Friday 25 January (2008)

Well, this is really interesting. I’ve spoken about Scientology before (and that video is online here), so if you remember you’ll know that I basically see Scientology as a very thinly veiled attempt to build a corporation around a ‘religion’ – a corporation with a strong legal team, whose business is in vulnerable people who they can exploit, which makes them just about the most detestable people on the planet. Understand I’m talking about L. Ron’s people here, not the Scientologists themselves – I’m sure they’re good people, they’re just clearly being taken advantage of. It’s Miscavige and the rest of the board who are the problem, and who need to be stopped.

Actually getting at Scientology is notoriously difficult though; with their ‘fair game’, their crack legal team, and their masses of propaganda, anyone who goes against them is silenced or ridiculed pretty quickly. They have celebrities on board, and without celebrities the media industry would collapse, so when John Travolta goes on a chat show and talks about how great Scientology is it gets more airplay than the nobody who is trying to expose their unethical practices. Celebrities are an easy target for them because they’re insecure and open to bizarre practices which the rest of us think are weird (like colonic irrigation), so they can be made to feel good about themselves without really realising that they’re sending hundreds of their admirers into a cult, and probably bankruptcy.

Tom Cruise of course is the most insecure of all – he’s succeeded as an actor, but that ‘hole’ in his life still hadn’t been filled. And he’s a nice guy, he wants to help people and be important – so for Scientology he’s the perfect person to brainwash; he can spread the word (to ‘over 1 billion people of Earth!‘) and he gets to feel fulfilled inside because Miscavige has told him he’s L. Ron’s spiritual successor. He genuinly believes he’s an important religious leader, and that’s sad. The Scientologists have totally warped the poor bastard.

Anyway, it was his video that really started this shitstorm. This one. It was all over Digg, it got pulled from Youtube, and then people, finally, got angry. Scientology were pulling their legal stunts yet again, and the internet was fed up. So the video was uploaded on a whole load of other sites, and then this thing showed up.

I loved it. They were saying things I have wanted people to say for a long time. But of course, it was just a youtube video. It’s easy to say those things, get some spooky music and open up Microsoft Sam. Scientology are simply too powerful, and too well protected to be taken out by a strange collection of Internet users.

But, then…

Their site went down. And their ‘copyrighted’ documents started showing up on Digg. I mean, just go there and search for yourself. And then, it was on the news.

And my first reaction was, holy shit, they’re actually taking this seriously! And I imagined some stereotypical script-kiddie sitting in his basement freaking out that his funny youtube video had been picked up by the associated press.

But then I thought: maybe it is serious. Maybe this is the catalyst, this is when people started fighting back. Really causing some problems for these bastards. And I hope that it is.

So Anonymous, I support you. Hell, it’s about time we had a revolution. So count me in.


3 Responses to “Anonymous”

  1. Tee, it’d be pretty great if it was serious. ;

    I like that they used the music from The Unfunny Truth. Just to really kick them in the teeth. ;

  2. Excursion Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Excursion.

  3. There is no statute of limitations on commenting the “Stay” joke once you’ve figured it out… Click

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