The Sunday Review: Desert Cruising In A Dub State Of Mind

Sunday 24 September (2006)

desert cruising in a dub state of mind

Music is a weird, weird thing. It’s just sounds, but those sounds evoke feelings and emotion in your soul, and stir your mind, bringing up memories from the past and ideas for the future. Sometimes you listen to it because you like the lyrics – the sentiment, I guess – and other times the rythms just strike a chord with you. I suppose you listen to different music at different times – if you’re in a happy mood you might not be playing the Metallica as much as you would be if you were frustrated, and on the contrary, if you were feeling angsty and desperate it’s probably not a good time to listen to The Beach Boys. Moods I have been finding myself in recently have leant towards the melancholy and relaxed, and so it was that I returned to an album I discovered over a year ago – Rafi Levy‘s Desert Cruising In A Dub State Of Mind.

When I found this album I had recently returned from Fuerteventura – being there had rekindled my love for the desert, and I was trying to find music that would remind me of being there. I see CDs like this a lot in those New-Age kind of shops – the ones that sell incense and candles – but they’re usually ridiculously overpriced; £20 for ‘whale song’ or ‘sounds of the Andes’, and probably not very good outside of that smokey and perfumed environment that they’re sold in. Somehow though, I came across Desert Cruising, and with a name like that I had to investigate.

Fortunately for me and you, the entire album is available to listen to online, at the official site.

Well, after listening to the first track I thought it was brilliant; exactly what I had been searching for. Initially I thought the album might have different styles for each song, and that this first track (‘Open Your Eyes’) was a lucky one-off. Luckily this was not the case at all, and as I listened further I found more and more of this incredibly relaxing and very cool music. My favourite track is probably the last one, ‘Mystic Eyes’, but I find myself listening to the entire album on an alarmingly regular basis. I wish I had enough money to buy the CD for myself, but for now I guess I’ll just have to listen to it online.

This music is perfect ambience – and by that I don’t mean muzak or something, I’m talking about music that you can play to set a tone and mood, an entire atmosphere, without it ‘getting in the way.’ It’s great to listen to whilst writing essays or revising, or even whilst having a drink or lighting up some incense and smoking a joint. It’s probably not for everyone, but it’s certainly for me, and I love it.

Really very highly recommended for anyone who likes interesting music, relaxing music, or even just music with an international flavour to it.


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