Lost: Further Instructions (s3e3)

Thursday 19 October (2006)

I appreciate the irony that after my previous post, I am now posting about the latest episode of Lost which I was downloading even as I wrote that rant, but television is different – on the ‘perfect’ Internet it would probably be broadcast worldwide in HD (with adverts to fund it) and there would be no way to rip it or download it at the same time. You can’t see a new movie without paying for it in some way (legally) but watching new TV episodes is free. It’s not the strongest justification, but I don’t care because this latest episode of Lost was fantastic! (If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now.)

Old John Locke. He’s certainly a great character for a TV show – as the weeks go by we see how he is motivated by tragedy and pathos, and at the end of season two he made another huge mistake when he lost faith, but at the same time he’s the person who understands the island best. He’s been mixing up his hallucinogens since the first season, and in this episode he does so again. I like how the producers of Lost don’t shy away from this shamanic concept that hallucinogens are genuine spiritual tools, not just recreational drugs (especially the ‘jungle’ ones like Ibogaine and DMT) but last night actually showed us where John got his knowledge of such things. The young kid being a cop was a clever twist (ingenious to make a traffic cop pull them over to give him absolute credibility early on) but as soon as I realised that John was living on a hippie commune I thought ‘LSD.’ That wasn’t mentioned, but the ‘sweat lodge’ John mentions is definately some kind of trip out room, even if the drug they use isn’t acid.

In fact it was a real drug soaked episode – Charlie talks about how he used to get high and watch wildlife documentaries on ‘the Beeb‘ whilst John, it seems, was part of a grass-growing gang. As soon as I saw the forbidden tent and the fertiliser I thought it would be grass in there, but to be honest I thought it would be for the commune’s personal use – not for selling for profit. But that’s by the by.

John’s dream (or trip, I suppose) was excellent too – Boone wheeling him around the airport, nicely edited, the colour slightly off to remind us that it’s not real, slight inaccuracies like Hurley working there – very entertaining. And then we get Eko and the polar bear, some funny scenes with Hurley and Desmond, and then a huge bombshell at the end: whatever happened to Desmond when the shaft imploded, whilst he can’t turn into the hulk, he apparantly can predict the future. Spooky stuff.

So that’s half way through season three part one, and it’s shaping up to be quite good 🙂


One Response to “Lost: Further Instructions (s3e3)”

  1. Hee, I thought you’d enjoy that episode. ;D ;D

    But yeah, it was good. I’m also glad to see Locke returning to the more spiritual, mysterious side that we saw more of in the first series but less so in the second. Obviously the second series was vital in shaping his character, but I’m still glad to see classic Locke in action.

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