Music: From Athens! The Sound Explosion

Tuesday 6 November (2007)

It’s time I started sharing some of this music I’ve been listening to, because it’s fucking excellent. Tonight, a band from Greece: The Sound Explosion.

the sound explosion

This is a band in the true garage-rock-revival style – punky, edgy, psychedelic, and so endlessly hep they’re totally unheard of. Download the album here.

It starts out with one of those great revival psychedelicly spooky songs, Inspector Clouseau In Outer Limits. One part Grieg (In The Hall of the Mountain King) and the other part marijuana, this is a typically raw and audacious beginning. We then go into some fairly standard (and therefore, good) eighties take-off sixties stuff – imagine Nuggets, but more self-conscious, and if possible, more fun. Most of the tracks fall into this genre, but with a good punky dose typical of post-punk/pre-grunge era garage rock, and these are some nice examples of the style. My Baby Went Away With The Midnight Train is a great showcase for the droning jangly keyboard-guitar combo that blurs the line between psychedelia and pop, and the Last November is one of those original-era emo songs that is a hundred-million times better than the stuff passing for emo today.

Special mention to track 12, In The Past, for being a prime example of a limited-ability garage band trying something a bit different, and pulling it off. Great track, great album, great band. Download, it’s free.


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