The religion thing

Wednesday 28 March (2007)

This has been bugging me for a while now. People all over the internet talking about how ‘religion is bad’ and that we shouldn’t be Muslim or Christian or whatever because it creates barriers and makes people kill each other. ‘Love is the only religion we need,’ they say.

And of course, there’s only one alternative to all of this, and that’s atheism. The incredibly dull concept that this is really all there is; there are no forces at work beyond the ones we have observed for ourselves, like gravity, and when we die that’s it. Apparantly atheism is a better way to live because you adhere to a moral code, and not some prescribed text. Ideas like ‘don’t murder people’ and ‘stealing is bad’ (which are coincidentally found in books like the Bible.)

Bullshit. If I honestly thought that this was it – when I die, I die, and I’ll never be judged for my actions – then I wouldn’t need a moral code. Why pay for something when you can take it for free? I mean, what’s the harm? Life would be pointless in my eyes, and also the only experience I would ever know. Why shouldn’t I make it as fun as possible? Hedonists – now there are some good atheists. Rapists, they’ve got it down too – oh I mean sure, they might cause pain to whoever they molest, but at the end of the day that pain is really just a series of chemical processes, right? It doesn’t mean anything. Who cares if someone elses chemical processes make them feel bad when mine are giving me orgasms?

I don’t buy any of this. Read on if you want to see my rant.

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The Sunday Review: 300

Sunday 25 March (2007)


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The Sunday Review: St. Patrick’s Day 2007

Monday 19 March (2007)


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The Sunday Review: Futurama

Monday 12 March (2007)


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The Sunday Review: The Pick of Destiny

Sunday 4 March (2007)

tenacious d in the pick of destiny

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Man, these people suck

Tuesday 27 February (2007)

So, we go to this pub called the parrot because all drinks are £1.50 on a Monday. And fucking Numa Numa comes on, and people go wild. Like Ozzy Osbourne has just walked into the building wild. And I find myself thinking… ‘are people really this shit?’

They played M.C. Hammer too, to incredible reception. In fact the whole night through there was only really two half-decent songs – Smells Like Teen Spirit (clearly so commercial that the M.C. Hammer crowd can enjoy) and some old trance track by Alice DJ that I only really like because I used to listen to it in Jillys (dance hour) when I was on pills.

Are people really this shit? The sad answer is yes. Half-drunken moan, over and out.

The Sunday Review: Sun Dial – Other Way Out

Sunday 25 February (2007)

sun dial - other way out

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What the hell?

Monday 19 February (2007)

Yeah, that’s what you’ve all been saying. Not just the e-mails you’ve all been sending; this shit has been happening to me on the street. “What the hell, man? Why no updates?”

It’s time for an update. I’ve been neglecting the site, and not without good reason. First it was Christmas, then I had an exam to prepare for. Then a few days after that it was my birthday, then when that haze settled things really kicked off. I got a present for my 22nd which… well, let’s just say I haven’t really been the most pro-active person since the 3rd of Feb. And then of course, my degree started up again and I’ve had a ton of work.

Excuses, excuses. I know, it cannot repay the damage. But never fear! I’m free of the demon weed (well, almost, but I’m saving the rest for a special occasion) and I’m pretty much on top of all my work. So, let the line continue from this point forward. Until, you know, summer. Or acid. Whichever comes first.

I predict summer 😦

BAFTA nominations

Friday 12 January (2007)

The BAFTA nominations came out today and I thought I’d cast my eye over them, because what’s better than leaping to conclusions early on and then gambling that I’ll look astute come February? Besides that, the BAFTAs can be a good indication of where the Oscars are headed (award organisations seem to all think in the same way) so I can just pass this post off as an ‘Oscar prediction’ post. (Not to imply that the Oscars are better than the BAFTAs – that’s certainly not true for the ceremony.)

Instead of giving you the list verbatim, I’ll just pick out my candidate for each award I have an opinion on.

Film: I fancy Little Miss Sunshine, but in all likelyhood this will go to The Queen.

Director: Hmmm. Possibly Greengrass for United 93, but I would be pleased to see Scorcese pick this one up.

Original screenplay: A shoe-in – Guillermo Del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth.

Film not in English: Again, Pan’s Labyrinth – which is good enough to win best film outright.

Actor: Anecdotally, I’ll have to go for Forest Whitaker. His performance, from what I’ve seen in clips, is fabulous – and indeed he’s a hot-pick for the Oscars.

Actress: Surely Helen Mirren, after all that fuss.

Visual effects: Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, seriously, who didn’t think Bill Nighy was wearing a prosthetic? Photoreal.

And on the 11th of February, we’ll see just how wrong I will be.

I need a drink! Margarita

Thursday 11 January (2007)

I started this occasional feature back in July, and since then I’ve not added any drinks to it. If you know me in real life, then you’ll understand that this surely isn’t because I’ve stopped drinking, because that would be ludicrous. Of course I’ve been drinking! I’ve just not actually had any of my favourite drinks to hand, and while I could write from memory, that would be cheating. Besides, a drink has to be truly special to get into the ‘I need a drink!’ database. Thus enters a classic cocktail; the Margarita.

image borrowed without permission from

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