable, will the remote still sense the screen on which my projector projects the image onto?
    Cheers and thanks in advance.

  3. stan Says:

    1. Component.
    2. I think so.
    3. The screen actually has very little to do with how the Wiimote’s motion is detected – as long as you put your sensor bar in the right place it doesn’t matter what kind of screen or video-input you use.

    Hope that helps!

  4. mickey Says:

    that was a great post! i was looking for somthing just like this so thank you veary much!

  5. mickey Says:

    im going to make my report based on that information I knew there was something beater than the ds like my teacher said we will see her try to say the ds is still beater after my report! 🙂

  6. neosparke Says:

    I would rather die than give up my wii i am so addicted to it it is like crack
    Zelda has absorbed me fantastic game i cannot put it down
    Red steel fustrates me but i love it
    I cannot wait for Mortal Kombat and Sonic and i am sure i will wet my pants when i finally play metroid prime.
    Graphically it is not the best but i challenge you to get better value for money.
    PS3 aint got a chance nintendo rule

  7. Zero Says:

    Hey mikey whats up with ur spelling. NINTENDO RULES(Can‘t wait 4 brawl, metriod and pokemon.

  8. […] Apparently they had gotten a shipment just the day before, and the Wii they had in stock, was the last one left from the batch. Even before I went into Gamestop, I had toyed with the idea of buying a Wii, but had not made a decision about whether or not I really wanted one. Since I knew that the Wii’s were still pretty hard to come by and because they told me, it was the last one, I made a quick decision to buy it and figured I could always flip it on Ebay, if it didn’t live up to the hype. […]

  9. im not giving my name to a machine Says:

    to everyone who loves the wii…
    i love u guys

  10. Jeremiah Says:

    well i dont have a wii but i wont 1 but my brothers an sistas like the xbox 360 i really wont a wii but in my family its majoirty rules lucky guys who get 1

  11. Mo Says:

    Hi guys, I have a few questions I really want answers for:

    1. What’s the difference between the Wii and the Wii Virtual console?

    2. Can 4 people on the Wii play at the same time?

    3. Can you really play N64 games on the Wii and how?

    4. Have you ever had any problems with the Wii controllers?

    5. What disadvantage would you say the Wii has (other than not having rock solid graphics)


  12. stan Says:

    1. The Wii is the physical console that you buy and plug the cables into and hook up to your TV. You can put your Wii game discs into it and play them. The virtual console operates like a piece of software that runs on the Wii, that lets you play games you can download through the software.

    In PC terms, the Wii is the computer + operating system, and the virtual console is a SNES emulator.

    2. Yeah, you will need 4 controls unless it’s a ‘take turns’ game. Or multiplayer, in which case you just need 3 other people playing the game online.

    3. This is part of the virtual console. Unfortunately this means that if you still own an N64, and have a big box full of game carts, you can’t actually plug them into the Wii and play them. Instead you will have to re-purchase them through the virtual console, which uses a ‘Wii Points’ system as currency. You can buy these points in most game stores.

    For example, N64 games cost 1000 Wii points, which costs £7 ($10) in real-world money. Games for the SNES and Megadrive are cheaper than this, and games for the NES are cheaper still. To play an N64 game you can plug a Gamecube control pad in, or buy the Wii ‘classic control pad’ if you don’t own a GC pad.

    4. I still don’t own a Wii! 😦 But I’ve never had any problems when using my friends’.

    5. Disadvantage – well, as you say the graphics are the main issue. For a lot of people it’s not a problem, but it’s still a flaw. Also, due to the control system being so unique, some multi-platform games (such as GTA IV) may not be released on the Wii because it’s a lot harder to port them. Good developers, though, will spend the time and effort to port their games to the Wii and utilise the control scheme – such as EA’s Tiger Woods golf series, which probably plays better on the Wii than any other console.

    Hope this helps!

  13. Mo Says:

    Hey Stan thank you soooo much, really appreciate it!

    You see the thing is I’m thinking of buying a console soon and I’m just confused, i don’t know whether to buy the Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3.

    I’m leaning more towards the Wii because the games are fun and it’s more of a multiplayer kind of console.

