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Solstice, Stonehenge

Friday 22 June (2007)


The summer solstice at Stonehenge is one of those really cool things that we all know about, and actually going there and experiencing it is a surreal, magical experience. I have no druidic beliefs and I don’t see Stonehenge as a place of worship, but man… it’s a hell of a good place for a party.

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Tuesday 5 June (2007)

Here’s the update: I am back. I have been very busy with beer and work and rum and fun, but now I’m completely out of money and all my assignments are in, so I’m back in front of the computer. Until I get a job (please, soon) I’ll be here, so you may begin celebrations immediately.

I’ve got some tasty updates coming up for you, but there is one tragic loss as well – those goddamn Sunday Reviews. They’re gone. I hate them. Hate!

I mean, I’ll still write reviews. Just not every fucking Sunday. We’re both relieved, right? Of course.

So I’ll let you get back to the party, and I’ll mingle presently. Wooetc.