blotter acid

This is a page dedicated to custom blotter acid artwork. You won’t find these blotters with your local drug dealer, but imagine how cool it would be if you could 🙂

Monkey Island

monkey island blotter acid

The Mighty Boosh

the mighty boosh blotter acid

Got a suggestion? E-mail me.

6 Responses to “blotter acid”

  1. Chaz Turtle Says:

    some one please help me find some sid in kentucky

  2. English Sid Says:

    Make your own. We do!!!!

  3. hightower (english) Says:

    iv checked out how to make sid but it looks mega hard as i aint a chemist although i understand the basics surely knowing someone that makes it would be much easyer

  4. Lou-X Says:

    Someone should make a How to book “making sid for dummy’s”

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