    What would you buy (Wii, Xbox, PS3) and why?

  14. stan Says:

    Personally I’d get a Wii. Nintendo games are always fun, and the console itself is cheap and simple, and it does exactly what you want it to. If you’re into your games in a big way, and want to play every new release, the 360 is probably the console to go for. The PS3 is obviously a great machine, but it’s so expensive and it doesn’t really offer anything the Xbox doesn’t have (apart from Metal Gear Solid) so I’d avoid that.

  15. Mo Says:

    Thanks for the advice stan 🙂

  16. yumba-o Says:

    I say “Buy the Wii!” Its soo fricking awesome the motion sensingis wicked sweet 😀

  17. nintendo for president Says:

    wii is the best. wii games: SSBB, Mario kart wii,MP3, MOHH2, MOH vanguard, animal crossing

  18. louise Says:

    i just bought a wii & game cube compatible wired control for my wii but i can`t seem to find a port to connect it to on the wii,was just wondering if sum1 could help me out,not 2 sure if i need sum sort of a usb connector.

  19. BOB Says:

    on the top of the wii there is a compartment door where the gamecube ports are

  20. Conley Says:

    louise, on the top of your Wii flip open the panel. There are two of them, one for memory cards and one for controllers.

  21. Will1978 Says:

    I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES still am at the age of 29. The Wii is Nintendo at its finest, it was Wii that keep me into gaming. The way you able to play games on it are excellent and the old games i grew up on are great especially with a classic controller. Nintendo give gamers gaming at its rarest form with Wii. Sony and Microsoft just made the same systems just better graphics. Nintendo went with the gameplay and fun which gaming was about in the first place. Sure Wii doesn’t have best graphics of the next-gen era but gameplay on Wii is delivered in Spades THANKS NINTENDO for once again saving the gaming because I’m proud to own Wii and being a fan of the big N all these great years.

  22. fgjfh Says:

    wii is absolutedly awesome, got one for birthday, by far best system i have ever played

  23. Cheffinator Says:

    I love the Wii so much! I love nintendo!!! The way they make there games the same but different is what i love most. Like the smash bros trilogy. They all have things in common but are better every time. We thank you nintendo for another great console!!! Big hugg for nintendo!!!

  24. Izzmondo Says:

    Get a life, stop postin at ridiculous times in the bloody mornin, i know lets all play Mario games we completed on the old console with the same graphics, it only cost me 7x as much

    peace out, smell your mum

    get an xbox, saaaaaaddddddddddd bastards

  25. Izzmondo Says:

    1 more thing….

    “big hugg for the losers who dont sleep”

    i just thought…does owning a wii mean u dnt sleep?

  26. wii is my favorite console for sure !

    cool post ! 🙂

  27. activision14 Says:

    fuck you you cock sucking bicth wii is the shit!

  28. activision14 Says:

    izmundo sucks dick, his mom is moaning right now ohhhhhh don’t stop!

  29. Ryuuzaki Says:

    I don’t care what bastards say about Wii, Nintendo is and I hope it continues to be the BEST! PS3 Lovers……FUCK OFF AND DIE, people who prefer graphics instead of quality are brain dead

  30. Jessie Says:

    alright i own a wii and i love it 😛 i not into those intense graphics im about havin fun. i can say my bro bought an xbox (now hes broke lol) i can see graphics are superior and the online system is better but I cant stand the price (paying for online) and its no fun without xbox live honestly if you own an xbox without live it wont last and they have a tendancy to break tech support never really helpped my bro :O but any way the wii thrives on being more fun and always pushing video games to a new level the game play is much better then that of a console where you just press a button to perform an action and two analogs is getting a little old. i prefer the wii over xbox because of pure simple fun.

  31. Simsoy Says:

    Personly i think the PS3 is the best system so far. Even thou i have a xbox the PS3 is a very expensive blu ray xbox with free online. But the xbox is now cheaper than the wii and Sony and Microsoft are coming up with their own motion sensors, so for a cheaper price you can by a xbox and motion sensor and save money over the wii. I hate how childish the nintendo games are, they only have 2 violent games that are M, and both aren’t for the wii. COD4/5 Fallout 3, Halo 3, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, thats what nintendo needs.

