Snap Preview Anywhere™ on the line

Friday 5 January (2007)

Well those glorious bastards at WordPress have introduced a new feature recently – Snap Preview Anywhere. It’s in Beta stages at the moment, and I appear to be (for the time being) one of the 10% of sites that it’s being tested on. What is it, you ask? Well check this shit out:

Every single word in this sentence is a hyperlink.

Even in the heady days of tabbed browsing and ‘Web 2.0’ (I’m still not really sure what that is) opening all of those links is a bit of a bastard – wouldn’t it be easier if you could just hover over the link and somehow know what you were going to be sent to? Oh, I know most browsers display the destination somewhere (at the bottom in IE) but those crafty hackers and bad guys know all about redirections and things. What if I were hilariously sending you to Tubgirl?

Yeah, you guessed it – SPA displays a little pop up showing you what the link will display. I don’t expect to have this feature for long, but then when it moves out of beta and becomes a true option I might enable it. So, what do you reckon? Useful, helpful? Or annoying and intrusive? Opinions, please.


One Response to “Snap Preview Anywhere™ on the line”

  1. Dave Says:

    It seems pretty cool, but i guess it might get annoying when the novelty value wears off. It probably depends on the link, some might lend themselves better to such a preview than others, such as pictures (like bunny) for example.

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