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BAFTA nominations

Friday 12 January (2007)

The BAFTA nominations came out today and I thought I’d cast my eye over them, because what’s better than leaping to conclusions early on and then gambling that I’ll look astute come February? Besides that, the BAFTAs can be a good indication of where the Oscars are headed (award organisations seem to all think in the same way) so I can just pass this post off as an ‘Oscar prediction’ post. (Not to imply that the Oscars are better than the BAFTAs – that’s certainly not true for the ceremony.)

Instead of giving you the list verbatim, I’ll just pick out my candidate for each award I have an opinion on.

Film: I fancy Little Miss Sunshine, but in all likelyhood this will go to The Queen.

Director: Hmmm. Possibly Greengrass for United 93, but I would be pleased to see Scorcese pick this one up.

Original screenplay: A shoe-in – Guillermo Del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth.

Film not in English: Again, Pan’s Labyrinth – which is good enough to win best film outright.

Actor: Anecdotally, I’ll have to go for Forest Whitaker. His performance, from what I’ve seen in clips, is fabulous – and indeed he’s a hot-pick for the Oscars.

Actress: Surely Helen Mirren, after all that fuss.

Visual effects: Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, seriously, who didn’t think Bill Nighy was wearing a prosthetic? Photoreal.

And on the 11th of February, we’ll see just how wrong I will be.

I need a drink! Margarita

Thursday 11 January (2007)

I started this occasional feature back in July, and since then I’ve not added any drinks to it. If you know me in real life, then you’ll understand that this surely isn’t because I’ve stopped drinking, because that would be ludicrous. Of course I’ve been drinking! I’ve just not actually had any of my favourite drinks to hand, and while I could write from memory, that would be cheating. Besides, a drink has to be truly special to get into the ‘I need a drink!’ database. Thus enters a classic cocktail; the Margarita.

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Snap Preview Anywhere™ on the line

Friday 5 January (2007)

Well those glorious bastards at WordPress have introduced a new feature recently – Snap Preview Anywhere. It’s in Beta stages at the moment, and I appear to be (for the time being) one of the 10% of sites that it’s being tested on. What is it, you ask? Well check this shit out:

Every single word in this sentence is a hyperlink.

Even in the heady days of tabbed browsing and ‘Web 2.0’ (I’m still not really sure what that is) opening all of those links is a bit of a bastard – wouldn’t it be easier if you could just hover over the link and somehow know what you were going to be sent to? Oh, I know most browsers display the destination somewhere (at the bottom in IE) but those crafty hackers and bad guys know all about redirections and things. What if I were hilariously sending you to Tubgirl?

Yeah, you guessed it – SPA displays a little pop up showing you what the link will display. I don’t expect to have this feature for long, but then when it moves out of beta and becomes a true option I might enable it. So, what do you reckon? Useful, helpful? Or annoying and intrusive? Opinions, please.