It’s always nice when someone else recommends your site on theirs, so I’ve made a list of sites which I recommend to you.

Ryan’s GobLog
Ryan Williams has been a prominent member of the LucasArts fan community for years, but he’s also had his fingers in all different kinds of pies at the same time. One day he realised that all of these metaphorical pies involved computer gaming, so he decided to make a gaming blog to share his opinions with the world. You probably won’t get on with him unless you like Nintendo, but his site is full of interesting articles and the most important nuggets of gaming news from around the web.

The Huz Experience
Huz created this site after the local church newsletter came through his letterbox and he banged his head on the door when bending over to pick it up. The resulting concussion fused recent ideas for a website with the artwork of the parish council, and The Huz Experience was born. If you enjoy sardonic wit and articles about Linux, Huz is your man.

¡Página de Metallus!
When the .us domain suffix was announced Metallus jumped for joy, because he could finally try a ‘domain hack’ of his own. Shortly after his swift purchase he realised he’d actually need to make a website for his clever domain to point to, so he grudgingly designed a loose frame around his thirty-page thesis on Yohoho Puzzle Pirates. However, recent developments have resolved Metallus to write actual content for his site, and fans can now hope for more updates as time goes by.

The BennyBlog
Ben Gorman is the reigning King of the LucasArts hacking community. He uses this title as a flimsy facade to hide his chronic postphobia, which plagues him often for months at a time. Of course, being a King, when he does post it is always worth reading.

Czech Nomad
If you don’t get jealous easily, you might enjoy reading Jamie’s journal. He lived in the room opposite mine when I lived in Manchester, and was the fourth member of the Jillys/druggo/party team. Now he’s grown up and he lives in the Czech Republic, where he splits his time between working for an Internet company and drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol, in trendy bars where £12 UK can get you fifteen bottles of champagne.

Prestonised is a photo journal of my good friend Dave, who seems to travel all over the place with alarming regularity. He likes to take photos of things like bridges and motorway bypasses, but it’s always fun to read about his latest adventure.

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