It only took fifteen years…

Wednesday 10 October (2007)

Man, I feel old. But anyone who had a Megadrive and a SNES when they were new will understand why this image is so exciting for an old saddo like me.

sonic vs mario

I’ll see you online, in 2008.


4 Responses to “It only took fifteen years…”

  1. bgbennyboy Says:

    God, I remember the playground arguments. Who was coolest? Who would win in a fight? Which game was best?

    Is that screenshot from ‘mario and sonic at the olympic games’ or is there another game in development?

  2. stan Says:

    Ben! It’s from Smash Bros. Brawl.

  3. bgbennyboy Says:

    Oho! Of course!
    How many characters can they cram into that game? It seems like every other week they’re announcing another one.

  4. Heh, man! I came onto this blog yesterday all “God, Tones hasn’t updated this in OOGES”, before you posted this.

    What a coincidence that the first time I do this since July you post something later that day. ;

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