Scientology Orientation Video

Sunday 3 December (2006)

I’m not going to say anything about Scientology, other than that it concerns me and that in my personal opinion it is a dangerous cult. The ‘Church’ of Scientology is famously litigious, and as slim as the chances are, I don’t wish to incur their wrath.

That said, someone has posted a four-part orientation video on YouTube. Watch it quickly! Because I bet that those Scientology guys will pull this as soon as they catch wind of its existence. I mean, this is Scientology we’re talking about! There’s no way they don’t normally charge people to watch this stuff. They’re the only ‘religion’ I can think of that charges people to read the bloody holy text, so as far as I’m concerned they charge you for everything. I mean, it’s like walking into a Christian Church or an Islamic Mosque and then being told that salvation can be yours, via the Bible/Quoran, for only a nominal fee. Buy Genesis and Romans and get theĀ Gospels half price!

Pay special attention to the ‘conversation’ at the end of part one* – it’s like something from The Simpsons! Classic. But also, very disturbing – I mean that seriously. Watch it!

*There are probably better bits later on, but that’s as far as I’ve got so far.


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