Drawing pictures (on acid)

Tuesday 3 April (2007)

LSD drawing

 Tidying my room a little yesterday, I found an old notepad filled with strange scribbles and drawings. I soon remembered what I was looking at – mementos from my very first LSD experience. It was September 2004, in Manchester (where else?) and I had finally managed to track down the elusive drug I so desired. Unfortunately, it wasn’t particularly strong stuff, and that first experience wasn’t my ‘break-through’ experience. Nevertheless, it affected me so much that I couldn’t walk down the metal staircase leading out of our crummy flat (it was, for all intents and purposes, not connected to the ground), and my co-trippers Alan and JT weren’t handling it so well (although, JT had been up almost twenty-four hours when we dropped, and he’d probably been on pills the night before) so I did the only thing availble to do – I drew some drug-induced pictures.

There are four pictures here for you to peruse; I won’t waste time trying to explain what they ‘are’ because I didn’t draw them with any particular aim in mind – they just came out. They don’t necessarily represent ‘what I was seeing’ either – I think it was just the liberation of my artistic (ha) sensibilities as a result of the drug allowing me to just let my imagination run wild. Still, there was a curious sense at the time that the pictures were ‘right’, whatever that means. Pay attention also to the fact that everything seems to be ‘flowing’ in one form or another in most of these images.

For the record, I’ve groovied the images up a bit in Photoshop, because my artistic flair leaves a lot to be desired. Click on each image to see the full size version, or if you want to see the original untouched version click the link below each image. So, in chronological order:

LSD drawing
(original version)

LSD drawing
(original version)

LSD drawing
(original version)

LSD drawing
(original version)

I think it’s interesting to note that the first two images are more like conventional ‘pictures’ – I was probably trying to draw something in particular, or at least make it appear like I was. The latter two images represent the drug taking a deeper hold on me, as they veer further into abstraction.


17 Responses to “Drawing pictures (on acid)”

  1. mikhail Says:

    i’d like to see the original drawings, unedited. its definitely interesting. i’d like to see the individual lines..

  2. stan Says:

    You can see the originals by clicking where it says ‘(original version)’ under the image. Clicking on the image itself will take you to a larger version of the edited image.

  3. Linus Says:

    I find the original fullsized drawings more interesting and complete. Cool stuff.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I like the third one… awesome!

  5. robin Says:

    hey i have never used lsd cox in india we r pretty low on stuffs like tat. i just wanted to know wat is the ideal place to take lsd? i use pot a lot. will the trip be too muh to take?

  6. robin you should do acid in a place like an abandoned warehouse.
    or by a river.
    or maybe in an abandoned warehouse by a river.

    shit thats spattered with mud or paint is really great to look at.
    everythings gonna look great and youre gonna feel like a kid.
    there arent enough descriptive words in the dictionary to describe acid.

  7. cannibis Says:

    i looked at the first picture when i wuz trippin nd i looks like a couch

  8. vhjkahf Says:

    the original drawings make a lot more sense

  9. alexis Says:

    well acid ruledude broyou should so totaly try it one time it will blow your freakin mind

  10. bonnie Says:

    listen to david bowie on acid…fucking mental

  11. Holly Says:

    they are all very trippy. The first one kind of reminded me of a rainbow on a cliff with a tree. ha. the second one looks like a face in water… like the waves are makeing the face. the third one kind of looks like an eye. and the fourth one… i dont even know haha.
    Next time i do acid i really want to draw things haha.

  12. becky Says:

    i have alot of drawing when i was on acid and i wrot a poem one time…..

    “dancing water over lizard
    smoke in he sky like
    whoo hoo”

  13. Excellent blog post, I will be sure to save this in my Clipmarks account. Have a great day.

  14. Leo Says:

    agregame al mail, tengo varios dibujos mios tripperos
    (add me in facebook) i got many trippy drawings

  15. Dranoel Says:

    This is amazing, it’s so cool to see what you drew when on Acid. Being any form of artist you can really see the flow and organic shape of the lines. I wonder what my brain will show if i were to trip on acid…

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