  32. Nick Says:

    You know, it’s really pointless to argue about such a topic. Everyone has an OPINION, but personally I like the Xbox 360 the most of the 3 systems. If you like intense games with good graphics get the 360. If you don’t want to pay for online but with some pretty intense games with same graphics, get the ps3. If you want to look play laid-back and “nothing but fun” games, and also want a creative gaming experience, get the Wii. What are you trying to accomplish by arguing though? To prove someone is wrong? I used to argue all the time and then I realized that everyone in this world is a fucking dunce and don’t give a shit what you say.

  33. dreambunker Says:

    i think which the WII is the better console, for everything else is the computer, if you want the best graphics buy the ultimate nvidia or ati grapic card, if you want an incredible gaming experience then here is the wii

  34. dragonfree97 Says:

    The wii is the best. You play games for fun, not for the graphics, otherwize you could go to an art gallery.

    Nintendo are causing more people to play videogames – MORE PEOPLE TO BEAT!!!

  35. gaddi Says:

    agree that the wii is the best!!!

  36. Kungz Says:

    i love the wii its my favourite system is pure genius.
    Nintendo is unbeatable, you gotta love the wii

  37. NextGen Says:

    Wii is the best Nintendo is the best also they all kick asses of PS3!!!!! I HATE PS3 they are lazy asses so they only play for Graphics not for fun and they sit in their couch and they wont take their butt uf they click buttons and call that an effort. i agree WII IS DA FREAKING BEST i got that console and it rocks nothing can beat it nothing ever will be as good, even ps7 will not be as good – id say that they will never get a chance to even make one since that they’ll be broke at that time…WII PWNS ALL

  38. Wiirocks125 Says:

    Actually, the wii DOES have good graphics. Just look at Wii Sports Resort. Wuhu island has the brightest and colorful colors, just look how blue the water is and how green the grass was, I wish real life was like it. And everything looks so sharp and pretty, only if real life was like the Wii 😦

  39. Wiirocks125 Says:

    Also, look how revolutionary Super Mario Galaxy looked. The Wii does have AMAZING graphics, just maybe not as good as 360 or PS3.

  40. Wiirocks125 Says:

    @Simsoy Your saying Wii needs all those games? Thats not what makes the Wii Nintendo, fun, creative, and one of the reasons people play the wii in the first place.

  41. NextGen Says:

    uhh Simsoy wii has COD 4 and five, also wii is the ultimate publisher of resident evil 4 and Dead space which are rated MA by the way..
    yeah i agree wii has more of those inviolent games, but do you ppl seriously call that bad? wii graphics? WHO FUCKIN SAID THEY ARE BAD? those bastards…..i hope you go suck it hard cuz you wont be able after you play ps3……. i have nothing against XBOX tho, just saying wii is better, but Sony will break…..they are dead im telling you. Total retards believe ps3 is the best…. and theres lots of em

  42. Clay Says:

    I prefer the Wii over the PS3 and 360. You don’t have to steal a car and blow a zombie’s f***ing brains out in 1080p for a game to be good. What matters is the gameplay and how FUN the game is. I do rather like the 360 even though paying for online is REALLY stupid. The avatars are better than Mii’s even if the name is kinda bland. The PS3 doesn’t have much appeal to me other than Blu Ray and HD Netflix. I have 2 Wiis and I’m still rockin’ an old-school 4:3 tube. The Wii games look awesome on my ancient TV and there’s nothing wrong with them on my Dad’s 42 inch 720p TV.

  43. giddi Says:

    Wii is still the best console out there, and it’s 2011. The graphics look awesome on good LCD’s, but the gameplay is where it kicks ass. 2010 gave us SMG2, Other M, TvC, Red Steel 2, Epic Mickey, new Goldeneye, MH Tri… 2011 will give us Conduit 2 and a new Zelda and that’s just pure bliss. Combine that with the 3DS for best combo gaming.

  44. muhib94 Says:

    wii = best console ever. Lets just leave it at that.

  45. What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & help other users like its helped me. Great job.

  46. James King Says:

    will is really the best console ever

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